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Last comments - Kirbysfantotheend
Finally Knighted846 views5 commentsDal08/10/08 at 13:57Kirbysfantotheend: This looks great but no offense: Is MetaKnight scr...
Colored Version - Fumu and Meta Knight804 viewsWell, they were both colored, but I decided to work this one in Photoshop. :D

Grass is cheap lookin' I know, but I did try to make my own grass before I went that road. ^^; So bear with me. I also tried to make it look like a screenshot...Maybe some sort of "End of the World" thing or something. o: Don't ask what happens next, cause I surely don't know. Lol.

7 commentsSkyTheArtist05/15/08 at 02:11Kirbysfantotheend: This is really impressive. Looks kinda scre...
Simirror427 viewsSimirror from super star... Simirror OWNS4 commentsFranky-Du04/30/08 at 14:19Kirbysfantotheend: I like this one.
Metaknight tattoo384 viewsmetaknight tattoo3 commentstheevilpoptart2204/12/08 at 03:52Kirbysfantotheend: Cool!
Zero1827 viewsA picture of 0's First and Second forms, as well as a Human version I made up... (Made June 11th, 2007)

Much like the Dark Warrior Drawing of mine I plan on using the Human version in a Kirby Universe Fan Comic I want to start.. But I don't know when I can get around to starting it..

This was inspired by a 0 02 Madlay Remix...

Drawn Completely in Photoshop Elements 3.0
9 commentsEyeofCalamity04/12/08 at 03:51Kirbysfantotheend: Astonishing work! Can you say where I could find t...
c0re1236 viewsMade this about 2 months ago... (January 30th) and never really put it up anywhere... So here...

I guess I was kinda wondering what the next form of 0 might look like.. But this is kinda lame...

Drawn Completely in Photoshop Elements 3.0
7 commentsEyeofCalamity04/12/08 at 03:49Kirbysfantotheend: Nice one. Resembles quite a lot the first Zero, bu...
Darkness in Dreamland1233 viewsA recent picture I did 2 days ago (April 1st) of Dark Matter and Dark Castle... My inspiration was the wicked Dark Castle remix I'm sure some of you remember... Ya know.. The one that was taken down... Sad... (I downloaded it so I'm not too sad.. But kinda sad nobody can get it there anymore)

Anyway I love Dreamland 2.. And Dark Matter... Especially Dark Matter...

Outlines Done in Macromedia Flash 8, Colored in Photoshop Elements 3.0
8 commentsEyeofCalamity04/12/08 at 03:48Kirbysfantotheend: Dark Matter in KDL 2 was the hardest boss in any K...
We lost1779 viewsMy oldest Kirby Fanart... (June 30th, 2006)
Inspired by my favorite Kirby Boss, 0... And his wicked Music...

Also I know I forgot Ribbon's ribbon...

Drawn Completely in Photoshop Elements 3.0
5 commentsEyeofCalamity04/12/08 at 03:47Kirbysfantotheend: Great picture! This picture gives me back the grea...
0 Trophy1572 viewsDrew this a few days ago (March 25th) because I was kinda upset that Dark Matter didn't get a Trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl (X).. In fact I can't find any trace of Dark Matter besides the 0² Remix... Which is upsetting this huge Dark Matter fan...

Also I don't think the 0² Remix sounds nearly as good as the original...

Color Base Done in Macromedia Flash 8, Colored in Photoshop Elements 3.0
7 commentsEyeofCalamity04/12/08 at 03:44Kirbysfantotheend: Voted five for this great piece of art! I'm a ...
Resident Evil 4 kirbies1421 viewsKirby is awesome, even in RE4.

Kirbies from left to right:
Leon Kirby, Ashley Kirby, Luis Kirby
Mendez (Village Chief) Kirby, Salazar Kirby, Saddler Kirby
Krauser Kirby, Ada Kirby, Wesker Kirby
Hunnigan Kirby, Dr. Salvador Kirby, Merchant Kirby
3 commentsMitaKnight03/08/08 at 03:32Kirbysfantotheend: Impressive
Metatwo?1537 viewsEver wondered what Meta Knight would look like when being possessed by Dark Matter? 22 commentsKirbysfantotheend12/25/07 at 13:19Kirbysfantotheend: But Locustking even then he wasn't possessed. ...
Dark matter1315 views12 commentsaru12/25/07 at 13:14Kirbysfantotheend: I love Dark Matter knight, the hardest Kirby boss ...
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