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Last comments - Bimblesnaff
Essence of Crystal Shards6845 views6th in my "Essence of" series. In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, for the N64, Kirby journeys all across the galaxy in order to find the shards of a crystal from Ripple Star that is shaddered by the ever-present Darkmatter. Waddle Dee, Adeliene, King Dedede, and Ribbon the fairy all help out Kirby this time. The picture is filled with the numerous bosses throughout the game, along with the transforming Miraclematter, and Kirby and Ribbon's showdown with 02 using the completed Power Crystal.
EDIT: Alright, how did this one get OVER 3000 Views?!? That doesn't seem right, is this normal for fan art? Even 2000 views is unprecedented in KRR history... but anyway, thanks! I'm lovin' it!!!
13 commentsDedede-Daimyo09/25/08 at 19:54Bimblesnaff: I put off saying this for far too long. Ah, creepy...
Essence of Super Star6973 views4th in my "Essence of" series. Kirby Super Star for the SNES seems to be a favorite of every Kirby-fan, and the reason is plain to see, as it CONTAINS AN IMMENCE AMOUNT OF STUFF! Here we see each game and subgame within Super Star: Milky-Way Wishes, Dynablade, Revenge of Meta Knight, Gourmet Race, Spring Breeze, The Great Cave Offencive, Samurai Kirby, and Megaton punch. Since all the bosses are also included in the pic, it also counts for The Arena. *Bonus- try to find all the treasures from GCO. :)
EDIT: This one too? OVER 3000 Views!?! Jeeze, you all really like my stuff! I am forever thankful, Arigoto Gozaimasu~!
21 commentsDedede-Daimyo09/12/08 at 08:12Bimblesnaff: Hamburger for the win! That was a pretty smooth mo...
Essence of Dreamland 26069 views3rd in my "Essence of" series. Now we come to Kirby's second outing on the Game Boy, the sole Kirby's Dreamland 2. Kirby globe-trotts across Popstar, gathering the Rainbow Drops, in order to expell Darkmatter from Dedede's Castle. Also joining Kirby on his mission are animal friends Rick the hamster, Kine the fish, and Coo the owl, who help him cross the difficult terrain of the Rainbow Islands. The pic shows every boss from the game, and Kirby using the Rainbow Sword againt Darkmatter's two forms.7 commentsDedede-Daimyo09/07/08 at 12:04Bimblesnaff: I believe, yes, this is perfect.
Tojo Bio704 viewsYou guys probably remember him from Uncle Gobbo's Animal Friends submissions, he was the first one to be submitted.3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe09/03/08 at 21:41Bimblesnaff: That is spiffy. it even has a li'l game sprite...
Kirby vs Marx1809 views13 commentsimakuni09/03/08 at 21:39Bimblesnaff: If this were any greater, it would jump out and st...
Older Adeleine403 viewsWell, why the crap not? If other people can make freakin' Bishonen Kirbies (and I've seen much worse than just that), I think I have a right to make one of the most awesome females in Kirby into at least a partial attractive standard!


And also Chuchu is too Tsundere for me.
2 commentsNanabobo09/02/08 at 20:12Bimblesnaff: Whaddaya mean "paritially" attractive? A...
Kracko655 viewsWatch him go crackity KRACK!

I had fun making the eye. <3
5 commentsPikmingirl07/30/08 at 07:56Bimblesnaff: That's a pretty keen lookin' Kracko. I lik...
Mumbies and Kirby!1175 views3 commentsaru07/19/08 at 11:16Bimblesnaff: Great as always.
Kirby vs Marx1532 viewsThe last fight ended.
They are exhausted and fall.
Kirby is completely unconscious.
Though Marx tries to survive desperately...
" I no never die !! "
8 commentsaru07/06/08 at 00:41Bimblesnaff: Wow, that is just epic. Wonderful job.
Meta Marx?1836 viewsThough it would never happen in the games, a Marx Vs. Meta Knight battle would be epic.27 commentsDynablade09/29/07 at 22:41Bimblesnaff: I... believe my brain has both melted and exploded...
Kirby's Dreamland 31735 viewsThis is a Kirby's Dreamland 3 fanart, with Kirby and his friends against Dark Matter.20 commentsimakuni05/24/07 at 13:33Bimblesnaff: Five is not high enough!
Broom Hatter1412 viewsBroom Hatter.12 commentsimakuni05/24/07 at 13:31Bimblesnaff: You... Are... Amazing
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