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Last comments - Nana
Kirby is Happy620 viewsI hope this picture of kirby will brighten your day~4 commentsNana07/08/09 at 15:29Nana: Yay thanx <3
baby kirby 21129 viewsbetter pic than before ^^18 commentsNana08/31/07 at 14:33Nana: thanx :3
Kirby with sword1073 viewslink kirby!... no.. just joking :D17 commentsNana08/31/07 at 14:32Nana: thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx for allllll! :3
Kirby and waddle dee926 viewssaying hiya!9 commentsNana08/31/07 at 14:32Nana: thanx! :3
Kirby Poses #11178 viewsThis one came out bad. I don't know why the background is pink, when I drew it on regular computer paper...5 commentstorkirby07/12/07 at 16:05Nana: CUTEE :3 im envy to u... :3
Fumu and kirby1104 views...14 commentsNana07/01/07 at 09:26Nana: i dont draw Fumu well, because i tried it first ti...
Rainy Day1079 views-11 commentskaabthekirby07/01/07 at 09:24Nana: I love rainy day's.. and kirby is so cute in t...
Pen Sketch - SSBB Chibis XD1603 viewsXD This is not chibis... it was "Dreamland style", it means with different foots... Anyways, I love how Pit came out. XD
Done without refs. o_o It was crappy
23 commentsAiky06/27/07 at 12:42Nana: CUTEE :3 im envy to u...
Nap2311 viewsCongratulation to Metaknight for being selected in SB Brawl!36 commentsjellyfish06/27/07 at 12:41Nana: OVERCUTE <3
Rain1456 viewsI like when it's raining.
It kinda refreshes me.
19 commentsjellyfish06/27/07 at 12:40Nana: OVERRRCUTEEEEEE <3<3<3<3<3
Kirby with sword1073 viewslink kirby!... no.. just joking :D17 commentsNana06/27/07 at 12:33Nana: thanx Aiky < :3
Kirby Ice Cream Comic + Retributive Justice! : D962 viewsI drew this comic panel by panel in my agenda when I was bored in class... Kirby gets his retributive justice! and more importantly... his ICE CREAM!9 commentstundrarain06/27/07 at 12:32Nana: u did it on calendar? ^3^ cool anyway :3
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