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Last comments - Bimblesnaff
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright2270 viewsWould this be considered a double update? Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright are a couple of reoccuring bosses, first appearing in 'Adventure. Mr. Moonshine is yellow and crescent shaped and has cutter ability attacks, while Mr. Sunbright is red-orange with firey attributes. They attack in simple tag-team fashion, but also can combine for devistating power. Though they resemble Popstar's solar satillites, they are distinct from the actual Sun and Moon. Characters such as these were interesting to make, because it is the first time they have appeared in 3D.10 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/25/09 at 07:41Bimblesnaff: That eclipse pose is nice. Much more entertaining ...
Enemies Wave One1525 viewsMy Fan Game, (name in progress) will feature a variety of new enemies. Infact, I decided that not many enemies from passed games would be featured mostly new ones. If the enemie's name is written in black, it gives no ability, If written in red, it gives fire. If written in dark blue it gives water. If written in light blue, it gives ice. If written in yellow, it gives spark. If written in gray, it gives Tornado. If you like an enemy, I'll explain it's functions, and how they attack. 18 commentsKirazy03/21/09 at 14:03Bimblesnaff: Ah, your ability to capture the essense of the Dre...
KCCh-Blade, Butch, Masher868 viewsWell now you can see Masher from the front. I think they look quite close to their KDL2 selves, but not as blandly simple.1 commentsMinon03/15/09 at 13:24Bimblesnaff: I like 'em. They actually look like living thi...
Chains1599 viewsDurn I haven't drawn Mace Kirby in a long while...

That's a Masher behind Mace Knight and Kirby btw.
7 commentsMinon03/15/09 at 09:14Bimblesnaff: Wicked. Too bad 'bout Masher's back-shot. ...
Revenge of Squeaky Bogg1464 viewsA light jest for comic relief.
This popped into my head after reading something that the Ometon said in the KRR Storybook.
Note: I drew this around the beginning of the IF Round Knights competition.
11 commentsAdol03/14/09 at 10:10Bimblesnaff: I like it, and with tilde-bang~!
Fire Lion2189 viewsI am particularly proud of how this sculpture turned out. Fire Lion is one badass miniboss- able to leap into the air and pounce on Kirby, grab him and scratch his face off, and blaze across the stage in a firey tackle; and that is just what he'll do on a good day! He strikes terror into the hearts of Dreamlanders with his ferocious jaws and mane of flame. Nevertheless, he will still look foolish if he misses his prey, and falls flat on his face. It is no wonder he was able to capture the great Kinderspirit...9 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/13/09 at 08:00Bimblesnaff: And you should be proud. This one came out phenome...
Bugzzy2143 viewsMy favorite helper and all-around great grappler, the big-bug himself, Buggzy! This miniboss can backdrop and suplex like nobody's business. He is a stag-beetle that uses his mandables like a pair of forklift tongs. He can lunge forward at greaf speed, hover in the air with his wings, and even give birth to mini-beetles that act as homing missiles to the enemy. Long live Bugzzy. >> Sorry, I have failed you KRR. Only two sculpture updates this week? Reallife has been a monster this week. Much more next week, I assure you ;>9 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/06/09 at 23:23Bimblesnaff: You somehow managed to comprehend Bugzzy in 3D?! H...
Scythe Knight975 viewsEvery thing he touches with his scythe turns in ice. Sometimes he throws his scythe as a boomerang and he runs while dragging his scythe on the ground with the sharp side, because he can make walls of ice to prevent that his enemies will run away. He's as twice tall as Kirby and his Scythe is even bigger. He's slow, but powerfull.
I didn't make any background, because it's for the contest. I hope you like it! I made this up later, because I was afraid that someone will steal my idea and that I have to make it all over.
2 commentsQtie4U03/03/09 at 20:35Bimblesnaff: Wow, I... really didn't get anywhere close to ...
KRR Gallery Hina-Matsuri5307 views~Row I: The Shogun~
Bimblesnaff (Shibaraku SqueakyBogg), Ometon (Gallery Shogun)

~Row II: The Daimyo~
Dedede-Daimyo (Me), AnimeKittyCafe (Lei), Minon (KCCh), aru (Elviey)

~Row III: 1st Bushi~
ShadowtheSheKirby, RedMetaKnightess, A Kirby and his Cheese, Shruggin’ Rock, Airride_Master, Kirby-4-ever

~Row IV: 2nd Bushi~
torkirby, the burning orange, gerugeon, Kiroscarby, Wondercrow, Kirazy, superyoshi888

~Row V: 3rd Bushi~
Junotoad, RWMVG1DC, gigarob_93, Theorizer, XOXOMeta_Knight, GBAKirbster2007, Qtie4U

~Row VI: 4th Bushi~
Ivyna J Spyder, imakuni, Fushidane, SoraMito, EyeofCalamity, bobbook, Fairy Red, Dal, Phredryk, Adol

Today (3/3/09) is Hina-Matsuri: Girl’s Day in Japan. Let’s celebrate with this display of dolls of new and old KRR Gallery Members! We’re all princesses now. If anyone has questions about the holiday or their avatar, I welcome all comments. Have fun~ ^_^
(Meant to be viewed right to left)-(Sorry if I forgot anyone- I just ran out of room!)-(Felt-tip markers and India ink used.)
42 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/03/09 at 20:28Bimblesnaff: That face is perfectly fitting of the 'Ton. It...
Bomber1923 viewsOne dangerous dude-as evidenced by the skull drawn on his body. Bomber walks around on two legs, but whenever he falls from stairs or other high places, he hits his head and explodes, covering a significant blast radius. Kirby can suck him up to learn the Crash ability, the ultimate weapon for wiping out every last enemy on the screen. Use it once and it's gone! In addition, this is totally a rip off of his trophy description in Brawl. I'm kinda pushed for time, but I promise I'll work real hard next week! (PS: I totally screwed up on this figure! I put a wind-up key in his back, instead of two red fins and a fuse! What is he, a Bob-omb?! Based on his less-common look, Kaboomba.)6 commentsDedede-Daimyo02/27/09 at 20:36Bimblesnaff: Actually, this is his Kaboomba look. The missile s...
Dreamland 3's Top Ten630 viewsDreamland 3's Top Ten: Klinko, Wapod, Apollo, Sasuke, Popon, Polof, Peran, Corori, Pacto, and Nidoo.

First in my series! I remember when my brother (Theorizer) and I used to play this game all the time! (I was always Gooey! =D) I always loved when I ran into these 10 enemies! I will do more of these "Top Tens in Dreamlands", so stay tuned! Next, I'm probably going to do Kirby's Dreamland.
8 commentsMeta02/26/09 at 07:51Bimblesnaff: Younger brothers are always Gooey XD I really like...
1992 to Present...914 viewsFear my crappy water color skillz =w=

Did this at career center since we are working with colors. My teacher was the one who persuaded me to make it not like the traditional sprite.

If you look close enough, you can see the pencil lines. Not intended, but added a little but of cool to the picture.

Kirby's Dreamland is one of my favorite games.... ever. So as a tribute, this was made :U

©=ShadowKirby22107 Nintendo / Hal Labs
Before, it was Halken, not Hal labs
7 commentsshadowkirby2210702/21/09 at 08:10Bimblesnaff: You painted it as a sprite. That, that's just ...
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