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Last comments - EquinoxKirby
Metaknight vs Ancient guy821 views4 commentsjellyfish06/03/11 at 05:38EquinoxKirby: Ancient Minister... it would have been cool to hav...
Journey Diary -10-1319 views1 commentsDal06/01/11 at 03:43EquinoxKirby: They're SO gonna get it. XD
Journey Diary -6-1070 views1 commentsDal06/01/11 at 03:30EquinoxKirby: ugh... everything's out of order..,
Meta Knight Under a Bonsai408 viewsBackground practice. Meta Knight came later (I don't like the shading on him... T_T ). And the tree is wierd. Yeah.
enjoy :D
5 commentsMetaKnight#1fan06/01/11 at 03:24EquinoxKirby: Now THAT, is a good background! Rule to making Met...
Meta Doodles373 viewsThey're not just doodles.. they're META doodles! *facepalm*
Yep, it's just a bunch of random Meta Knights in equally random poses. The time it took to make each knight ranged from 5 seconds to one minute. What a way to pass the time..
I suppose *FULL VIEW* would allow you to see it better.
What's my catchphrase again? Oh, yeah..
enjoy :D
2 commentsMetaKnight#1fan06/01/11 at 03:22EquinoxKirby: Doomed.... yeah me too.
Sword Knight and Blade Knight attack Waddle Dee530 viewsColored Sword Knight by memory based on the anime and not sure if he is supposed to look like that...
I used my 0.7 as usual and thin point pen (for outlining, same pen for the Dark Meta Knight picture). Colored with colored pencils. I had to use correction pen a lot...(it's sort of like white-out) and there were a lot of white marks from it sticking out. So I put the picture into the Paint program and used the airbrush tool to fix that. Added text, and erased some extra lines.
That's it. enjoy :D
5 commentsMetaKnight#1fan06/01/11 at 03:18EquinoxKirby: What are they gonna do to him, make him do the chi...
Super Meta Knight400 viewsMeta Knight has been infected by a parasite! His appearance changed dramatically! Yes, very random...boney wings, claw knuckles, and lots of pointy, creepy things. Made the usual way, 0.7 pencil.
enjoy :D
3 commentsMetaKnight#1fan06/01/11 at 03:16EquinoxKirby: ...VERY Interesting... Keep him away from me.
The Legend of... Meta Knight?477 viewsI always imagined Meta Knight riding on a horse, since he is a knight. The horse looks kind of like Epona from Legend of Zelda. The horse is my best of any horse drawings I've ever drawn. (Meta Rulez!!)6 commentsMetaLuvr05/31/11 at 06:08EquinoxKirby: Heh... "Master Sword." There's two, ...
Meta Knight Madness1570 viewsMK is great! THis pic I made during my Portuguese class. I was really bored. Hope you like. I simply looove MK, he's so amazing! 6 commentsgerugeon05/31/11 at 05:31EquinoxKirby: "Why is the a ball version of me bouncing ove...
Yamikage's revenge1792 viewsYamikage is so strange...You have to watch episode 24 ("visiting ninja, Benikage") of Kirby anime to understand this comic. 3 commentsgerugeon05/31/11 at 05:24EquinoxKirby: Only you can prevent angry trees...
My brave knight- request2288 viewsThis is the request made by my friend. She asked for a comic where MK saves her from a monster...
I drew her in Kirby's style, hope she like it...
Anyway, enjoy it!
Poor Meta Knight! Chased by the fangirls...
10 commentsgerugeon05/31/11 at 05:23EquinoxKirby: Hey Meta knight! Where are you!? Heh, smiley... Al...
Whip Kirby1678 viewsIt's Whip Kirby! I made this for a Kirby contest. Whip Kirby is awesome! He can grab things with his whip, like food or even enemies. The star on the whip can create star beams that will hit the enemie. Hope you like it!
3 commentsgerugeon05/31/11 at 05:20EquinoxKirby: It seems this ability will be in the NEW Kirby Wii...
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