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Last comments - kirby2
Kirbychu HR'D449 viewsThis is how I usually picture myself online. I was actually going to sign up for the gallery as Kirbychu, but I changed it. 2 commentskirby203/01/08 at 17:50kirby2: Someone?
KCCh Allstar Intro *FULLY COLORED*2895 viewsTHATS RIGHT, ITS DONE! Well, kinda... ^^;
It still needs a ton of shading, but Mamthew and I will get to that as the time becomes available. Regardless, here is (most of) the cast of Kirby Cosmic Chaos, I hope you'll enjoy it.
Credit goes to Minon for the original Lineart and a majority of the new characters.
23 commentsGBAKirbster200702/11/08 at 18:40kirby2: Is that a winged Pikachu Waddle Dee up in the corn...
Ds kirby569 views11 commentskirby is awsome+201/20/08 at 18:34kirby2: COOL! <('-'<)
Kirby with Candy1124 viewsYum Yum16 commentsAnimalCrosser511/17/07 at 22:50kirby2: Kirby2 want Kirby1's lollypop!!! (Takes lollyp...
Needle Kirby1344 viewsI was experimenting with anim80r. This time: Needle Kirby!22 commentsAnimalCrosser511/17/07 at 22:47kirby2: Um... are you positivly SHURE that's needle ki...
Bomb Kirby819 viewsIt's the Blue Kirby again and now he has Bomb ability!10 commentsRoeblaze09/12/07 at 07:05kirby2: looks more like ice bomb, but it's good anyway...
Leader of the Squeaks753 viewsThat mouse has the coolest hat ever.

This was Done using Open Canvas.
8 commentsGordon08/07/07 at 14:09kirby2: where's his arms?
Oops960 viewsI dunno what popped in
my mind..
My brain is a MineField.
8 commentskitty_cat8407/12/07 at 15:07kirby2: uhh...
SILICA - Strength1259 viewsOMG, I love episode 60.

Haven't submitted here in a while, so here ya go! Sorry for the messyness, I drew this pretty quickly LOL; And Ivy wanted people to submit more art, so yeah...TADAAAH.

...I love Silica D:
14 commentskleinebeere06/30/07 at 16:44kirby2: who? It's good anyway
Albert hates Dark Matter924 viewsWell.... whaddaya think?
(Well if everyone is curious who's albert he is my own fan-character)
10 commentsAlbertMasterofGalaxia06/19/07 at 13:29kirby2: who's albert?
Kirby Sprite1448 viewsThis is a Kirby Sprite I made. I made many like this. Tell me if want the others on this site because I have one for Ball Kirby, Bubloo, Big Metalum, Bugzzy, and Bohboh.
14 commentsLeah06/14/07 at 21:13kirby2: me wantie others!!! YAY
Kirby Spaceship1326 viewsKirby in a spaceship.23 commentsAnimalCrosser506/12/07 at 16:02kirby2: I say the game is the upgraded version of galaga, ...
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