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Last comments - CandidGamera
Sweet Tooth1929 views4 commentsF.S02/15/11 at 10:59CandidGamera: The colors in this are really nice. I also love th...
I promise not to eat your chocolate...1616 viewsIronically, I haven't had a single piece of chocolate today! =P It's simple, but that's part of the point. Happy Valentine's, KRR!

Done while spamming Fat Bottomed Girls. (lol)
4 commentsAnimeKittyCafe02/15/11 at 10:56CandidGamera: I actually ate a couple pieces of chocolate on Val...
Front Page Picture Challenge Entry944 viewsUmm..
I wanna try this out so..
Here's my entry. > >;

Please excuse the sorry excuse of a background lol
Look look at the inner tube! ^^;
5 commentsMicue Kirby05/30/10 at 09:31CandidGamera: Cute! I love the cross-hatching in the background.
June Front Page Pic Entry1028 viewsThis took way longer than it should have.
Drawn in PaintTool SAI.
Other Notes: I go by Kirby-RS in the Fan Art Gallery and Oekaki boards. I go by Sheep Man on the forums, main site, and chatbox. Here for the purpose of reducing confusion between my multiple identities and aliases.
3 commentsKirby-RS05/27/10 at 13:04CandidGamera: Awesome work here. I love how clean the lineart lo...
Kopy Abilities --- Ice1820 views'Been too long. These Kopy Abilities are just so time consuming. Whatever. I think this one turned out fantastically. One of my best. Jam packed with 20, count 'em 20 poses! Only equal to my epic "Paint" Kopy Ability!
Still on the list: Cupid, Animal, Fire, Fighter, Hammer, Ninja, Smash, Stone, Suplex, Tornado, Wheel and Wing. And maybe I'll do Cook, Ball, Balloon, and Crash.
Enjoy, and be sure to search for the Blank Spot!
10 commentsKirazy04/02/10 at 08:28CandidGamera: Awesome work here. It really looks like something ...
Have an apple1219 viewsAdeleine from Kirby 64. The members from Crystal Shards are definitely my favorite characters through the series, making her also one of it. Fighting against her was quite fun, and suprising to be seeing boss characters from past games. Wish she could make a comeback10 commentsElectro03/30/10 at 11:44CandidGamera: Nice! l like the shading.
Essence of Tilt'n'Tumble3658 views16th in my glorious “Essence of” series. My, it has been far too long since my last entry, but with all my other accomplishments in-between, perhaps the great wait will be excused!? Anyway, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble was one of the most unique K-games made, and most innovative for it's time. Released exclusively for the Game Boy Color, KTnT's game play utilized motion-sensor technology to move Kirby throughout the stages. It was as if the pink pudge was sitting right on the screen, and he would roll any direction the hand-held was tilted, and would even jump if the device was flicked. Very groundbreaking gravitational controls, for sure, but I prefer a traditional Kirby platformer, thanksmuch. A 3-D sequel was once in the works for the Gamecube, but was eventually abandoned. Come on, HAL, produce! Any Kirby game would be better than none! This pic is a first for my essesnces, in that I have added characters that are less than actual bosses, some unique to TnT, but I figured that there would be no better time to showcase them. The Orbservers are observing youse~!9 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/30/10 at 11:42CandidGamera: Wow, great work as always, Daimyo! You really are ...
.::Picking up Green::. FP entry894 viewsThe best green character evar! Omg I love plasma Wisp and clovers, so it was, like, the best idea ever for a contest entry.
Eeee! Plasma Wisp is my Fave! <333
I would add more light to the picture, but for now I am too lazy. :U

Made in Gimp.
6 commentsJessicaSephiroth03/05/10 at 16:15CandidGamera: It's too bad you were late on this. I absolute...
Good Ol' Gabon725 viewsI'm pretty sure I got his colors wrong, and maybe the face. Oh well!2 commentsBimblesnaff03/05/10 at 16:13CandidGamera: Heh, I've always liked this guy. Love how you ...
A Nightmare Against The Stars1765 viewsSomehow I´m so uncreative with arists-comments on KRR.xD Well, just enjoy.:38 commentsHisui02/18/10 at 09:52CandidGamera: Wow. Just everything about this is wow. I am in lo...
Happy New Year: of the Tiger~!2531 viewsGong xi fa cai, Rainbow Resort =D Today is Chinese New Year and~... wait... it was on the 14th, not the 16th? But that was Valentines Day! You just can't compete with that... (tch, my region scheduled it for the 6th, but I was snowed in that day and couldn't go). Aiya, anyway, this is a work in progress that I intend to finish someday soon. Here, you can witness my artist's process: the first steps of plain pencil and brushed-ink on watercolor-paper. I tried to parody the insanely cheerful and surreal design of Chinese New Year cards and calenders, as well as insert as many Kirby/holiday-related characters and items as possible. For example, did you know that Kagamimochi and Mikarin from KDL3 are based on an actual traditional food eaten at New Years? I will later watercolor this for great beauty and enjoyment. The original file will be deleted.

This black-and-white (for now) artwork is the final picture I will upload here, that is, until next week when my other black-and-white “greatest creation” is finally unveiled! Yes, I have finally completed my oft-mentioned Mailbag Manga (just have to fill in all the text)! This is literally my most ambitious and biggest undertaking for the site yet (20 full pages of awesome art and/or story); do not miss it on MailbagMangaMonday~! {And, whether it be from lack of mail or just the high anticipation from fellow baggers, I thank you Admins for postponing the upcoming #75 issue, as it has given me time to complete everything with relative ease. Thankyo-Thankyo~ I'm positive my grandiose-efforts will not go unfulfilled~!}
9 commentsDedede-Daimyo02/18/10 at 09:49CandidGamera: Awesome. Can't wait to see it finished. Also, ...
Playing Cupid1154 viewsMy FP entry. Kirby plays cupid with Chuchu and Gooey.6 commentsCandidGamera01/30/10 at 11:23CandidGamera: @Qtie4U: I just used colored pencil.
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