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Last comments - Kirby-RS
Wing + Sword Ability668 viewsWell, I thought "What if you could combine abilities in Kirby Super Star?" So, this is what I think sword plus wing ability would look like.2 commentsCandidGamera01/02/10 at 01:41Kirby-RS: Wing Knight Kirby? aaaaaaa, it's awesometacula...
Plasma Kirby638 viewsLoved how the glow effect came out on this.4 commentsKirby-RS12/13/09 at 23:53Kirby-RS: SHowcased? Wow~
@Adol: I used Adobe Photoshop Ele...
20122046 viewsMore of a funny pic than a pic putting my artistic talent to work. =D17 commentsKirazy11/22/09 at 03:40Kirby-RS: @Kirby-4-Ever: yes... but run away to WHERE??? XD
Why Meta Knight can't copy abilities2837 viewsLong time, no upload. And I wanted to draw a halloween drawing too! CURSE YOU EXAM WEEK!
Anyway, a new UPGRADED cute-faced Kirby! I hope you like it.
PS. Sorry Kirby....
10 commentsQtie4U11/02/09 at 20:54Kirby-RS: Panel 3 = The best thing ever.
Smash Meta Knight2694 views*Cue RoMK Halberd Music* Oh yea, my peoples~ Feast your eyes on this fully rendered, incredibly detailed, and superlatively (etc.) wondrous Master MK Sculpture! Meta Knight kicks as much butt in Brawl, as he does in my 3D Dojo! Kirby's rival is a dark and deadly ball of terror on the battlefield. His quick and versatile playstyle and mastery of the Galaxia sword allow him to deliver the “Meta Knightmare” to unsuspecting players. Many of MK's attacks and abilities come from the games he has appeared in. Of course, his sword attacks derive from the Sword Ability and/or the encounters with the boss in various games, yet techniques like the Shuttle Loop and the ability to fly come from Super Star's wing ability and the Revenge of Meta Knight subgame. Also from KSS come MK's giant Battleship, the Halberd (redesigned) and his overly-powered Mach Tornado, which may also be based on Tornado Ability. Unlike Kirby, MK's look has been slightly updated for his debut in SSB: He always wears his cape (which has a bat printed on the back) during the fight, instead of discarding it; his shoulder-armor comes to a point on the edges, as well as now displaying his “M-sword” mon (first seen in RoMK) and red-tildes; shoes change to purple-plated armor over black leather; and his mask, instead of being secured to his face by a band, is held on by two small clips. *Cue RoMK Ending Music*13 commentsDedede-Daimyo09/02/09 at 19:30Kirby-RS: dhfgdgh, This is absolutely epic. I freaking love ...
KIRBY MADNESS!806 viewsI tried to include all of Kirby's colors, I think it's all of them! including the original and Devil Kirby!
I also entered this in a contest on YouTube....
3 commentsShadowChao27708/29/09 at 16:02Kirby-RS: Spray Paint Mania! Love the Purple Kirby and Snow ...

Screenshot from this nutshell video
4 commentsDorocche08/29/09 at 00:03Kirby-RS: Hahah, oh gawd, Kirby's face just killed me. X...
Drawcia1026 viewsIt's Drawcia!2 commentsMitaKnight08/13/09 at 19:47Kirby-RS: Jeebus, this looks so fracking awesome.
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