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Last comments - Leah
Daroach Bomb1348 viewsI hand made it.Click it to see it move.10 commentsLeah01/20/09 at 18:03Leah: This is so freakin awes
Kirby Jump1065 viewsKirby jumping....I don't know!?!?!?It looks weird now but click it and it will look so much better!7 commentsLeah04/13/08 at 11:18Leah: It's a glitch.
Dream Land's Heroes649 viewsDone in openCanvas 4.5.09e. I really love how the fire came out on Fire Kirby.5 commentsWeen04/13/08 at 10:44Leah: This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Omg A Rock Is Falling533 viewsDone after playing lots of Nightmare in Dream Land. I felt nostalgic last month.3 commentsWeen04/13/08 at 10:43Leah: Aww... that is SO cute!!
Lololo and Lalala1556 viewsA sprite I made.22 commentsLeah04/04/08 at 21:34Leah: To Kirby K, my username is DarkheroCHAO.
Kirby Sprite1448 viewsThis is a Kirby Sprite I made. I made many like this. Tell me if want the others on this site because I have one for Ball Kirby, Bubloo, Big Metalum, Bugzzy, and Bohboh.
14 commentsLeah04/04/08 at 21:00Leah: I didn't rip them, I drew them.
SSBB - Caption 'Meta Knight'1257 views...And so, the epic story of the SubSpace Emissary begins...16 commentssilverlunar77712/29/07 at 14:24Leah: Very funny!
Look, That's My Home1211 viewsKirby showing Stafy his home, ironically, it looks a lot like Stafy!!

Stafy is from a Japanese only series called "Legend Of Stafy".
12 commentssilverlunar77712/29/07 at 14:23Leah: So cute, to cute, I'm dieing of the the cutene...
Kirby746 viewsHoshi No No No Kirby!11 commentsNCStudios12/27/07 at 16:34Leah: awww...cute!!!
BOOOOOOOO!815 views<(^_^)>10 commentsNCStudios12/27/07 at 16:32Leah: Aww...It's so cute!!!
Kirby Blinking Animation762 viewsUm... Yes. It's just a blinking Kirby, so to speak. Or perhaps he saw something totally shocking.5 commentsTMH12/27/07 at 16:31Leah: wow!
Waddle Dee Emotion Animation640 viewsThis is pretty self-explanitory.

Ah, and I just registered at this site. Hello, all.
7 commentsTMH12/27/07 at 16:30Leah: That is so cute! Welcome!
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