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Last additions - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Smash Meta Knight2704 views*Cue RoMK Halberd Music* Oh yea, my peoples~ Feast your eyes on this fully rendered, incredibly detailed, and superlatively (etc.) wondrous Master MK Sculpture! Meta Knight kicks as much butt in Brawl, as he does in my 3D Dojo! Kirby's rival is a dark and deadly ball of terror on the battlefield. His quick and versatile playstyle and mastery of the Galaxia sword allow him to deliver the “Meta Knightmare” to unsuspecting players. Many of MK's attacks and abilities come from the games he has appeared in. Of course, his sword attacks derive from the Sword Ability and/or the encounters with the boss in various games, yet techniques like the Shuttle Loop and the ability to fly come from Super Star's wing ability and the Revenge of Meta Knight subgame. Also from KSS come MK's giant Battleship, the Halberd (redesigned) and his overly-powered Mach Tornado, which may also be based on Tornado Ability. Unlike Kirby, MK's look has been slightly updated for his debut in SSB: He always wears his cape (which has a bat printed on the back) during the fight, instead of discarding it; his shoulder-armor comes to a point on the edges, as well as now displaying his “M-sword” mon (first seen in RoMK) and red-tildes; shoes change to purple-plated armor over black leather; and his mask, instead of being secured to his face by a band, is held on by two small clips. *Cue RoMK Ending Music*13 commentsDedede-DaimyoSep 02, 2009
Smash Kirby2037 viewsAfter all this time, you may finally see some of my more recent 3D artwork! All this week, I will unveil sculptures based on the popular “Super Smash Bros. Brawl!”-- the guiding force behind my daily figure series. Ok, actually these are still over a year old, so they are still not my personal best, but that doesn't stop them from being the best, to date~! Kirby is one of Nintendo's most famous protagonists, and plays an important role in the Subspace Emissary. The little pink puff of Dreamland has the unique ability to inhale and copy the special move of any fighter in the game. Almost all of Kirby's moves come directly from the traditional copy abilities he uses in his series, such as the Final Cutter, Hammer Swing, and Stone Change specials. His regular melee attacks are taken from Fighter Ability, throws are taken from Suplex and Ninja, and dash attack was taken from the Burning Ability in Melee, while in Brawl, is switched to the Yo-yo head-spin. However, it is quite unclear how Kirby is able to perform all of these without actually acquiring the original abilities... His lightness and floating skill enable him to avoid getting knocked-out of the stage, yet also cause him to be easily sent flying. He is a well-rounded character for his ability to adapt to any situation.5 commentsDedede-DaimyoSep 01, 2009
Dyna Blade2276 viewsThe biggest figure in my entire set, and the final (proper) Super Star Sculpture! First off, that frontal view picture is distorted, somehow; her wing span is much longer than it appears. Second, I used the 'bad clay' on this one (opposed to the 'good clay' I'd used on the enemies and minibosses) so excuse any design flaws. Dyna Blade makes her entrance in KSS's second sub-game. She steals Dreamland's crops to feed her hungry chicks. Kirby resolves this and flies off into the sunset with the mother and her matured babies. A second appearance in the game has DB assisting Kirby, after his Warpstar was blown out of the sky by the Halberd. She returns in the anime as a grossly-altered, ugly 3-D version of her former self. Later, she appears in Kirby Air Ride as an unstoppable monster in City Trial. I never understood why they called her “White Winged” Dyna Blade, because her wings are ironically rainbow-ish in color (I took advantage of this and lazily did the back of her wings white XP). So as not to break her fragile toes/legs/feet, I hot-glued a clear, plastic CD-holder to her for a base. I thank everyone for viewing my artwork~!3 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 28, 2009
Marx2905 viewsThe Super Star Sculpture Set finishes up today with two well known bosses. Marx first appears as a jolly little friend, comparable to Poppy Bros., who lays out the events of Milky Way Wishes, and urges Kirby to find the Wish-granting NOVA. However, all of this is really a ploy to beat Kirby to NOVA and wish for "OMG, UBER POWERZ!!1" so he may take over Popstar. In his transformed state, Marx can fly, shoot waves of arrows, drop an ice bomb, release multiple cutters, attack with thorny rose vines, and even fire his almighty laser! Anyway, Marx is eventually defeated by Kirby, with his collection of Copy Ability Essences. For a more intense and 'makes-more-sense' review of the character, be sure to read Bimblesnaff's “Fan Thoughts” critique. This sculpture's arms/ upper wings have a wire skeleton within to prevent breakage; also held up by a wire base. His hexagonal 'feathers' are painted on a clear piece of plastic attached to the back of his wings. Over all, this figure is pretty dang long...7 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 28, 2009
Chef Kawasaki1767 viewsAnd, as suddenly as the minibosses begin, they end~! Yea, I skipped over IronMom, and most other minibosses from KSS are reused from Adventure. Anyway, Chef Kawasaki is a more popular character from the game. He offers the special Cook Ability; in battle, he will throw dishes at Kirby, slam-jump the ground to create stars, and even stretch-out his frying pan to catch Kirby, reel him in, and make an omelet out of the hero. This technique, if not dodged, can take away a heavy dose of vitality. Kawasaki is a big ol' sweet potato in chef's hat and apron. Aside from Super Star, he appeared again in Kirby's Sparkling Kids as a stage boss, and in various later titles as a minigame character. Does he ever use that ladle? 2 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 26, 2009
Jukiddo1754 viewsThe minibosses begin~! Jukiddo is an often overlooked character from KSS. He's a pink, spherical creature within a thick Judo outfit. Jukiddo's movements are very fluid, mostly because his hands float in the air (I used wire to connect the hands to sleeves); he can attack suddenly. He will fling a hand out to grab, or do a generic slam-jump. His style uses the opponent's body weight against them, as he throws them to the ground. Kirby, being as light as he is, kind of defeats this purpose. Also at his disposal is a Hadoken-esque energy ball released from his hands. This can, in turn, backfire on him, if Kirby manages to inhale/ grab one of the projectiles, and send it back to Jukiddo. His copy ability is Suplex.3 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 26, 2009
Burnin' Leo1702 viewsHe's on fiya~! Burnin(g) Leo made all other Fire Ability enemies obsolete in his sole appearance in KSS(U) and is perhaps totally responsible for the 'Ability Hats' of Kirby. As an enemy, a pink BL slowly trots around, and occasionally spits a hard-to-dodge fireball in Kirby's direction. All changes when he becomes a helper-- Leo rolls his fire-hair to move faster, and is able to perform all attacks and skills 'Fire' Kirby has at his disposal, including the “Buddist monk” self-immolation technique. Whaha, yes... Anyway, I highly recommend those interested in Burning Leo to read my analysis on his close similarities with the Kabuki “Lion Spirit” here <> Explaining why he spins his hair, holds his sideburns in his hands, and the connection with his name. 3 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 21, 2009
T.A.C.1838 viewsTAC is the most versatile helper in Kirby Super Star. He is a little, literal cat-burglar. His yellow body is tightly wrapped in a ninja-like cloak, tied under the nose, like traditional robbers of Japan; he also carries a sack with signature vine pattern- another thief motif. TACs can be seen aiding in Dedede's pilferage of Dreamland in the first Subgame, and later on their very own (secret) planet in the Milky Way Wishes Galaxy. They have the unique ability to change into any of the other helper species in the game, and are the only enemies that offer the Copy Ability. Other TAC specialties are the Cat Magnum super-punch and the unique ability to blend into the background to completely avoid damage. Made a small cameo in Kirby Air Ride's City Trial mode. Of course, T.A.C. is a favorite of mine, for obvious reasons ;)3 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 21, 2009
Wheelie1878 viewsPartner for the Wheel Ability and ground-bound vehicle in the Air Ride spinoff, the Wheelie Bike is a beloved character. First appearing as the average 'Wheelie' in adventure, designed as a smaller version of Grand Wheelie, this guy was spruced up for Kirby Super Star, with added red and gold metal-plating, chrome tailpipes, and even a little seat and handlebars on top! All this excess is exclusive to the Helper version of Wheelie; Kirby can jump on his pal to become the Wheelie Rider, and take control to fire stars, and jump while attacking. This combo is essential for the climax of the Revenge of Meta Knight subgame. It seems like Wheelie always ends up as the beast (machine?) of burden for the other, more versatile characters, but he doesn't seem to mind-- it is what he does best!2 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 19, 2009
Knuckle Joe1640 viewsTime now for the real Kirby Super Star figure series. Knuckle Joe is a popular character hailing from this game. He is a regular enemy, a helper for the Fighter Ability, and a contender in the Megaton Punch Championship. Joe wears his signature baggy blue uniform and a white and red headband that wraps around his forehead and parts his hair, tying in the back. He also wears Boxing gloves and shoes. His mouth is rarely seen, except when its open. Sorry for making him look like the titular character in Hey Arnold, but I made this before Brawl or the Super Star sequel, so is based mostly on his original appearance. Do not worry, there is at least one more Joe upcoming later~1 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 19, 2009
Mike / Cook1985 viewsThe final two Kirby Abilities in this awful assortment~ aren't we glad!? Mike is one of the oldest abilities in all the Kirby games, first appearing as an item in Dreamland 1, and has shown up occasionally in more recent titles. With this special ability, the user only gets three uses before it is finished. The first is megaphone shriek, kirby wears a white baseball cap, (also known as King Dedede's cry); next is desk mike, Kirby wears red headphones, screams Readyet!?; and finally is stand mike, Kirby sports a green rocker's mohawk, Death-bowl!?. This ability does increasing damage to all enemies on-screen. Cook is a one-use ability first seen in Super Star, and then revived in Amazing Mirror. Once activated, Kirby pulls out a large, golden pot, and clangs his utensils together. All enemies on screen fly into the pot, where Kirby stirs and seasons them. The lid then flies off and delicious treats emerge that can be eaten to regain health. This sequence was popularized in Super Smash Bros Brawl, as Kirby's Final Smash attack. It is rare and beneficial, but useless against bosses.
Stay-tuned next week for more Super Star action in my old, better quality.
5 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 14, 2009
Needle / Clean1716 viewsNow, for two abilities that were not in Super Star. Needle first appeared in Kirby's adventure, and later the 'Dream Land titles and the spin-off games. It is a shielding ability, similar to Spark, known for it's sharp points and quills. Beginning with Nightmare in Dreamland, Kirby started wearing a skull cap/helmet with small spikes to show that he was infused with the ability. The user hunches down, forcing a countless amount of spikes to protrude in every direction. Furthermore, the quills can sometimes be used to catch onto floors and walls. Clean Ability has currently only been used in KDL3, but has been hinted upon in the upcoming KirbWii. Kirby presents a broom from nowhere and repetitively sweeps the ground. The left-over dust cloud damages enemies. The maid's bandanna head-wear actually came form it's appearance in the Anime. Like all abilities in Dreamland 3, Clean is pretty limited and boring by itself, yet can become one of the funnest and most unique when combined with an Animal Friend. It is important to remember not to accidentally refer to these abilities as Spike or Broom, ya' gits!3 commentsDedede-DaimyoAug 14, 2009
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