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Last comments - Bimblesnaff
Kopy Abilities --- Mirror1725 viewsMy fav Super Star only ability! Hope you like it! I think Mirror deserved more moves than it got though. By the way, incase anybody was wondering, my list for upcoming Kopy Abilities are: Cupid, Animal, Beam, Bomb, Cutter, Fire, Fighter, Hammer, Ice, Jet, Magic, Yoyo, Ninja, Paint, Parasol, Smash, Stone, Suplex, Tornado, UFO, Wheel, and Wing. And Maybe, if I wanna, Mike, Cook, Ball, Balloon, Crash, Ghost, Water/Bubble, and Needle

IMPORTANT PEICE OF INFO FOR EXTRA FUN!!! --- In each of my "Kopy Ability"s I have not colored in ONE little thing. Try to find it in all of them! This one is really tricky! Have fun!
11 commentsKirazy02/19/09 at 19:07Bimblesnaff: Man, I love these. I especially love the little pe...
KCCh - Efrite919 viewsSo while we sorta tried stuff to make the KDL2 minibosses more fitting to KCCh's feeling, this is where Efrite ended up. I'm pretty sure some people liked them the way they were for it's simple design, but it's pretty much the same case with Twister here.

3 commentsMinon02/18/09 at 05:50Bimblesnaff: Agreed. He was a little drab before. The armor wor...
Kopy Abilities --- Clean1734 viewsThis "Kopy Ability" is my favorite, from my favorite game, Kirby Dreamland 3, (which I've recently purchased from the Wii Shop Channel. In case you haven't noticed in the pic, I included Clean's attacks in KDL3, but without the animal friends.14 commentsKirazy02/17/09 at 19:58Bimblesnaff: Wow, really? You put Clean this high up on the to-...
Explosive1087 viewsI'll just note I love using Bomb Ability. Somewhat because I like the Poppys quite a bit.5 commentsMinon02/16/09 at 19:19Bimblesnaff: That Poppy looks like he's enjoying himself ju...
Happy Valentine's Day!1036 viewsLove is in the air!4 commentsKirazy02/15/09 at 12:08Bimblesnaff: Each face is a winner, and you cover quite the gam...
Dark Matter's Warriors543 viewsThese three guys seem to serve Dark Matter in the games, with Butch, Blade, and Masher in KD2 and Bukiset in KD3. In order from left to right: Butch, Masher, Blade, Bukiset. I wonder why Masher is just siting. Bukiset always seems to get stuck with cleaning duties due to him being the only one with a broom.

What, no Valentines pic? Well, I tried, but I can't draw Ribbon. Also, I haven't abandoned traditional media, so expect to see some color pencils when I draw more ability attacks.
3 commentssuperyoshi88802/15/09 at 12:02Bimblesnaff: I think they pick on Bukiset since he has one eye.
Meta Knight Madness1540 viewsMK is great! THis pic I made during my Portuguese class. I was really bored. Hope you like. I simply looove MK, he's so amazing! 6 commentsgerugeon02/13/09 at 19:00Bimblesnaff: Now that's some fine sketcherin' of MK. Hi...
Kopy Abilities --- Sword1617 viewsFirst in my series of "Kopy Abilities" I will doing art for each and every copy ability that has EVER appeared in a Kirby game.7 commentsKirazy02/13/09 at 07:51Bimblesnaff: I like how excited he is that he got Sword.
Let's make peace with Kirby.655 viewsZali Cappini and Shuba Lazkile making a surprise to a star being they treated too bad for its kindness and patience.4 commentsAngelLionKovu02/12/09 at 21:01Bimblesnaff: Yay, real art! That's some fine digital brushi...
Kirby and his headbands1403 viewsA pic of Kirby being featured in each of his headband abilities! I made this pic with my new Wacom Intuos Tablet I got for my birthday. I hope you like this pic!

And thank you gallery staff for the spot on the Art Showcase!
15 commentsKirazy02/12/09 at 08:01Bimblesnaff: Suplex, I'd say, is tops on them, but I might ...
Kaboola2408 viewsEverything about Kaboola is epic. This is the original Kaboola boss from Kirby's Dream Land; other variations include the duel-cannon sporting model from Blockball, and the killer-revamped model from the new KSSU (not that I have made those, too)! She is a large blimp with a hexagon design on her sides, pink fins, and a cannon (shotzo) underneath. She could totally pwn Dreamland if Kirby didn't have a special item to aid in her destruction. I usually make my sculptures out of Super Sculpy polymer clay, but with very large figures like Kaboola, Whispy and Kracko, I use air-drying clay that comes in great quantities. It is cheap and effective. Also, I had to re-enforce the wire I use to hold up 'flying' characters.12 commentsDedede-Daimyo02/06/09 at 08:06Bimblesnaff: Even wires crumble before the awesome Kaboola~! Th...
Glunk1800 viewsThe sea aneamone, Glunk. Glunk Glunk... stays in one spot, and never moves. Glunk Glunk... sticks to either ceilings or floors. Glunk Glunk... shoots sparks out his top every once in a while. Glunk. [Applause] Thankyou, thankyou! Ahem! Here, you can see the top hole of Glunk and the bottom of him, both rarely seen, as he is basically a 2-Dimentional character (in more ways than one). He does not really try to stop Kirby; he is just content filter-feeding, mostly. He can also live either in or out of water, if I remember correctly.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo02/01/09 at 01:27Bimblesnaff: Glunk needs more love! Best invertabrate evars!
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