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Last additions - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Waddle Dee Ultra1534 views(Description to be updated with more unique writing after Newyears.) This is the first wave of my super-special, Ultimate Kirby Super Star sculpture series, for KRR Christmas 2009. Check back again in eight days for seven new figures. Happy Holidays from the 3D Daimyo~!2 commentsDedede-DaimyoDec 09, 2009
Waddle Doo Ultra1606 views(Description to be updated with more unique writing after Newyears.) This is the first wave of my super-special, Ultimate Kirby Super Star sculpture series, for KRR Christmas 2009. Check back again in eight days for seven new figures. Happy Holidays from the 3D Daimyo~!4 commentsDedede-DaimyoDec 09, 2009
Kirby Ultra!1628 views(Description to be updated with more unique writing after Newyears.) This is the first wave of my super-special, Ultimate Kirby Super Star sculpture series, for KRR Christmas 2009. Check back again in eight days for seven new figures. Happy Holidays from the 3D Daimyo~!4 commentsDedede-DaimyoDec 09, 2009
Grill1729 viewsBehold, the belated big boss of Kirby Super Star Stacker. Grill is a secret character of the game (though she appears on the box-art) and will only challenge Kirby to a match after he successfully bests all previous contenders without failing once. She is a master at Star Stacking (what that means, I'm not sure) and also a witch, as evidenced by her humongous hat that also has a star block at its end. She carries a flying broom which she uses to whack people and to ride through space, apparently. Grill has three onion underlings that trail behind her, but are generally useless; their emotions are blissful, malicious, and depressed, much like the four Tsujigiri of Goemon fame. Grill, too, is said to be an onion, with a green tuft of hair/ sprout; grilled onions, yum. Very little is known about her, and it looks like it will stay that way unless Star Stacker gets remade a third time, or she ever enters the main series of games (don't hold your breath for either of these).
>>Stay tuned this holiday season, KRR, for my Ultimate Kirby Super Star Sculpture Series, and much more every eight days, starting on the 8th! DONOTMISSIT~!>>
4 commentsDedede-DaimyoDec 04, 2009
Magman1844 viewsWow, doesn't school just pile-on work when you are least suspecting? At least for me, as I loth to dig-up the syllabus simply to avoid being blown-over by the unknown amount of assignments I blissfully try to ignore till I can procrastinate no longer. Thank Kami it's almost all over with for me, whaha.
~Tonikaku, I briefly appear today to present a character-sculpture no one cares about: Magman, the boss from K64's Neo Star. Beyond the planet's lush jungles and beneath its craggy mountainous plateaus lies Neo Star's boiling core of volcanic rock. Magman is at the depths of this hellish inferno, and he is no push-over. He prefers to instead engulf Kirby in his lava-pillars-for-arms, while he sits safely in the distance. If Kirby damages his tentacles enough, Magman himself will approach the pink one and (slowly) give chase around the planet's interior. When defeated, he recedes back into the lava, yet the planet begins to erupt in a cataclysmic explosion of smoldering rock. Kirby must quickly exit the inside of Magman's volcano, rapidly filling with the rising magma. Sure, Kirby obtains his precious Crystal Shard, but at what cost? Poor Magman was just minding his own business, probably didn't even realize he had the shard within his great expanse of liquid rock, and still, Kirby relentlessly wrecks the fire-lord's land and dethrones him. If Kirby can take-down this literal “Titan of Magma”, then are there no limits to the pink menace's power?! This large, near-effortless blob was made from air-dry brown clay, as opposed to the Super-Sculpey I regularly use, and is one of the final in my finished set of sculptures.
9 commentsDedede-DaimyoNov 22, 2009
Ribbon & Mr. Star2058 viewsRibbon is a fairy from the planet Ripple Star, seen in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. She attempts to rescue the Power Crystal from being taken by Dark Matter, but it accidentally breaks and scatters the shards over the various surrounding planets, until she collides with Kirby who is resting on Pop Star. Together, they journey across the planet, collecting shards of the crystal and allies to help them on their adventure, and eventually make their way across the galaxy, back to Ripple Star, where they confront Dark Matter at it's source. In the final battle, Ribbon is controlled, flying while carrying Kirby in her arms, who is holding the completed Power Crystal. She kisses Kirby after they rescue her planet.
Mr. Star is a generic shooting-star, who only appears in Kirby no Kirakira Kids and its remake. He was just minding his own business, when one day he is blasted out of the sky by King Dedede. The lil' guy splits into smaller star-pieces and, like Ribbon, falls right into Kirby, who agrees to help gather his shards with the help of the KDL2 Animal Friends. Star-Stacking ensues, and after they have reclaimed all Mr. Star's pieces, he heads back to outer space, but not before being stopped by Grill. She and her gang of onions do battle with Kirby's gang, but in the end, she is defeated and Mr. Star is free to roam the night sky.
6 commentsDedede-DaimyoNov 11, 2009
Drawcia2268 viewsDrawcia Sorceress is the main antagonist of the modern Kirby game, Canvas Curse. She was originally just a painting, but one day got hold of the Power Paintbrush, and began to exact her revenge on the land. She turned all of Dream Land into a painting, and when Kirby tried to confront her, she removed him of his arms and legs! Drawcia then goes into hiding, painting enemies and bosses, such as Paint Roller, Kracko, and Dedede in a mine-cart, in order to halt Kirby's progress with the help of the Paintbrush. Kirby again meets with Drawcia in Her World, and duel-layered, challenging battle ensues. Another form of her's seen in this climactic moment is Drawcia Soul, a monstrous globe of paint, as well as the little Mini-Drawcias and Paramatters. Once Kirby has sealed the Witch in a painting, Dream Land returns to normal, and everyone grows their appendages back, I guess. This is Witch-Week on the 3D Daimyo Dojo.6 commentsDedede-DaimyoOct 27, 2009
Adeleine2112 viewsIt's Hump-day (Wednesday), and time for me to take a break in my busy schedule to upload another sculpture for the 'Resorters! I truly envy Adeleine's ability to paint anything she can imagine in a matter of seconds. I mean, I'm working myself to death all this week to get this giant painting ready for the KRR 10 Year Anniversary, and all Adeleine would have to do is wave her magic-wand-of-a-brush, and it would be done in no time! It would probably even come to life off of the paper, to boot~! Anyway, this model is a more recent one, hence the overwhelming beauty, and is the first in the random assortment of figures composing my (final?) set of sculptures. Unlike the Ado from KDL3, this one is actually completely based on the painter-girl from Kirby 64. Look forward to my huge, colorful, and jam-packed 'KRR Decade' picture on the Rainbow Resort's 10th Anniversary, Saturday, September 26th; make sure to participate as well, every-every!5 commentsDedede-DaimyoSep 23, 2009
Photo SHOOT! (Bonus 4)2341 viewsTime now for another Daimyo Sculpture Photo Group, kiddies. This one exhibits all of the characters I have constructed that appear in Kirby's Super Star, as well as the graphically enhanced versions of Brawl characters (who coincide with KSS). Yes, many characters from Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, Revenge of Meta Knight, and Milky Way Wishes are gathered for one of the largest Photo SHOOTs yet. All of the helpers and abilities, friends and foes, mini-macro-and-mega bosses in one big pic-- But it is STILL somehow incomplete. It is for this reason that I aim to construct one final, amazing, god-blessed, ultimate series of hand-painted sculptures this Christmas, for KRR. It will include new elements of Super Star Ultra, figures and characters not seen in this pic of “regular” Super Star, and possibly even some requests, if they are strong enough. So, be on the lookout for much more of my artwork as we proceed to years end! (Until then, be content with my “Stragglers Set”: various characters from post-SuperStar games that don't exactly make up one large group. CYA!)4 commentsDedede-DaimyoSep 13, 2009
Smash K-Joe1834 viewsWhoops, looks like I forgot one other figure in the Super Smash Bros Brawl Kirby Series-- Knuckle Joe, the Assist Trophy! A new addition to the Smash series, Assist Trophies are items that randomly spawn on the battlefield that playable characters may pick up and call forth the featured character to assist them in combat. When Knuckle Joe's trophy is acquired, he appears and quickly attacks the nearest foe(s) with a volley of Vulcan Jabs. To finish the unlucky victim off, he will either use the Smash Punch (which shoots the opponent horizontally across the stage) or Rising Break (which sends the opponent flying vertically into the air)! His design is directly taken from his Super Star debut (and thankfully not the anime) including his signature blue outfit and shoes, red shoulder armors, and white/red Muay Thai headband. His mouth is also clearly present, and his hair has been improved graphically. Since he is part of the Kirby Series, and therefore Masahiro Sakurai's brain/love child, Joe is one of the strongest ATs in the game. The Kirby series characters totally rocks Brawl's socks~ whaha!4 commentsDedede-DaimyoSep 13, 2009
Waddle Dee Army2226 viewsThis rag-tag bunch of baddies is always ready to aid King Dedede in a Brawl. The slaves are used in both Dedede's side-special, “Waddle Dee Throw”, and more importantly, in his Final Smash, “Waddle Dee Army”. The titular Waddle Dee is the most common on the trio. He diligently performs his lowly duty, slowly teetering along the path, occasionally hopping in a futile effort to damage the King's opposers. This is, of course, after Dedede recklessly hurls him from the sleeve of his robe, into the face of the enemy. Next is the cooler, stronger, monocular member, known to fans as Waddle Doo. He is somewhat more competent than his common cousin, as he can fire a beam whip from his one eye. Up to three spurts can be unleashed to electrify the enemy before Doo disappears from the battlefield. Finally is the prickly, powerful Gordo. The sight of this black beast (if you can even see it coming, it moves so fast!) is enough to bring even the highest of tiers to tears. Get one of these stuck in your butt, and get ready for a quick flight off-stage. Aaaaannnnd... were done~!2 commentsDedede-DaimyoSep 06, 2009
Smash Dedede2220 viewsYou can imagine how excited I was when I first heard that the Great King Dedede was a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl! The developers treated him well in his first main-stream playable appearance. For special attacks, Dedede can: Inhale and spit out- No copying of powers, but rather taken directly from the Kirby series; throw Waddle Dees- perhaps taken from the anime, or at least Squeak Squad, where he had one attack that summons them; the Super Dedede Jump- also taken from his games/ boss battles; and the Jet Hammer- which I believe is a fusion on the Jet Ability in KSS (you charge it up and release to attack) and the Hammer Ability super-swing from the same game. I thought it was especially cool to be able to play as him in the side-scrolling Subspace Emmissary (something I desperately wish they'd add in a Kirby Game, instead of the unimaginative Meta Knight speed-run) but, due to the game's battle system and character traits, he feels overly slow and weighty, and attacks like Inhale don't live up to their potential. Anyway, Dedede's wardrobe has been upgraded a bit for his debut in Brawl. Detail has been added to his hammer and fur, as well as a different Mon on the back of the robe. Also added is a Kimono-like undergarment, reminiscent of his cream-colored stomach in past games, and the almighty style of Samurai Kirby, whaha. Next time in the Daimyo Dojo: Dedede's Final Smash! Not as spectacular as you might think...4 commentsDedede-DaimyoSep 05, 2009
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