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Last comments - jello of doom
Drawcia's Soul817 viewsBlob of colorful awesomeness yes
Check out my other/older things at
my SheezyArt.
3 commentsTeionu10/27/08 at 00:38jello of doom: i love how its sorta abstract...
Dark matter combo a majigger!776 viewsJust something I drew out of bordom on a car trip.

Im preety proud of it.

Just so yall know. I dont use a tablet or whatever its called to draw. Heck. I dont even know what a tablet is any way.

(Random Kirby Trivia)
Did you know that in the Japanese Kirby animes intro, king Dededes head turns all the way arround.
14 commentsNuclear Kirby10/27/08 at 00:37jello of doom: notice how most kirby final form bosses have one e...
MARX705 viewsidk if the colours worked or not buuuuut i hope you like :D9 commentsspacecat10/01/08 at 11:13jello of doom: AWESOME! It looks like he's a vampire flying t...
Kirby and a star1507 views-27 commentskaabthekirby06/13/07 at 10:53jello of doom: cute!
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright2048 viewsPicture drawn on the KRR Oekaki29 commentskindarspirit04/28/07 at 16:26jello of doom:
Rick the Hamster808 viewsMy favorite animal partner, Rick. Standing in a flat field...or something.12 commentsDiddgery04/28/07 at 16:22jello of doom: it DOES look like hamtaro
Kirby of the Stars2809 viewsNOTE: This is NOT an actual game cover. This cover is completely fan-made. Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.60 commentsPink Power04/27/07 at 20:54jello of doom: i luv the box art
Kirby Under the Stars1734 viewsThis picture was inspired by the beginning scene Kirby 64. Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.24 commentsPink Power04/27/07 at 20:53jello of doom: cute!!!!
Scribbly Kribbly1008 viewsDid this a long time ago when playing around in OpenCanvas.13 commentsDiddgery04/27/07 at 20:25jello of doom: cute!!!!
MY PRECIOUS1152 viewsKirby's rather posessive about his Maxim Tomato, I suppose.
13 commentsDiddgery04/27/07 at 20:25jello of doom: Gollem Kirby!
Happy Anniversary, Kirby!1405 views*FULLVIEW PLOX*

Here's to 15 years of floating, sliding, ducking, inhaling, copying, and expelling that which cannot be copied! :D

...Oh, and that thing Kirby does in KSS where he shoots out helper-killing stardust from his armpits. Wicked.
23 commentsRat04/27/07 at 20:23jello of doom: happy birthday kirby!
Knuckle Joe1124 viewsI love this guy! He's fun to draw. Forgive me for the sketchiness and bad colouring. Oh well. I love this anyway! <327 commentskleinebeere04/26/07 at 22:42jello of doom: hooray
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