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Last comments - Kirbysfantotheend
Zero 2 (02)406 views3 commentsshadowkirby2210712/03/07 at 14:15Kirbysfantotheend: Excellent work!
Blade Knight Carving508 viewsThis Is My Pumpkin I Carved On OCT.26 (2007)
I Put A lot Planning Into It.It Was Diffacult To Draw a Correct Blade Knight On My Pumpkin.Then,I Had To Figure out What I Could Cut Or What I couldn't Cut...
I Had Only A Skinny Knife That Was Deadly Sharp But Very Clumsy For My More Finer Cuts.Heh.I Sliced My Fingers Up And Nasty Pumpkin Goop Got In It XD.Now My Hands are Sore even As I Type This...
Now,I'm Sure I'm Gonna Get Some-One Asking Me 'Why Blade?'.
Well,I Already Did Meta Knight And...I Like Blade
9 commentsGasphin11/01/07 at 15:26Kirbysfantotheend: Very cool and innovative!
02 (ZERO 2)500 views-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,0 _
7 commentsNCStudios11/01/07 at 15:24Kirbysfantotheend: Impressive
PIX634 viewsKirby is brave. Hoshi nonononoonnnoononononononono Kabi!7 commentsNCStudios11/01/07 at 15:23Kirbysfantotheend: Pretty interesting picture that must be said
Don't look at my nakedness!1541 viewsPLEASE don't comment about how he's not REALLY naked. D: I know, he's just armorless.

I was just bored. :-P I'd think Meta Knight would have some issues with being completely exposed.
20 commentsRWMVG1DC11/01/07 at 15:18Kirbysfantotheend: Very well drawn picture.
Afraid Of The Dark515 viewsLooks like Kirby is afraid of the dark. :D Anyway, if I ignore my rushed, sloppy lineart, I think this looks good.2 commentsSquirps10/05/07 at 10:39Kirbysfantotheend: This is good one. I like this.
Wheelie Race1338 viewsMeta Knight's in the lead with his souped up Wheelie, but Kirby's catching up - and he's quite happy about it!

The Wheelie in the foreground gave me a lot of trouble.
15 commentsDynablade09/30/07 at 03:38Kirbysfantotheend: One of the best pictures around here! The details ...
Meta Marx?1869 viewsThough it would never happen in the games, a Marx Vs. Meta Knight battle would be epic.27 commentsDynablade09/25/07 at 07:59Kirbysfantotheend: Excellent idea! And this is done very well too. Yo...
Kirby & Ribbon997 viewsIt's Kirby and Ribbon from Kirby 64. ^_^ First time drawing a background on the computer. It looks clearer if you click to enlarge it.11 commentstundrarain09/08/07 at 04:11Kirbysfantotheend: Very well drawn picture.
Emo Cutter Kirby!1016 viewsAlright, I know that cutter kirby already exists, but now he cuts himself rather than enemies!!! :D
Maybe someday this will be a real kirby ability! (although I highly doubt it).
Anyways if people like it I'll make more hilarious kirby abilities!

Note: This is just a joke, I'm not trying to offend emos/cutters.
8 commentsShyGuy09/08/07 at 04:10Kirbysfantotheend: This is excellent picture and I like this very muc...
Kirby Tornado & Spark590 viewsIt's Kirby5 commentsmr.yellow09/08/07 at 04:09Kirbysfantotheend: Excellent work!
Metatwo?1558 viewsEver wondered what Meta Knight would look like when being possessed by Dark Matter? 22 commentsKirbysfantotheend08/07/07 at 05:02Kirbysfantotheend: meta_knight1992: Because Meta Knight is so powerfu...
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