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Last comments - thekirbyboss
I found a new ride...peace out862 viewsHee hee hee!This was a fun one to do. This one took me longer than usual to do, since I was practicing a technique that a friend of mine taught me about outlines. Anyway, here in this picture, Kirby got so used to riding Dedede in Kirby 64, that he decided to stick with Dedede rather than return to his old friends (Rick, Kine...etc.). Hopefully, they will revive the animal friends...but for now...Kirby rides on...with King Dedede! Enjoy, Everybody!4 commentsScrooge Mcduck08/13/07 at 19:12thekirbyboss: lol rick----->
Pen Sketch - SSBB Chibis XD1603 viewsXD This is not chibis... it was "Dreamland style", it means with different foots... Anyways, I love how Pit came out. XD
Done without refs. o_o It was crappy
23 commentsAiky07/25/07 at 11:27thekirbyboss: i think the hands r master and crazy hand (or just...
Nap2311 viewsCongratulation to Metaknight for being selected in SB Brawl!36 commentsjellyfish07/21/07 at 16:58thekirbyboss: kirby: look what I got, pikachu: pika?
Kirby's DreamTrix2796 viewsThis was just to combine Kirby and the Matrix, just targeting towards Kirby 64. I hope you like it!32 commentsScrooge Mcduck07/08/07 at 18:27thekirbyboss: :shoc...
Morning In Dreamland1453 viewsRandom 3D stuff34 commentsdonkeyDude07/08/07 at 18:25thekirbyboss: looks like a level from super mario bros kirby in ...
Kirby Wii897 viewsUm,what's a Wii? XD15 commentsMKFreak07/08/07 at 18:23thekirbyboss: kirby: poyo?
November - Harvest Time10145 viewsA commission by Fred Sloniker and an experiment in outline-less coloring.91 commentsIvyna J Spyder07/08/07 at 11:50thekirbyboss: lol red kirby is runing from a chicken
NOOO NOT THE Wii1281 viewskirby is eating the wii cause he's hungry
36 commentsskyscraper06/30/07 at 22:26thekirbyboss: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the poor wii
Angel Kirby1278 viewsLook who's comin' to town!!6 commentsLeah06/24/07 at 18:12thekirbyboss: looks like he's holding the love-love stick
Marx2220 viewsMarx. (Kirby SuperStar)26 commentsimakuni06/20/07 at 15:14thekirbyboss: i hate him he tryed to take over popstar
Kirby Ice Cream Comic + Retributive Justice! : D962 viewsI drew this comic panel by panel in my agenda when I was bored in class... Kirby gets his retributive justice! and more importantly... his ICE CREAM!9 commentstundrarain06/20/07 at 15:09thekirbyboss: LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
The Red Star1023 viewsA scene from Mabel's Big Prediction Part 2. I really loved that episode! It gave me the creeps, ahaha.11 commentsBasil-Ovelby06/20/07 at 15:07thekirbyboss: where's the human kirby?
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