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Last comments - Kirbysfantotheend
Dark matter combo a majigger!776 viewsJust something I drew out of bordom on a car trip.

Im preety proud of it.

Just so yall know. I dont use a tablet or whatever its called to draw. Heck. I dont even know what a tablet is any way.

(Random Kirby Trivia)
Did you know that in the Japanese Kirby animes intro, king Dededes head turns all the way arround.
14 commentsNuclear Kirby06/17/07 at 04:35Kirbysfantotheend: I like this one. Dark matter in its different form...
Kirby and a star1507 views-27 commentskaabthekirby06/13/07 at 03:23Kirbysfantotheend: Lookin good!
Meta knight975 viewshere's my 3rd 3D kirby related character. Its MK in a fighting pose ready for battle in a plain.... somewhere... XP .. I should have added some tree...
notice the wind effects :P
18 commentsmico2706/13/07 at 03:22Kirbysfantotheend: Looks interesting! With what program did you make ...
gift for HnK team2835 viewsyeaaaah, since they did a good job and all34 commentsFushidane06/11/07 at 03:44Kirbysfantotheend: Lookin good!
A lot of them!1400 viewsAnother one!

This time I managed to draw a better background, so I didn't have to blur it. Waddle Doo looks a lot cuter in this pic I think. Still have no idea what the font should be, help me out...
15 commentsStarDust06/09/07 at 17:30Kirbysfantotheend: Hahaa awesome picture! Waddle Doo sure is a great ...
All sucked in1109 viewsIch hoffe ihr k├Ânnt alles erkennen.^^
Wer fragen zu den Charaktern hat soll mich andschreiben
19 commentsPinkPopopo06/09/07 at 05:30Kirbysfantotheend: Looks just great!
Twilight tomato - MORE art?835 viewsSorry about not putting anything here for a while, this picture is based on some of the 'Twilight Princess' art, Enjoy!5 commentsSonamus06/08/07 at 01:29Kirbysfantotheend: But who is the Twilight princess? Fumu? Excelle...
NOOO NOT THE Wii1283 viewskirby is eating the wii cause he's hungry
36 commentsskyscraper06/07/07 at 13:20Kirbysfantotheend: Now that is spooky!
Only YOU can prevent forest fires.981 viewsya kirby set the forest on fire
its kinda hard to notice when your head is on fire too.
18 commentsskyscraper06/07/07 at 13:16Kirbysfantotheend: Waddle doo should interfere and give Kirby some be...
Chubby Dark Matter908 viewsIt's a Dark Matter! It's strangely cute...15 commentsSapphira (...)06/04/07 at 09:25Kirbysfantotheend: one of the best Dark Matters around here!
Screencap1008 viewsIt looks like it could be a screencap? I don't know, lol. Kinda old, actually.9 commentsBasil-Ovelby06/04/07 at 06:17Kirbysfantotheend: Hahaa great!
The Red Star1024 viewsA scene from Mabel's Big Prediction Part 2. I really loved that episode! It gave me the creeps, ahaha.11 commentsBasil-Ovelby06/04/07 at 06:16Kirbysfantotheend: That episode was great and this looks so great too...
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