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Last additions - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Keke1664 viewsIt's Kiki Delivery Service time! Is it just me, or do alot of the recent characters seem to be take-offs of real-world ideas instead of being completely original creations? So unlike the Kirby series... Anyway, this cat-girl first appeared in KDL3 as holder of broom/clean ability. She would gently float around in the air, homing in on Kirby at slow decent. One inhail is enough to take her out; but if attacked directly, Kiki would fall from her broom and tumble away off stage. She later cameoed in the Crystal Shards as a background character. Look for the cute witch in many different varieties in the upcoming awesome Kirby Cosmic Chaos Fangame (tilde-bang)4 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 16, 2009
Klinko1558 viewsNow presenting Mr. Hut-Hat himself, Klinko! This is a very over-shadowed bad guy; the reason is, there are just so many other obvious examples for obtaining the parasol ability. The little eggplantesque blob may not display any attacks or distinctions that connect him with the said ability, but I can explain this phenominon. His covering is not actually a hut, but a Japanese straw raincoat, which guards the wearer from the elements, and serves the same purpose as a parasol. It is often worn to shield from snowy winds, which explains why Klinko is found primairly on Iceburg. Who doesn't love this little snow-runt? Japanese-Guru man away~!4 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 15, 2009
Sasuke1563 viewsSasuke the ninja! Not really a ninja! More like a Waddle Dee with a hat! Sasuke is basically what the developers decided on when they figured out that Parasol Waddles were obsolete. He does nothing but slowly drift to the ground using his conical straw hat, and when he finally settles, he simply walks the road to nowhere. His consumption yields the Parasol ability, which is no surprise, because his hat and the umbrella share the same name, kasa. Though mostly seen scouling, my Sasuke has a surprised look on his face. His relative is Bumber.2 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 12, 2009
Kapar1576 viewsKapar the Kappa. The Japanese water-imp with a love of cucumbers and a fragile dome-shaped head. Kapar are generally found near/ in water where they employ amphibious tactics to attack/ evade Kirby. The "hair" surrounding their bald scalp is actually a saw-like disk that they can send flying across the screen. Thus, Kapar is a cutter ability holding enemy. Though nowhere as sinister as their mythological counterparts, Kapar are still very tricky and annoying at times. You know, like how they jump right up in front of you so you'll collide with them, or how they swim after you and throw their disks under water?! For me, it's a love-hate relationship...3 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 12, 2009
Yabon1551 viewsOne of the privalaged few who make it into the 3D Dojo from obscureity. Yabon (the uncivilized barbarian; Jp.) is an ability-less enemy from KDL3. This peach and green wildman is an archer-extrordinair! He will stand in place, jump into the air, and shoot arrows at Kirby when he enters range. Living in the wilderness has toughened him to withstand Gator bites, and abled him to take down full-sized Grizzos; both of which do not appear in this game! But let's not forget, Kirby is the REAL tough pink-puff! His relative is Yariko.1 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 10, 2009
Tick1686 viewsTick is very bipolar. At one moment, the little critter can be simply sitting in place, eyes all watery, acting sweet and innocent, and a split second later, he can be marching the war path, just looking for someone to skewer with his extending spike. His mood shifts actually spike according to Kirby's position on screen, in relation to the mean blob. Tick is completly void of detail except for his schitzophrenic face and his red uni-horn. Lacking anything more to say about him, let's ponder this for a second... Tick: the misbegotten hybrid of Ometon and Diddgery? LOL5 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 09, 2009
Gabon1773 viewsGabon: everyone's first choice for the latest IF contest :) This small-fry first showed up in KDL3, acting much like a suped-up Blopper. He would sneak onto the scene and continuously hurl bones at Kirby -much like Hammer Bros.- untill Kirby could attack him. One attack is all it would take to defete him, but if an inhale was attampted, first his skull-cap would be sucked off, reveiling a dark blue egg shaped creature with a yellow head. He would then scurry away, for lack of protection and weapon. **Forgive me, gallery members, for my recent absence and lack of commentary on others' and my own pics. I will try hard this week to answer questions on my work and to leave comments on other great art here at the KRR Gallery. I am happy to do this because everyone likes to see how their artwork affects others and what they can do to improve themselves :)11 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 08, 2009
Elieel1667 viewsUnagi Eli Eel is his full name. This slimy sucker first "poped up" in KDL2 as a regular enemy. Similar to a Piranha-plant, he would emerge from pipes and try to catch Kirby off-guard. Elieel later showed up in KDL3 as a friend. If Kirby could pass his minigame, he would reward with a valuable Heart-Star. Elieel ducks into a row of pots, along with an assorted veriety of Gordos, and the player must determine which pot houses Elieel in the end. Kindof like that gambling game of cups-and-coin. His cozy cove is Ripplefield.3 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 05, 2009
Pitcher Man1724 viewsPitcherman is a Dreamlander. This obscure lil'guy is one of the dozens of supporting characters introduced in KDL3; he will provide a Heart-Star if Kirby is able to pass his test. His passion is baseball, where he is famed for his pitching techniques, including the slow-ball, the fast-ball, and the surprise Gordo! Pitcherman's game is actually quite easy. It requires the player to identify the type of Gordo PM throws as it whizzes across the screen. Three strikes, and he's out. His home-field is Grassland.3 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 05, 2009
Gooey1934 viewsAt long last, the carefree blue blob and best friend to Kirby has arrived in the 3D Dojo! Gooey debued in KDL2, where he could be found in a sack held hostage by a miniboss if Kirby already had an Animal Friend with him. He would refill vitality upon discovery. His big chance to shine came in KDL3, though, where a second player could join in for co-op. He has about all the same abilities as Kirby himself has; tounge action replaces sucking. For being a decendent of Darkmatter, Gooey sure is a fine fellow.8 commentsDedede-DaimyoJun 05, 2009
Nago1993 viewsNago is my favorite of Kirby's animals. This Japanese bobtail cat is just plain cute and cuddely. I think the reason is that my real cat looks alot like him-- and is just as fat XD. Nago rolls Kirby along the ground when traveling, and can preform up to three jumps (triple jump) in the air. He really doesn't offer any special traveling styles, but rather limits the player to a more traditional platforming style. Like Rick, Nago can jump on enemies heads in order to defete them and gain height. As much as I like him, I think that I could have done better on his model. His girlfriend is Shiro.3 commentsDedede-DaimyoApr 22, 2009
Pitch1838 viewsLittle, green, bird Animal Friend. Pitch is his name. What manuverability benefits does he offer? Since he is about the same size as Kirby, there are not many advantages Pitch can speak for. Kirby has to carry the bird places and, if running, Pitch futilly tries to carry the pink blob, which results in both of them going slower, anyway. He cant even fly Kirby around right, definatly not as well as Coo, as he struggles to gain altitude. However, Pitch is a beloved animal friend to all-- for the sole purpose of his amazing ability combinations. They are tight, yo! His mother is Hiiru.7 commentsDedede-DaimyoApr 21, 2009
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