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Last comments - aru
Kirby in Grape Garden299 viewsAh, one of my Favorite seanes in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.2 commentsKirby-4-ever12/29/08 at 08:17aru: Lovely pic balloon and background are colorfu...
Kirby and the stars266 views1 commentsKirby-4-ever12/29/08 at 08:14aru: Fantastic Star Rod! The shining Kirby's ...
Christmas in Popstar!1008 viewsHey look, it's Christmas!

in Pop Star!
7 commentsMitaKnight12/27/08 at 21:30aru: Wow! Wonderful night of Christmas!!
Oni Kirby362 viewsThis isn't a new ability, but is something I wanted to draw. As Kirby is a Japanese game series, the games make many references to Japanese legends and culture. Oni Kirby is no different.1 commentssuperyoshi88812/27/08 at 21:28aru: Nice idea! He looks cute
Kirby Cookie1169 viewsthis is a cookie i made while me and my mom were doing our holiday baking, i just cut a circle outa cookie dough and colored it with food coloring and put it in the oven to bake!!! didn't it come out cute?!?
hope you all like it!!!!!
13 commentsXOXOMeta_Knight12/27/08 at 09:20aru: So lovely!!
Christmas present for you1574 viewsKirby has carried presents to Dedede 's Christmas party.
Merry Christmas!
11 commentsaru12/25/08 at 19:52aru: Thank you, AnimeKittyCafe! I hope too you and ...
Christmas present for you1574 viewsKirby has carried presents to Dedede 's Christmas party.
Merry Christmas!
11 commentsaru12/25/08 at 05:00aru: Merry Christmas, everybody of KRR!! and, Tha...
Meta Knigte been souped!533 viewsSorry my coloring's bad, I whent a little too fast. This was basted on a dream I had one nigte.6 commentsKirby-4-ever12/24/08 at 17:55aru: It's cute!
Which One is the Best Hat for Crash?788 viewsDo you choose: #1, #2, or #3? It's your choice.25 commentskirby12312/24/08 at 17:45aru: 3 is best. Because Kirby seems to have gained pop ...
How King Dedede Stole Christmas4804 viewsMy KRR Winter-Themed Picture. Dr. Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" is one of my favorite holiday specials, and here is the product of combining the classic animation with Kirby. Dedede, having put up with Dreamland's festive season for countless years, decides to disguise himself as Santa Claus, and Waddle Dee as a reindeer, and sneek into the citizens' houses to literally steal Christmas from them. I see many correlations between Kirby's cast and other character archetypes in movies, such as this. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, And Awesome Newyear everybody!31 commentsDedede-Daimyo12/21/08 at 18:13aru: Great!! It's perfectly Christmas in King...
star rod789 views11 commentsNAO12/20/08 at 10:03aru: 見とれました!NAOさんの色使いは本当に綺麗ですね!
Kirby Christmas 082112 viewsI know it's a little early, but since I won't have time to upload it before Christmas except for now, here it is.

If ya don't get it, Kirby gets a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, I thought it would be funny. I like how everything came out here, especially the coloring.

Merry Christmas everyone. :D
14 commentstorkirby12/20/08 at 04:50aru: All are pretty faces. Especially, Kirby who sm...
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