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Last comments - kirby123
Dubior727 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: White
- Type: Space
- Atk/Def: 14/15
- Family: Mechanism
- Class: Common
- Level: Super
- Gender: Neutro

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
1 commentsKiroscarby12/26/14 at 23:07kirby123: Hello, Kiroscarby! I think your art has improved e...
Poyo.648 viewsEver heard of the gentlemen meme? well this is it in kirby form so yeah... dats it. Just wanted to post something new.1 commentsDarkmattersamurai05/19/12 at 16:10kirby123: Iseewhatyoudidthar.jpg
The Mario Ability1483 viewsPracticing more and more with shading styles and such. I needed Kirby to be wearing a hat, so I somehow ended up making it a Mario one in the process.

Super Star Ultra style! I still love it. c: And I think I'm getting better!~
4 commentstorkirby06/28/11 at 13:59kirby123: Wow, this looks really professional! Great work!
White Kirby631 viewsNow THIS one was fun to make. Took me a while to do the void, but I think it came out well. The way it swirls makes it look chaotic, but I guess that was kind of what I was trying to do. Anyways, I'm so happy I've gotten better since I first joined this place using... the dreaded PhotoImpact. That program was terrible! I don't recommend it for use in terms of art.3 commentskirby12304/05/11 at 12:49kirby123: Yeah; it's one of my favorite fonts!
Above The Darkness...373 viewsForgot Galaxia, hurrrr durrrr... *headdesk*1 commentsMedalis02/26/11 at 21:39kirby123: Very nice! The one thing you could work on would b...
Kirby's loves his veggies!545 viewsI drew this in a car trip when I was bored, because I've been playing pickmin again recently so yah. also I didn't notice before but this picture some what resembles the front cover of Pikmin.2 commentsDestructo-Knight11/21/10 at 15:33kirby123: Poor, poor Pikmin... If this were a boss, I'd ...
Whispy Jr. Revenge504 viewsThis is Whispy Jr. Revenge, the Revenge version of Whispy Woods Jr. and first form of Whispy Revenge. He only appears in the games: Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby's Aura Adventure, together other Revenge Versions of some characters. The creatures of the forest can be corrupted too. The lose is the seed of this power, all that suffer a terrible lose wish the Revenge and when they realize they have the revenge power in the palm of their hand. The Revenge cause in Whispy Jr. that his wood become stronger and filled of little splinters, he gets little fangs of wood, his roots become stronger too and the leaf on the top of his head become purple (In the past his green leaf represented the vitality but now his purple leaf represent the poison that corrupts his body).
Before of the Revenge his attacks was: blow a little stream of air, bounce around of his opponent and throw slashing leaves from his leaf (KAA move). But now with the power of the revenge Whispy Jr. gets new attacks as: throw toxic leaves from his leaf, bury his roots in the ground to absorb the nutrients of it (with it restore his energy), attack the opponent with his roots underground and jump over the opponent to fell over him and absorb his energy (like a Metroid). Whispy Jr. is the unique of the whispy forms that can move himself. With this new attacks Whispy Jr, become a life drainer, be careful with his power.
In the past Whispy Jr. was a cute and good tree but now he is a scary and evil tree. Before the Whispy Forest was a place of peace but now thanks of the Revenge Whispy Forest become a place of despair and terror. I hope that some Hero can stop the corruption of the Revenge, i'll pray for this.

Lives in Whispy Forest and Purple Plants. Sometimes travels to another forest to fright all that live in it.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Revenge Versions
2 commentsKiroscarby11/21/10 at 15:30kirby123: Hi, Kiroscarby! What's up? It's been a whi...
Redesigned Gooey394 viewsThis is my version of everyone's favorite- er, second favorite (Dark Matter himself in first) blob of Dark Matter. I hope you enjoy!2 commentskirby12309/03/10 at 14:11kirby123: Thank you for the comment! It's good to know t...
Janitor Kirby480 viewsApart from his mop looking like a feather duster an the water in his pail looking somewhat strange, I think came out alright!
Based on
1 commentspogman09/01/10 at 18:49kirby123: Kirby with a 'stache does not register. Nightm...
Range Knight461 viewsFirst entry for Masked Puffball IF contest.1 commentskrackocloud08/31/10 at 00:56kirby123: I like this one. I think it truly fits the Meta Kn...
Pet Tricks2043 viewsQuite literally a trick.

I just noticed – I always draw Ribbon's dress as if it levels out flat at the bottom, but none of the official or in-game art shows it that way.
6 commentsAdol08/30/10 at 17:19kirby123: I concur with the above opinion. The play dead tri...
Warrior Tiff607 viewsTiff really needs a sword to defend herself....
I wanted to make a background in Paint, but it just made the picture terrible.
Colored pencils, again. enjoy :D
5 commentsMetaKnight#1fan08/29/10 at 12:43kirby123: Why would Tiff need a sword? The whiny, bossy voic...
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