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Last comments - Kirby Rider
Sketch 06 "Gray Abilities"876 viewsSome abilities of this set (Except Metal and Mike) are new. As they are new, they have an unknown and awesome power inside of them. The power of these abilities are based from the Tech, a classic feature of this aura, but the best thing of these abilities is that them can show we the advanced power of the far far away future.
This sketch is called the Gray Abilities because in it i drew the most representative abilities of this Aura. Next to the ability are symbols that represent the type of the ability.
These abilities are:
On the Left Part
- Metal Kirby: The most classic ability of this aura. This ability allow to you become very solid, strong and heavy as the steel to receive damage. Together Shield and Stone, it has one of the best defense of all abilities. Although its speed is its weakness.
- Mike Kirby: One of the most destructive abilities of all. With it you can use the loud force of the sound to destroy everything around of you. It's a poweful ability, although its power doesn't affect soundproof creatures. Only can be used 3 times.
- Cybernetic Kirby: One of the most advanced abilities of all and a fusion of some abilities. This ability allow to you use the sophisticated tools of the amazing network to create any type of virtual weapon. In the sketch, the center of the sword with a gem is a hi-tech device that can use the information and data to change its form and transform itself in any weapon. Cybernetic is useless in the real world, but you can see its wonders and strenghts into the CyberSpace.
On the Right Part
- Armor Kirby: It can be called as a fusion of Sword, Shield and Metal Abilities. With it you can attack the opponent with a sharp sword, protect yourself against foe's attacks and receive less damage if you are attacked. This ability gives you a shiny armor with a helmet, sword and shield. Also, the resistance of it make impossible to lose it if you are hit by a foe attack, until you are defeated or you want to take it off.
- Cyborg Kirby: The unique ability that make you half creature, half machine. This ability allow to you use the powers of your machine part to defeat any foe in your way. It combines the intelligence of the machines with the feelings and instintcs of the creatures to make a source of pure power. It allow to you shoot laser from your eye or arm, aim the foe with your visor, among other things.
- Size Kirby: This is one of the most innovative and rare abilities of all. With it you can change your size to make you bigger or smaller. With the big size you can squash any foe that appear in your way and with the small size you can pass through narrow places. This ability combines the powers of Mini and Mega (an ability that i created a long time ago) abilities.

The Gray Aura has more powers and abilities but these are the most representative.
I hope that you like them.

Note: I'll be waiting for your comment to know what do you think about them.
Remember your comment is a step forward for the correct development of KTCG and KAA.

By Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
6 commentsKiroscarby06/29/11 at 22:42Kirby Rider: Cyborg Kirby
Kirby and His Kast of Thousands - 2!!1707 viewsThat's right! #2! This one features the bosses from The Dark Matter Trilogy, with a new-ish style!7 commentsKirazy06/29/11 at 22:24Kirby Rider: Miracle Matter can be improved. You can always dra...
Kirby Star Rod1471 viewsYay! My first pic! This is just a random picture of Kirby and Dark Matter. I don't know! Don't ask! All of you most likely don't know me. I've recently just played Kirby and the Crystal Shards ( the only game I've ever played) and I loved it! I've now been reading up on all the past games. Anyways, hope you like the pic!10 commentsKirazy06/29/11 at 22:21Kirby Rider: It's cool, but I know you can do better!
Snack Tracks2076 viewsThose who have played Kirby Super Star Ultra's mini game would recognize this setting.4 commentsAdol06/23/11 at 18:29Kirby Rider: Hahahaha
City Trial2545 viewsThis took me longer than I expected. Based on the events from City Trial in Kirby Air Ride. King Dedede's trip to the city to celebrate New Year's Eve didn't turn out so well.

Happy 2011!
4 commentsAdol06/23/11 at 18:27Kirby Rider:
Computer Virus2018 viewsWell, it's been a while. I've been busy, but I also wanted to continue my comics, so I would have at least 50 in total. Consider this the start of Season 2 of my comics after the hiatus.5 commentsAdol06/23/11 at 18:25Kirby Rider: LOL
Redrawn Berroll405 viewsRedrawn IF entry that was originally made by Diddgery.2 commentsKirby Rider06/23/11 at 16:50Kirby Rider: You are welcome
Kirby made of Rhombicosidodecahedra542 viewsA Rhombicosidodecahedral kirby. Simple as that.2 commentsKirby Rider06/23/11 at 16:48Kirby Rider: I didn't try to make it Mosiac. Wikipedia Rhom...
Ness and King Dedede365 viewsWow... I haven't uploaded here for a while... Anyway, this was inspired by one of the cutscenes in SSBB. Not much, just a doodle.4 commentsRedLink_Kirby04/30/11 at 09:32Kirby Rider: That's no doodle!
Kopy Abilities --- Plasma1548 viewsA big favorite "Kopy Ability" of mine. Having recently played Kirby Super Star Ultra, I've fallen in love with Plasma. Of course, this pic, like most others where drawn with my Wacom Intues Tablet. You all should totally get one!!!

And thanks for front page again!
14 commentsKirazy04/23/11 at 16:28Kirby Rider: My artwork for you is coming eventually!

One of my favorite characters with ione of my favorite abilities. Done in MS Paint, because I have yet to master the scanner.
1 commentsChibi- Pohatu04/23/11 at 12:53Kirby Rider: Chibi-Pohatu, I made a Yarn Gooey.
Gooey Rider, Prince Fluff Rider, and Keeby Rider378 viewsGooey Rider (Fanged Pink one, heart not shown) licks up enemies! Prince FLUFF RIDER (Other Pink One) is De-Yarned, and Keeby Rider (Red) is similar to my avatar.2 commentsKirby Rider04/23/11 at 12:18Kirby Rider: My avatar is a Blue KIrby on a Swervestar.
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