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Last comments - skyscraper
The Legend of... Meta Knight?477 viewsI always imagined Meta Knight riding on a horse, since he is a knight. The horse looks kind of like Epona from Legend of Zelda. The horse is my best of any horse drawings I've ever drawn. (Meta Rulez!!)6 commentsMetaLuvr04/20/09 at 22:43skyscraper: hmm I never thought of Meta knight on a horse, fir...
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright2298 viewsWould this be considered a double update? Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright are a couple of reoccuring bosses, first appearing in 'Adventure. Mr. Moonshine is yellow and crescent shaped and has cutter ability attacks, while Mr. Sunbright is red-orange with firey attributes. They attack in simple tag-team fashion, but also can combine for devistating power. Though they resemble Popstar's solar satillites, they are distinct from the actual Sun and Moon. Characters such as these were interesting to make, because it is the first time they have appeared in 3D.10 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/25/09 at 09:12skyscraper: Once agian thses are awesome .. when are you going...
Paint Roller2287 viewsBoss Time! Paint Roller is a skilled artist and second boss of Kirby's Adventure (the first was Whispy, but I've already presented him). With his baseball cap and roller skates, he zips around the arena, from platforms to canvas, painting things that come to life. Of course, everything he paints tries to hurt Kirby, but Kirb can inhail them and gain abilities that can be used to damage PR. His appearence resembles an orange Lololo. His limbs are made of wire, painted black, with clay hands and feet. Go art!11 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/24/09 at 09:48skyscraper: AMAZIng by far one of your BEST incredible detail ...
My Kirby plush567 viewsThis is my my Kirby plush that I got for my birthday 2 moths ago and he's sssssssooooooooooooo CCCCCCUUUUUUUTTTTTE!!!!!!!!! <(^o^)> Kirby wants to play, cook, or to be funny!7 commentsKirby-4-ever03/22/09 at 01:58skyscraper: hey I've seen those too but MAN are they e...
Parasol Knight1070 viewsMy entry for the Interactive Fandom Knight Recruitment contest≈! The description is in the IF Knights page. Models made in Blender, and Photoshop used for background and titles.4 commentsAdol03/21/09 at 00:00skyscraper: awesome I like his body shape
Apply Directly to the Forehead856 viewsThis is something I doodle over on Tegaki E, hence why most of the lines are rather pixelly. It's not exactly the best drawing applet. The purple heart was added as an afterthought since the top half of the image seemed so bare without -something- there. 6 commentsDemi03/19/09 at 09:27skyscraper: oh WOw THats pricless
Bugzzy2169 viewsMy favorite helper and all-around great grappler, the big-bug himself, Buggzy! This miniboss can backdrop and suplex like nobody's business. He is a stag-beetle that uses his mandables like a pair of forklift tongs. He can lunge forward at greaf speed, hover in the air with his wings, and even give birth to mini-beetles that act as homing missiles to the enemy. Long live Bugzzy. >> Sorry, I have failed you KRR. Only two sculpture updates this week? Reallife has been a monster this week. Much more next week, I assure you ;>9 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/09/09 at 00:22skyscraper: I luv sculpy I havent used it in the looongest tim...
NOVA843 viewsI decided to try my hand at coloring by...hand. So I give you the Giant Comet NOVA.8 commentsmetadoo03/09/09 at 00:20skyscraper: schwwet dawg (sweet dog)
Wooded Woods951 viewsI made this a while ago when I was particularly excited about this part of KCCh. It shows almost every level of Wooded Woods, the first world (it is missing one level, though) and the boss of the area, our new twist on Twin Woods.

I realize that the art quality is not amazing - I screwed up pretty hardcore when coloring the outlines and my artistic ability has always been somewhat piddling, but I thought I'd better upload this here anyway. It is Kirby art, after all.
5 commentsmamthew4203/05/09 at 09:49skyscraper: awesome great concept
by jadek1631 views1 comments03/03/09 at 23:29skyscraper: oh wow thats hillarious a bit small though
Lightning and Kirby801 viewsLightning squishing Kirby.

Promo for my movie Kirby Sucks 40
2 commentsMitaKnight03/03/09 at 23:27skyscraper: I think they down rated this peice of art either b...
Blaster Knight450 viewsIF Knight Recruitment entry. Design by mrgameandpie.
Considered just making him a floating torso without feet. Ended up adding them anyway. Regretting the decision.
1 commentsMints03/03/09 at 23:24skyscraper: awesome I look forwar to seei'n some further d...
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