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Last comments - superyoshi888
Appetizing...920 viewsKirby's appetite claims another victim.

Gee, been a while since I've uploaded something, hasn't it? And all I got is this doodle.
7 commentssuperyoshi88804/04/11 at 16:24superyoshi888: Oh wow, didn't expect to get this many comment...
Fountain of Dreams871 viewsI <3 the Fountain of Dreams. Favorite stage in Melee, has the best song in Melee, and is the location of the final few parts of one of my favorite Kirby games. Visually stunning...what isn't there to love about it?7 commentssuperyoshi88801/29/11 at 08:43superyoshi888: Nightmare. Before you fought his famous wizard-ish...

I had to.
12 commentstorkirby01/29/11 at 08:39superyoshi888: Official looking as always. I like his hat. And th...
Whip, baby1389 viewsI swear I won't only submit art when I new Kirby game comes out, I swear.8 commentsKirazy01/29/11 at 08:37superyoshi888: Nice drawing Kirazy. Although I have to wonder why...
Fountain of Dreams871 viewsI <3 the Fountain of Dreams. Favorite stage in Melee, has the best song in Melee, and is the location of the final few parts of one of my favorite Kirby games. Visually stunning...what isn't there to love about it?7 commentssuperyoshi88801/27/11 at 07:31superyoshi888: Hmmm....I think I may have had considered Dedede, ...
Kabimaru-Matsuri Cho-man'in-E~!4061 viewsAfter months of AWOL-riddance, your beloved Daimyo has at last returned to KRR, friends and fans! Here, we have a super-jam-packed picture (of which I am so well-known for) featuring a literal metric tonne of characters from my planned/upcoming/still-long-off dojin-manga, inspired by “Samurai Kirby”. Depicted are creatures from all over the Kirby-canon, each painstakingly redesigned by yours truly, and even some of my own creation and IF entries. Most importantly, each individual has a distinct purpose and is relevant to some aspect of Japanese/Asian culture (You have only to inquire, and I may expectorate...). Picture was drawn in pencil on watercolor paper, outlined in India ink pens, and colored with watered-down felt tip markers. I started this before college, and only got to finish over winter-break. All-in-all, it took no more than one week of cherished free-time~!
In all actuality, I really wish I had the wherewithal to go through with this majestic manga undertaking, as I am filled with glorious ideas aplenty. However, dern art-college courses be taking up all my me-art-time! Last semester nearly “broke” me in every regard (physically, mentally, financially, not to mention emotionally! Dem dames~). And so, I could not afford to create this masterpiece for no personal gain. Selfish, I know; BUT, there IS something to look forward to, from me, soon enough! Does anyone remember the bygone and neglected “Pic Fics” (or Picture Fictions) of yesteryear, here at the Rainbow Resort? No? Well, once I unload my next masterwork, a year in the making, no one shall forget again! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this delectable pic of over 100 characters and see if you have the skills to recognize them all!
<Shippuu and Fan Ability © Minon-san & Kirby Cosmic Chaos>
14 commentsDedede-Daimyo01/21/11 at 09:24superyoshi888: DDD-D, your art is just always so lively. I can...
Walk Through the Forest977 viewsThis is loosely based on the forest stage of Kirby and the Crystal Shards. At the beginning, I was timing myself, but I lost count. I'm not quite satisfied with the trees, but they are an improvement from earlier attempts. I did not use references except for Dale, that glowing enemy from Air Ride.

I was trying to finish this instead of a comic for this week. I'll have to postpone next week's comic too, for my schedule has become busy, and I need more ideas.
3 commentsAdol01/21/11 at 09:20superyoshi888: Nice painting here, Adol! I think the trees came o...
Dream Land1439 viewsI especially love how the sky came out c:6 commentstorkirby01/21/11 at 09:17superyoshi888: Agree! Your art is always so official looking. :3
Gyron and a Waddle Dee378 viewsGyron knocks down a Waddle Dee via Yoyo.1 commentsKirby Rider10/17/10 at 15:15superyoshi888: Oh wow, fan art of a fan character- my fan charact...
Kirby's Rainbow Resort's Epic Yarn805 viewsThis IS the theme for September right? I can't remember. It better be.
Anyhoo, here's my frontpage entry.
Yup. Nothin' too huge.
2 commentsKirazy08/10/10 at 13:14superyoshi888: ......Can I borrow your magical drawing powers for...
Paint Tool Kirby422 viewsJust a first try of Paint Tool SAI. I actually like the program, I may consider buying a software license for it. :)3 commentsgameaddict3007/27/10 at 16:40superyoshi888: That's actually a really cool effect. It just ...
Grey Matter4137 viewsKonbanwa, KRR~ It's not often that I create an artwork such as this. Many ideas and much imagination were brought together, from my heart- to my mind- to my hands, in order to compose such a chaotic array of design and interaction. Everyone speculates on the next level Zero may take if he is ever to return to the Kirby series. Most anticipate 0^3 as the next logical step-up, but what if the lineage went back to the basics (Dreamland 2) and a new form of Dark Matter was instead unleashed?
As stated, I was thinking over many things as the drawing was coming about. If Dark Matter were to be brought back in the upcoming Epic Yarn, how might they his alter its appearance to suit the game? (I know Kirazy did a great job on this already... Just bear with me!) The thought was, since DM is technically a vast mass of blackness, a simple outline of yarn would not do its form justice. Rather, if the yarn was compacted to give it a more solid appearance, this would work, but the resulting shape would be awkward and wrinkled.
On a completely different note, I have recently been introduced (indirectly) to a new wave of music by the band, Oingo Boingo, thanks to gallery favorite, Aru. Hai-hai, I know they're from the '80s, but my exclusive interest in Eastern music has somewhat blinded me to much of the greatest music from even my own country! Tonikaku, I went crazy and bought four of their CDs, and they're so cool! When I heard the song, “Grey Matter”, inspiration struck like a forged sword, and the way became clear =D
After all, Grey would be the median between Black (Dark Matter) and White (Zero)~
Incorporated into this picture are various elements of the Shimomura-saga of Kirby games. Kirby uses a combined Ice Ability to put the freeze on the big brain. Gooey and the basic Animal Friends return, as well as the Crystal Shards gang. Even Ko-Kracko and Whispy Woods Jr. assist in the struggle, standing-in for their much larger masters. In addition, with great honor, I also included the design for Aru's “02 Matter” knight, complying with the story of KDL2. I thank her in advance for letting me use this, and wish to express my gratitude for all she has done :)
Forgive me for building such a Text-block-tron of a message, but I don't always get to express myself in words, so when I do, I wish for them to be as beautiful as my artwork ^_^* This should be my last piece for a while, as I must concentrate on relationships and more important works. Hopefully, this hiatus will allow me to dish out some much-deserved Daimyo comments to great gallery works, and maybe a mailbag, omake. I believe I will put forth the effort to color all future colored-pencil pictures in the blended style seen here. Drawn in Pencil, Inked in India Ink Brush-Marker, and Colored in Crayolas, as usual.
12 commentsDedede-Daimyo07/27/10 at 16:36superyoshi888: Sorry I'm so late in commenting on this, but f...
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