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Last comments - eat911
.::Waiting::.841 viewsUm yeah, I am not going to describe what inspired me for this one.
However, this is for all the Meta Fangirls out there and Huisi Sama.
(As part of her prize I owe her)

*runs off*
Made in Gimp.
10 commentsJessicaSephiroth03/02/10 at 19:22eat911: wait. that's a bed? Uh oh . I was hoping it wa...
Portal Kirby and...uh...863 viewsyay my first controversial art!6 commentsJAMESGHOST02/16/10 at 11:26eat911: if at first Bimbles doesn't suceed, he fails :...
Portal Kirby and...uh...863 viewsyay my first controversial art!6 commentsJAMESGHOST02/14/10 at 13:40eat911: lol. I get out. Speedy thing goes in... speedy thi...
Rocky Ultra1471 viewsSecond set of my Ultimate Kirby Super Star Sculpture series. Not much for words lately, but who really reads my long-drawn descriptions anyway? Rocky here can sit or stand depending on the chosen balance point. Who can say what his actual head band tie in the back looks like? It seems to be different in every appearence, but I went with what made sense. Oh yea, and how 'bout that new Emaki? Its worse than the first, but better than nothing~!3 commentsDedede-Daimyo01/04/10 at 17:19eat911: I might have to agrre that the new one is worse th...
Magman1851 viewsWow, doesn't school just pile-on work when you are least suspecting? At least for me, as I loth to dig-up the syllabus simply to avoid being blown-over by the unknown amount of assignments I blissfully try to ignore till I can procrastinate no longer. Thank Kami it's almost all over with for me, whaha.
~Tonikaku, I briefly appear today to present a character-sculpture no one cares about: Magman, the boss from K64's Neo Star. Beyond the planet's lush jungles and beneath its craggy mountainous plateaus lies Neo Star's boiling core of volcanic rock. Magman is at the depths of this hellish inferno, and he is no push-over. He prefers to instead engulf Kirby in his lava-pillars-for-arms, while he sits safely in the distance. If Kirby damages his tentacles enough, Magman himself will approach the pink one and (slowly) give chase around the planet's interior. When defeated, he recedes back into the lava, yet the planet begins to erupt in a cataclysmic explosion of smoldering rock. Kirby must quickly exit the inside of Magman's volcano, rapidly filling with the rising magma. Sure, Kirby obtains his precious Crystal Shard, but at what cost? Poor Magman was just minding his own business, probably didn't even realize he had the shard within his great expanse of liquid rock, and still, Kirby relentlessly wrecks the fire-lord's land and dethrones him. If Kirby can take-down this literal “Titan of Magma”, then are there no limits to the pink menace's power?! This large, near-effortless blob was made from air-dry brown clay, as opposed to the Super-Sculpey I regularly use, and is one of the final in my finished set of sculptures.
9 commentsDedede-Daimyo11/22/09 at 21:43eat911:
++ Zero Two ++1239 viewsAlongside Bellum from LoZ: PH this litte fella got my heart <3 He's just pure awesomeness for me ~ I think it's that bleeding eye for his *v*14 commentsSoraMito11/19/09 at 16:39eat911: I will save t...
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