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Last comments - Bimblesnaff
IF Fan Knights1426 views(Left to Right) Mortar Knight, Razor Knight, Voulge Knight, Whip Knight(1), Skewer Knight, Wood Knight, Shock Knight (below), Ripsaw Knight, Parasol Knight (above), Nunchaku Knight, and Hammer Knight.

For the IF Knights Contest.
9 commentsAdol04/19/09 at 12:40Bimblesnaff: This one shows the slew a lot better than the cast...
Voulge Knight501 viewsHuh. He kinda looks like a spear waddle dee. Anyway-

Voulge Knight wanders along the battle field turning around when reaching a wall or edge. After a certain amount of time has passed, he does one of two things, of which he alternates between. At first he gives his voulge a good spin from the center of the handle, attacking a good circular area. After that time has passed again, he jumps, sometimes to a new platform. Repeat.

I probably spent the most time designing this guy.
7 commentsOnyx.504/16/09 at 19:01Bimblesnaff: Actually, I just went and put this guy in the cont...
Canvas Curse Koozer841 viewsKoozer from Revenge of the King, Canvas Curse style.5 commentsmetadoo04/12/09 at 10:20Bimblesnaff: Save Meta, I likes your taste in baddies~!
Knights Group Photo 2470 viewsHere's photo 2 of the Knights Group Photo thing I'm doing. This time, the knights are:

-Boomerang Knight (sporting off his boomerang in a Sango-like fasion [a character off of Inuyasha who holds her boomerang on her back])
-Bomb Knight (this guy reminds me of a Bob-omb)
-Grappling Hook Knight (I messed up on him twirling the grappling hook around though XP)

3 commentsPlasma Friend04/05/09 at 14:35Bimblesnaff: It's a good picture for sure, but I can't ...
Kopy Abilities --- Magic1884 viewsWow~! I love the way this one turned out! Guest starring Polof, Pacto, Meta-Knight, Boxy, and Wiz! I worked really hard! I enjoyed adding some Dreamland 3 enemies to such a new ability. I really love this one. By the way, the "Blank Spot" is VERY difficult to find in this one!12 commentsKirazy04/04/09 at 10:25Bimblesnaff: Polof outta the hat = classic!
Lance Knight693 viewsI thought this guy was 100% perfect. probably my fav so far.3 commentsMeta04/01/09 at 18:05Bimblesnaff: Dag, yo. Proof that a picture adds so much more li...
Nebula knight293 views my first post here on krr, hope you guys like it( sorry for the pic being some what erased),this my nebula knight, the speed demon warrior, he have a ''bullet'' shaped helmet, making him be completely aerodinamic, the jets on his back allow him to break the sound barrier in seconds.
his weapon is the nebula shooter, a weird kind of laser gun, but with incredible power(its can shoot 500 lasers in one second!)
he also can teleport. he is one of the 4 supreme knights which i draw
2 commentsKirby Star Master03/30/09 at 18:12Bimblesnaff: Such a "supreme" Knight seems more suite...
Kirby and his Kast of Thousands!!2049 viewsKirby and some of the characters from his games! Not all... but most/some!10 commentsKirazy03/30/09 at 18:07Bimblesnaff: Really, Blob got included? XD A cast of countless ...
Meta Knights vs Red Knights1107 viewsI pretty much wanted to draw a bunch of the Meta Knights/Kirby game knights. You know, the cool ones who don't wear a cape. Mace, Javelin, Ax, Trident, Sword, Blade, and even the DL Knights of Blade not-a-knight, Butch, Masher, and Bukiset. They're in purple.
Then, the Red Knights from the contest, at least the ones I liked more/liked drawing/thought meshed with the others best, ie: were round, or at least drawn as such here: Scythe, Shock, Mortar, Whips, Disk, Slash, Scythe.
9 commentsBimblesnaff03/28/09 at 11:12Bimblesnaff: It does appear that people liked this one more, bu...
Game-able IF Knights866 viewsAfter going through the current IF Knights list, I pulled out all the ones that could actually be used in a Meta-Army-like situation as is. Long arms and stupid heights (i.e. anything beyond a 2:1 head-to-body ratio) were the only things I tinkered with.

I went off of written descriptions for previously drawn knights, trying to get different looks. The plan is to use some IF creations in my next applet, Tuesday Knight Titans, which pits Bogg and the Fightning Bug against hordes of knights.

Row Key (Left to Right)
Far: Crossbow (I), Shield, Javelin, Boomerang (I), Trident, Disk
Middle: Whip (II), Mace, Whip (I), Ring, Club, Sai
Near: Shock, Scythe (I), Axe, Knuckles, Parasol, Nunchuku
14 commentsMints03/28/09 at 10:57Bimblesnaff: This is exactly the type of awesomeness I didn'...
Scythe Knight808 viewsI know... a little late... but anyways, Bimblesnaff, if you'd please put this picture up on the page, I'd be very greatful! Thanks!5 commentsMeta03/26/09 at 19:26Bimblesnaff: "Late"? I'll say. I forgot you were ...
Heavy Mole2208 viewsThis is one of my favorite sculptures in my collection. Heavy Mole is sooo badass, but hardly anyone gives him the slightest respect. He is a literal digging machine; his boss battle is held under-ground in the labyrinth-like tunnels he diggs. Kirby must attack him without falling too far behind- and watch out for the Dyglops bombs! Seriously, if there is one character never before seen in 3D who desparetly needs to be, this is it. HAL needs to bring back this dude, like they did Kaboola. >Made of bulk-clay10 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/26/09 at 19:15Bimblesnaff: This is, by far, unbeatable. The Mole is hard enou...
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