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Last comments - Crayon Kirby
Kirby series/Naruto series428 viewsHello I'm MetaKnight#1fan and I'm new here... This is my first time using a site like this. Ok, for this drawing, I drew it using 0.7 mechanical pencil. Used a scanner to get it to the computer, and had to reduce its size several times. I hope you guys like it and I'll, later, upload more pics. So in this intense drawing, we have Naruto Kirby fighting Sasuke Meta Knight. enjoy :D
For better resolution, and a non-deformed picture, go to my deviantart account: UltimateGalaxia
3 commentsMetaKnight#1fan07/20/10 at 21:24Crayon Kirby: Very nice work! I really like the shading, and...
Meta Knight415 viewsI tried to control the jaggedy, pixely lines this time by slightly blurring them (thanks for the helpful advice, Mints).
But now I noticed, it's missing something! Oh, whatever, a lot of my pictures are missing something.
The background is meant to sorta look like the background of the final battle from Mother 3 (not that this picture is supposed to have anything to do with Mother 3). Now that I look at it, though, it doesn't look much like it at all.
3 commentsCrayon Kirby10/18/09 at 02:05Crayon Kirby: Ayup, that's it. I was never able to draw thos...
Sword / Parasol2061 viewsThankyou for being patient. After long wait, the Kirby Super Star Set of Sculptures kick-starts with double updates of Kirby Abilities! Fist up is Sword ability, a well-known weapon (prolly 'cuz Meta Knight...), but in my opinion, not so great of an ability. Kirby dons a parody of Link's hat and continuously displays his sharp Master Sword with this ability. Good for short, quick attacks with little punch behind them. Next is the lesser-known, but somehow present in more games, ability Parasol. Staying true to his roots, Kirby wears no hat with this unique ability, but always holds an open umbrella over his head. With a few good attacks, the main use of Parasol is it's defensive capabilities. Also can be used to slow one's decent through the air. *For more info on how these and other abilities work, check out SiR6's Ability Reviews and the Fan Ability reviews portion of this site*
For all future reference, my 'Kirby's Ability' sculptures are specifically made of that horrible brown, bulk-quantity, air-drying clay. For this reason, and the fact that I disliked the repetitiveness of making the pink puff so many times over, some may be of lower quality than my norm. Please excuse this, and look forward to more 3D Daimyo Dojo!
6 commentsDedede-Daimyo08/05/09 at 16:39Crayon Kirby: Incredible, Daimyo-Dono! Beyond impressive! The po...
MOTOR FREE793 viewsI am days late to upload this, but oh well! Today is also my website's 2nd anniversary~ Anyway. I don't like the composition of this one quite as much as the others, but I think the art quality is still on-par. I wanted to include the Magypsies, Fuel, Lighter, Wess, the Pigmasks, and *more* (that's just how jam-packed M3 is!), but alas, I couldn't fit them in.

MOTHER3 *might* be my favorite MOTHER game, but I have this feeling of "you can't have one without the other two".
5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe07/24/09 at 13:04Crayon Kirby: I absolutely looove it! You seemed to include ever...
Pokemon x Kirby2290 viewsNothing to say. And thanks for the favs and comments!
I used to love Pokemon.

Oh my, the owl thing looks like a freak Furby...XD

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
Kirby belongs to Nintendo and HAL Laboratory
12 commentsgerugeon07/11/09 at 12:50Crayon Kirby: Everyone seems to fit their pokemon transformation...
Dark Matter Swordsman2251 viewsThe first form of Dark Matter. If Kirby has collected all of the Rainbow Drops scattered throughout the islands of Kirby's Dreamland 2, Dark Matter will escape to the sky from the defeated King Dedede. Combining the Drops into the flying Rainbow Sword, Kirby will ascend to the sky himself, to do battle with the dark menace. Dark Matter can slash with his sword, but he also fires off dark orb projectiles, which Kirby can reflect back at the Swordsman for an effective counter attack. One would wonder exactly why Dark Matter goes through the trouble of dressing up in such attire and why does he use a sword to fight Kirby? It all seems pretty unnatural for this supernatural being. Perhaps, like Meta Knight, Dark Matter at first wishes to challenge the pink one to a fair duel, but upon losing, shows his true colors...11 commentsDedede-Daimyo07/11/09 at 12:44Crayon Kirby: Excellent work as always, Daimyo! All of the edges...
Star Blocks for Cereal Advertisement1890 viewsThis is a poster of an item that could be likely to appear in Dreamland grocery stores, maybe.14 commentsAdol06/26/09 at 12:51Crayon Kirby: Awesome 3-D art, and very creative! 5/5'd! And...
Dark Matter311 views(EDIT: More inaccuracy! Sword's missing.)
I felt that I had to do something like this.
I think Dark Matter's really cool in this form, and I love to draw him!
2 commentsCrayon Kirby06/24/09 at 16:34Crayon Kirby: Thank you so much, Kirazy! The reason I worry abou...
T.A.C. Challenge352 viewsThe T.A.C. Challenge from Kirby Air Ride!
Ignore the messed up perspective, I think the background caused it. I'm not so good with perspective.
2 commentsCrayon Kirby06/11/09 at 08:14Crayon Kirby: I've always wondered that too, Qtie4U. 'Ce...
Kirby at the Beach701 viewsI finally have something worthy of the Gallery. I drew this in the oekaki, because I guess it is most convient for me.3 commentssuperyoshi88806/04/09 at 20:50Crayon Kirby: Very nice! I really like the scribbly feeling!
Milky Way Wishes790 viewsBesides the T.A.C. sponge picture, which didn't exactly qualify, I've practically never done a real scene in pure sponge (well, Kirby's eyes were done in charcoal and conte, but that's just about it). This is the prolouge of Milky Way Wishes where Marx tricks Kirby into, well, going on an adventure.
There's a chance (not a very likely chance, but still a chance) that a fan character may be coming up next. I mean, if that's not against any rules.
6 commentsCrayon Kirby05/23/09 at 12:30Crayon Kirby: Thank you for letting me know, Crystal Medalis ...
ChuChu and Nyupun Ginjaka894 views...

Characters owned by HAL, BG found at Spriter's Resource, and Chibi Miku Miku base by Astanine.
8 commentsCrystal Medalis05/20/09 at 22:09Crayon Kirby: Incredibly cute! Great work on the dresses, very s...
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