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Last comments - Kirbysfantotheend
Home997 viewsRandom sketch I did one day that I colored with Copic markers.
Personified Dedede and Escargon.
10 commentsBasil-Ovelby06/04/07 at 06:14Kirbysfantotheend: This looks interesting
Sword Kirby614 viewsI'm going to draw every ability Kirby has every copied. That's why one of my albums is labed "Copy Abilities XD. This was made on MS Paint as well as all the rest will be. First is... sword!
Wait, why does everyone do sword first?
4 commentsKirbyang06/04/07 at 03:04Kirbysfantotheend: I always wonder how people can draw something so s...
Journalist Kirby736 viewsMy friends requested me to draw a Reporter Kirby for their civics newspaper scrapbook, so here it is! This is the first time I ever tried to draw a picture nicely on the computer... ^^; the hat's really bad and the quill's too light, but oh well...9 commentstundrarain06/04/07 at 03:02Kirbysfantotheend: That is so awesome!
Dark Matter1205 viewsDark Matter. (Kirby's Dreamland 2)5 commentsimakuni06/03/07 at 04:10Kirbysfantotheend: Wou all your pictures look so awesome!
Wheel kirby608 viewsA request I did for a friend over msn.4 commentsGordon06/02/07 at 03:06Kirbysfantotheend: Looks like from the kredits of some Kirby game. :...
Plasma Whisp479 viewsI did this a while back for a friend's b-day on the KRR oekaki. I think it came out ok. I still need to work on lineless pictures.6 commentsBlinkie05/30/07 at 12:45Kirbysfantotheend: Cool!
Scribbly Kribbly1008 viewsDid this a long time ago when playing around in OpenCanvas.13 commentsDiddgery05/30/07 at 07:32Kirbysfantotheend: Really cool pic!
Pen Sketch - SSBB Chibis XD1605 viewsXD This is not chibis... it was "Dreamland style", it means with different foots... Anyways, I love how Pit came out. XD
Done without refs. o_o It was crappy
23 commentsAiky05/29/07 at 12:38Kirbysfantotheend: Cool!
The Origins Of Lololo And Lalala1299 views(Picture contains spoilers on episode 9)

Ok, so I picked a theme and drew a picture about it. This one is about Lololo and Lalala and their background.

Did you know that in the original Eggerland story Lololo and Lalala are married? Lala(la) is a princess that gets kidnapped and Lolo(lo)s mission is to save her. Later in the game series they become the king and queen of Eggerland.

Again I'm missing a font... Hey, Nightmare, which font you used for your creepy logo... (sigh)
10 commentsStarDust05/28/07 at 02:08Kirbysfantotheend: This is very well done pic! And I like the pix...
Kirby's Dreamland 31751 viewsThis is a Kirby's Dreamland 3 fanart, with Kirby and his friends against Dark Matter.20 commentsimakuni05/25/07 at 10:39Kirbysfantotheend: Very well done picture, must say!
Meta Knight - Human829 viewsSomething I drew with pencil and inked. It's what I think Meta Knight would look if he was human.8 commentsMitaKnight04/05/07 at 11:39Kirbysfantotheend: Hmm he looks like Dark Warrior in the Kirbys Dream...
Hollow Kirby1105 viewsWhat if Bleach and Kirby were crossovered? And what if Kirby happened to be a Vaizard?15 commentsIceKokiri04/05/07 at 11:36Kirbysfantotheend: Spooky but still very fascinating picture!
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