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Last comments - Super-Cream-Horns
Berroll Returns1045 viewsMore of this guy. I'm not sure if he really should stay a Ball-themed mini-boss, because as I have him now his ball can't be inhaled. But if it could, it could be used as a projectile, which would be better than just stars. However, that would mean you could also swallow the ball, but it wouldn't give you an ability unless Berroll himself was defeated... Hm.

Maybe he'd be better as an Animal-themed mini-boss.
6 commentsDiddgery10/22/09 at 12:12Super-Cream-Horns: So, when you inhale his ball, do you turn into Bal...
Kirisame Keke979 viewsI just remembered I haven't really posted pics of Kirisame Kekes besides that one Screenshot mix and Trailer way back.

The beam wielding Keke is a reference to the Touhou series, cameo-ing one of the two main characters, Marisa Kirisame. Being a Keke, their method of flying is by broom, unlike Kirby who flies by puffing up, Waddle Doo who can air hop, and Laser Ball who just floats.
3 commentsMinon08/23/09 at 21:24Super-Cream-Horns: I'm sure many other people would comment on th...
Kogasa Dee1032 viewsI'm given the impression most gallery goers don't know Touhou.

Ah well.
4 commentsMinon05/04/09 at 09:53Super-Cream-Horns: Nah, I know Touhou. I even named my AC city after ...
Doo Elementals1549 viewsA group picture of Elemental Doos as suggested to me by lightningbros. Going clockwise from top left we have Tornado, Ice, Fire, Stone, Water, and Spark.18 commentsmetadoo04/04/09 at 09:30Super-Cream-Horns: They look just like the poses for Kirby's offi...
Hi-Jump577 viewsNZ with Hi-Jump3 commentsTheorizer04/02/09 at 20:22Super-Cream-Horns: Wow! It's great! I've always wondered wher...
How King Dedede Stole Christmas4992 viewsMy KRR Winter-Themed Picture. Dr. Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" is one of my favorite holiday specials, and here is the product of combining the classic animation with Kirby. Dedede, having put up with Dreamland's festive season for countless years, decides to disguise himself as Santa Claus, and Waddle Dee as a reindeer, and sneek into the citizens' houses to literally steal Christmas from them. I see many correlations between Kirby's cast and other character archetypes in movies, such as this. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, And Awesome Newyear everybody!31 commentsDedede-Daimyo12/24/08 at 09:16Super-Cream-Horns: Reminds me of the Brawl in the Family special that...
Kirby of the Stars2191 viewsThanks for the comments, everyone! Well, I made this pic long time ago, using crayons and hydropens (yep, not copic markers)...I love the anime of Kirby..I don't have a Kirby's game, but that's ok...
Hope you like it! Visit too my page on Deviantart.
14 commentsgerugeon12/17/08 at 10:25Super-Cream-Horns: Great work! I can draw Kirby, but I couldn't d...
The Famous Kirby and His Supporting Cast!5360 viewsThankyou Rainbow Resort and all fans of my work for your continuous support and high ratings!! Behold my skills in a medium aside from colored pencil! This extraordinary artwork is real and hand-painted in Watercolor and outlined in Carbon Black India Ink. Featured are Kirby, his animal friends and helpers, and the best known of his adversaries, before Planet Popstar. A handy way to make watercolor look this good is to first color with a felt tip marker, then blend it out with a fine, water-dipped brush.29 commentsDedede-Daimyo12/08/08 at 15:32Super-Cream-Horns: I love the way you colored Kracko! Also Dededes st...
Fairy and the Golem1763 viewsJust an artsy pic for artsy purposes for once. Full view is recommended.

Humanized(or Gijinka, whatever) Dryad Fairy + Wood Golem. I don't think I've painted this well in the past, ever.

One layer, sans the sky, and no lineart or sketch beforehand. Painted in Sai with Wacom Bamboo.

Doing huge tangles of vines is a very painful task.

Not quite sure if I could call this Kirby art at this point...
10 commentsMinon12/06/08 at 10:00Super-Cream-Horns: Wow! I love how the eyes and nose look kind of car...
Marker Kirby1024 viewsWaddle dees fear at the sight of marker kirby! What's great about this ability as that you can have it too (although results may vary).
Note: I had to draw the mirror or else it would look like the marker drawn face was kirbys real face.
10 commentsShyGuy12/25/07 at 22:33Super-Cream-Horns: Nice! That one was cool!!
Gunner Kirby747 viewsMy new fan-made Kirby copy ability
Uses a gun as a weapon
7 commentsAlbertMasterofGalaxia06/22/07 at 15:38Super-Cream-Horns: Yee-HAW!!!! No, just kidding. I like it very much!
Albert hates Dark Matter963 viewsWell.... whaddaya think?
(Well if everyone is curious who's albert he is my own fan-character)
10 commentsAlbertMasterofGalaxia06/19/07 at 15:52Super-Cream-Horns: I think it looks great... But who is Albert?
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