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Last comments - Sonamus
waddle dee playing my ds1270 viewsi built my own lego waddle dee
i could have made him better but i didnt have the best pieces :( :(
but i think i did really well for what i have
this is him playing my ds
17 commentsskyscraper12/14/07 at 05:29Sonamus: IT'S LEGO WADDLE DEE O WOW
Now with color :31120 viewsI really like how sparkily he came out. :316 commentsRWMVG1DC12/14/07 at 05:26Sonamus: Meta Knight forever, lol he's EATING!
Event Horizen1385 viewsI decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <324 commentsRWMVG1DC12/14/07 at 05:25Sonamus: it's.....interesting
Down the Rainbow and Through the Clouds1103 viewsI had to reduce the quality of this picture to be able to upload it. It's Parasol Kirby! My favourite copy ability... I think. Ugh, umbrellas are a pain to draw... x_x14 commentstundrarain09/14/07 at 15:23Sonamus: awwwww
Smile!1768 viewsOne of my random sketches, though I like how I did the background to this one. xD So yeah...Bun, Kirby, Tokkori and Fumu! Yay!27 commentskleinebeere09/14/07 at 15:20Sonamus: awwwww, Really cool photograph style picture
Kirby in woods962 views高知の足摺で撮った写真に合成した。
Kirby was compounded to the photo that had been taken in the Ashizuri of Kochi Pref.
22 commentskipy06/08/07 at 11:14Sonamus: awwww is it possible to be more lifelike? ...
黄昏:Dusk716 viewsこれはちょっと無理がある、かなぁ。16 commentskipy06/08/07 at 11:13Sonamus: Wow! Brilliant!
Twilight tomato - MORE art?827 viewsSorry about not putting anything here for a while, this picture is based on some of the 'Twilight Princess' art, Enjoy!5 commentsSonamus06/08/07 at 11:11Sonamus: Kirby is Zelda, Human Midna, Link and Wolf Link, b...
Fumu and Kirby1720 viewsFirst submission piece, yo!

I really enjoyed watching the Kirby anime. It hasn't aired here in Australia (I think...) so Im very happy for the fansubs! But anyway, I love Fumu, she's a great character. And just so CUTE! I wanted to do a humanised version of her so yeah...tadah! Wahaha Im too lazy to colour it though.
18 commentskleinebeere06/07/07 at 17:39Sonamus: I CANNOT draw hands! Your Manga humans are brill! ...
Twilight tomato - MORE art?827 viewsSorry about not putting anything here for a while, this picture is based on some of the 'Twilight Princess' art, Enjoy!5 commentsSonamus06/07/07 at 17:36Sonamus: oh, by the way, Here are the characters: Zant- Ded...
Valentine Love2145 viewsi made this a bit late~
was really busy, but still made a pic for February~
being the Third photoshop picture for my calendar~
39 commentscrystalshard6406/07/07 at 14:23Sonamus: poor Dedede
NOOO NOT THE Wii1279 viewskirby is eating the wii cause he's hungry
36 commentsskyscraper06/07/07 at 13:48Sonamus: NOOO! KIRBY!!!! DON'T EAT THAT....! Never mind...
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