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Last comments - Bimblesnaff
Dedede-Daimyo 3D #22058 viewsWoah! Sorry everyone! My internet expired 2 days ago, and I was unable to upload daily, but now I'm back! Here is my characature again, done in the Milkshape 3D modeling program, in different poses than before. Displayed are the wireframes, polygon figure, and a hammer strike motion. On a side note, I am helping work on Leirin's: Kirby's Greatest Hits Super Songbook, this time making a picturescroll of Kirby's Dreamland 3! I will upload both my pics and lyrics when I have finished.13 commentsDedede-Daimyo02/01/09 at 01:24Bimblesnaff: Pencil, clay, and 3D? Seriously, dude-myo, leave a...
Merry Christmas!!1446 viewsHappy Holidays everyone!!
As I have stated before I will not be majorly active until spring of 2009. Before anyone asks why Ribbon's colors are wrong, this was a test with limited colors. Even still I'll probably get at least three people asking me about it.

Love is the power
Love is the glory
Love is the beauty
And the joy of spring

Love is the magic
Love is the story
Love is the melody
We all can sing

~Eight Melodies
5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe12/17/08 at 06:52Bimblesnaff: That's a pretty great way of depicting Ribbon....
Tribute to the New Guy1044 viewsThis is the first in my series of tributes. I will be making tributes to the excellent artists here. I started with The New Guy. I made a tribute to his comic series, "Kirby and Friendsa" I love Kirby and friends, so I was eager to make a tribute for him! What do you all think? Tell me if you want a tribute to your artwork.

To read The New Guy's comic series, click HERE. ...or you could just search Kirby and Friends.
21 commentsTheorizer12/14/08 at 18:50Bimblesnaff: That Gooey steals the show, the curtain, and the t...
The Earth Is Blue.1483 viewsThe title was named from the maxim of Yuri Gagarin who accomplished the space
flight for the first time.
He was impressed by the earth seen in space and said so.
But, it is uncertain whether he said really so. even expert opinion doesn't become complete.
I do not know in detail about him either. This maxim is more famous than he in Japan... (^-^;)

I wanted to do space walk of Astronaut Kirby and drew this picture apart from it.
If you feel twinkling of the star and Kirby's floatage sense, I am honor.
9 commentsaru12/13/08 at 17:41Bimblesnaff: I actually mesmorized by the cosmos you got going ...
Kirby Running Motion882 viewsA little flash I made of Kirby running. Tell me what you all think!6 commentsTheorizer12/13/08 at 17:28Bimblesnaff: It's pretty fluent and motion-y, but why all t...
Fixing the face, part21260 viewsSo after finding that the simpler eyes work out just fine with KSS's style of characters, this is what Kekes should look like in KCCh now.11 commentsMinon12/11/08 at 08:10Bimblesnaff: I agree as well. The other pair seemed to mask its...
The Famous Kirby and His Supporting Cast!5277 viewsThankyou Rainbow Resort and all fans of my work for your continuous support and high ratings!! Behold my skills in a medium aside from colored pencil! This extraordinary artwork is real and hand-painted in Watercolor and outlined in Carbon Black India Ink. Featured are Kirby, his animal friends and helpers, and the best known of his adversaries, before Planet Popstar. A handy way to make watercolor look this good is to first color with a felt tip marker, then blend it out with a fine, water-dipped brush.29 commentsDedede-Daimyo12/09/08 at 08:21Bimblesnaff: I love the touch of Dark Matter off to the side. H...
I can't tell you how I feel - Blankness846 viewsA vaguely Asian-inspired drawing on what appears to be "textured paper", although I drew and colored it in Photoshop. Strangely enough, this picture shows a bit of who I am, I guess you could say. On the inside, at least. Blankness... a bit of an awkward feeling. Maybe there's something you've been itching to get off your mind, but you don't know how to say it?11 commentsAnimeKittyCafe12/09/08 at 08:15Bimblesnaff: A bit of who you are? I knew it! You're a tree...
Never-Ending Wishes1176 viewswow i haven't submitted here in a- hey look, its Marx soul in a crappy background :D
did this out of boredom yesterday.
7 commentsshadowkirby2210712/09/08 at 08:12Bimblesnaff: Oh, whoa. That's hand drawn? The background is...
Squid-Hat Month258 viewsLooky! A squishy hat!3 commentsKirbyzilla12/07/08 at 12:20Bimblesnaff: Wow, someone actually read the Squid Hat month thi...
Dark Heart591 viewsThis is Dark Heart from my Kirby Fan Game, called Kirby and the Heart of Darkness. Dark Heart is the final boss, and is the true evil form that creates everything evil. Also, make sure you look at it in full view. It looks much better.8 commentsTheorizer12/05/08 at 17:41Bimblesnaff: I feel I must point it out, but that's the hea...
Friends Rainbow!1964 viewsLately I've been pretty upset about my art sucking (well, no, mainly just computer art) in comparison to the stuff I've been seeing... so I decided to draw something to help cheer me up. Hopefully it will cheer you up, too, whoever's reading! They are mainly the puffball (or puffball-esque) characters of Kirby. Included is Kirby, Parasol Waddle Dee, N-Z, Meta Knight, Bronto Burt, Waddle Doo, Marx, Birdon, Gooey and Chuchu!23 commentsAnimeKittyCafe12/03/08 at 21:21Bimblesnaff: Too cute? Look at dat Burt. That's grumpy. Gru...
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