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Last comments - Kirby-RS
Kabimaru-Matsuri Cho-man'in-E~!3951 viewsAfter months of AWOL-riddance, your beloved Daimyo has at last returned to KRR, friends and fans! Here, we have a super-jam-packed picture (of which I am so well-known for) featuring a literal metric tonne of characters from my planned/upcoming/still-long-off dojin-manga, inspired by “Samurai Kirby”. Depicted are creatures from all over the Kirby-canon, each painstakingly redesigned by yours truly, and even some of my own creation and IF entries. Most importantly, each individual has a distinct purpose and is relevant to some aspect of Japanese/Asian culture (You have only to inquire, and I may expectorate...). Picture was drawn in pencil on watercolor paper, outlined in India ink pens, and colored with watered-down felt tip markers. I started this before college, and only got to finish over winter-break. All-in-all, it took no more than one week of cherished free-time~!
In all actuality, I really wish I had the wherewithal to go through with this majestic manga undertaking, as I am filled with glorious ideas aplenty. However, dern art-college courses be taking up all my me-art-time! Last semester nearly “broke” me in every regard (physically, mentally, financially, not to mention emotionally! Dem dames~). And so, I could not afford to create this masterpiece for no personal gain. Selfish, I know; BUT, there IS something to look forward to, from me, soon enough! Does anyone remember the bygone and neglected “Pic Fics” (or Picture Fictions) of yesteryear, here at the Rainbow Resort? No? Well, once I unload my next masterwork, a year in the making, no one shall forget again! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this delectable pic of over 100 characters and see if you have the skills to recognize them all!
<Shippuu and Fan Ability © Minon-san & Kirby Cosmic Chaos>
14 commentsDedede-Daimyo01/22/11 at 03:21Kirby-RS: Yes! Excellent job as usual, I love un-Yarn'd ...
OH BB643 viewsSurely MK will catch who is ever leaving foot prints all over the ship. Someone must like seeing Sailor Dee work.

Hur hur hur.
8 commentsJessicaSephiroth08/11/10 at 16:39Kirby-RS: Why not wear shades?
Meta Knight Doodle677 viewsJust a simple doodles with some thrown on effects. I really like this sketch for some reason. :37 commentsJessicaSephiroth08/11/10 at 16:38Kirby-RS: Oh wow! This is a really cool sketch! I love the c...
luga blade551 viewsMy first submit, not my first sprite. It's my 287th one.3 commentskad04/21/10 at 23:21Kirby-RS: Pretty cool sprite! The idea of Lugia crossed with...
Ace of Ten522 viewsIf Dark Meta Knight was a type of card.
Ten Aces for Ten Uses of his sword.

All leading to death. \5

My first picture to Rainbow Resort.
2 commentsRizu03/07/10 at 20:45Kirby-RS: Pretty neat, love how the cape looks~
King Dedede728 viewsI wanted to try drawing King Dedede since I haven't drawn him in what seems like forever.4 commentsKirby-RS02/15/10 at 16:28Kirby-RS: Thanks for the comments guys~
@kingdedede007: Yes...
Capsule Js1515 viewsFull view'd be appreciated.

Gosh this one took a while.
I personally like Capsule J2's design more than J1. Love both of them and their ability though.

Bubbly Clouds is such a beautiful place on Popstar.
19 commentsMinon01/30/10 at 00:55Kirby-RS: This is the best thing ever. I love the Jet abilit...
Into the Skies688 viewsI like how this came out.... Amazed myself with this one, hahah.

Used Corel Painter Essentials 4.
6 commentsKirby-RS01/24/10 at 01:27Kirby-RS: @Kirazy: Ahah, thanks.~ I actually was going to do...
The Animal Fiends1637 views13 commentsKirazy01/23/10 at 13:31Kirby-RS: Hahah, I love how they all look, especially Pitch ...
of the Stars314 viewsmy sister gave me the idea for this1 commentsDorocche01/22/10 at 18:33Kirby-RS: I really like how Kirby looks in this, especially ...
Ads411 viewscut the part with the hand and palette off because it sucked2 commentsDorocche01/22/10 at 18:32Kirby-RS: I love the green-ness of it (lol). And the shading...
.::STAR ROD::.756 viewsAnother Star Rod Picture because I just love making things shiny.

I would of had this uploaded on DA ages ago but I keep getting errors, so looks like KRR will be getting my new art first. c: <3

Made in MintGimp.
6 commentsJessicaSephiroth01/09/10 at 12:30Kirby-RS: Whooaa, love the light shining from the Star Rod. ...
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