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Last comments - Bimblesnaff
Rain Clouds759 viewsLoud, Kracko, and Nimbus/Cloud (it has various names), the rain clouds throughout Pop Star, giving a good ol' April downpour on Klinko and Sakuke. They're parasol enemies, so they can take it.

Notice that there's a title and that the picture came before April. Some good hints, those are.

Ink, pencil, GIMP.
3 commentsBimblesnaff03/18/10 at 07:59Bimblesnaff: As stated here, and should come as obvious, the pi...
March of the Penguins3329 viewsMy Frontpage Pic entry for the third month of 2010. The idea just came to me when I was slaving away on my Mailbag Manga. Even though I am dead-tired from having spent two whole months on nothing but art, I say what the heck, and manage to crank out this beauty in less than a day~! Wonder why it has to do with March, besides of the Documentary's title it is referencing? Because winter is still upon us! Very strange weather we have been having this year-- the snow just doesn't want to quit! "It's the effects of Global Warming", as Master Pengi would say. Sorry for referencing the Anime... Happy Viewing ^_^10 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/01/10 at 08:40Bimblesnaff: Whew. And here I was just gonna use a cropping of ...
Olfy: The Smelling Beast341 viewsThis was going to be my entry the the Simply Ungifted IF, but the submission date rolled over before I got comfortable posting it. Ah well, always next time.

Basically Olfy is a bug-like thing that has a sensitive nose. If Kirby uses an ability near him, he will get angry, curl into a ball, and launch himself at Kirby. Also, if Kirby runs near him, his nose will be irritated by the dirt Kirby kicks up and get angry at this as well. So tread lightly near Olfy.
1 commentsEfrite-o02/22/10 at 08:21Bimblesnaff: Had more than enough time to get it in. Snoozers a...
Nago the cat x3420 viewsI love cats, and I love Nago. He is my fav animal friend in KDL 3.3 commentsBieni-Nyu01/07/10 at 16:15Bimblesnaff: Aw, he looks so cute here. I'm use to seeing h...
Chargey470 viewsHeyitskirby's entry in the Oversized Opponent IF Contest.

No one had drawn this yet, so I figured I would. This one actually turned out pretty well.
2 commentsWithAHat11/24/09 at 20:42Bimblesnaff: Awesome. In fact, one of the problems with it is t...
Flool1105 viewsMy entry to the IF contest. You can read about him when he gets in.
Actually, I doubt this guy's getting in, so I'll probably delete this pic. If he does get in, I won't though.
3 commentsKirazy11/02/09 at 08:24Bimblesnaff: There's no real reason to delete the picture. ...
Grappling Hook Knight466 viewsMy old Knight from the Knights IF Contest. Yeah, the contest is long since over, but I figured I had this sitting around, so I might as well upload it.
I drew this after realizing that my old design was kind of crummy. He didn't need to be tall, and the zigzag-design on his armor was pointless. So, I made him shorter and replaced the zigzag design with a zigzag-shaped cut in his armor. I personally think he looks much better with these changes.
1 commentsWithAHat11/02/09 at 08:13Bimblesnaff: Agreed. That looks pretty great.
Sunspot554 viewsEntry for IF contest "Oversized Opponent."
Provides the Crash ability... Though the fact that it's radioactive should make it dangerous to touch, or for that matter, eat.
As usual, the visual style isn't much.
6 commentskrackocloud10/29/09 at 10:35Bimblesnaff: So, you mean its visual style is perfectly suited ...
KRR anniversairy: Storybook 11324 viewsThis is the first part of the Storybook!
I actually had an other drawing, but I wasn't satisfied with it, so I threw it away. It took me one and a half month for that drawing! But I've ended with these 3 drawings in a week! I've spend so much time on this! I'm sorry for not uploading a drawing earlier!
I've just put the Mailbag Force, Bagel and Kindar in it, because I don't know who work here.
I hope you like it!
7 commentsQtie4U09/26/09 at 10:22Bimblesnaff: The week of work really shows through. This trilog...
Smash K-Joe1802 viewsWhoops, looks like I forgot one other figure in the Super Smash Bros Brawl Kirby Series-- Knuckle Joe, the Assist Trophy! A new addition to the Smash series, Assist Trophies are items that randomly spawn on the battlefield that playable characters may pick up and call forth the featured character to assist them in combat. When Knuckle Joe's trophy is acquired, he appears and quickly attacks the nearest foe(s) with a volley of Vulcan Jabs. To finish the unlucky victim off, he will either use the Smash Punch (which shoots the opponent horizontally across the stage) or Rising Break (which sends the opponent flying vertically into the air)! His design is directly taken from his Super Star debut (and thankfully not the anime) including his signature blue outfit and shoes, red shoulder armors, and white/red Muay Thai headband. His mouth is also clearly present, and his hair has been improved graphically. Since he is part of the Kirby Series, and therefore Masahiro Sakurai's brain/love child, Joe is one of the strongest ATs in the game. The Kirby series characters totally rocks Brawl's socks~ whaha!4 commentsDedede-Daimyo09/13/09 at 21:58Bimblesnaff: Fo' sho', Daimyo. Extra chunky style is wh...
Center of the Dark847 viewsBeen a while right? I haven't forgotten about this site it's just I haven't drawn anything at all in a while..

This.. Dunno.. Just a doodle done in Pchat yesturday.. Kinda why it's so small.. But It's been a while since I put anything on here..

Add it onto the pile of 0² pics with nothing happening but him floating there.
2 commentsEyeofCalamity09/13/09 at 21:55Bimblesnaff: Floatin' is what Zero Two does best. Well, flo...
Jukiddo1711 viewsThe minibosses begin~! Jukiddo is an often overlooked character from KSS. He's a pink, spherical creature within a thick Judo outfit. Jukiddo's movements are very fluid, mostly because his hands float in the air (I used wire to connect the hands to sleeves); he can attack suddenly. He will fling a hand out to grab, or do a generic slam-jump. His style uses the opponent's body weight against them, as he throws them to the ground. Kirby, being as light as he is, kind of defeats this purpose. Also at his disposal is a Hadoken-esque energy ball released from his hands. This can, in turn, backfire on him, if Kirby manages to inhale/ grab one of the projectiles, and send it back to Jukiddo. His copy ability is Suplex.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo08/26/09 at 18:26Bimblesnaff: This actually makes me not hate the short, ugly je...
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