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Last additions - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Javelin Knight1835 viewsAnother Meta-Knight, Javelin is a robotic droid and keeper of the spear. It floats around the stage as if it were bouncing. One of it's attacks has it separate its two hemispheres and hold out a long spear. This way, Javelin will move about while rotating, creating a dangerous spear-sweep twister. Another of its attacks produces a slow-falling, flaming javelin shot in a homing fashion. Javelin Knight is egg shaped, with a glowing eye on its top half, and a spinning base. They seem to be the weakest of M-Ks5 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 20, 2009
Mace Knight1900 viewsM-K #2 is Mace Knight. He is a squat, double-oval shaped creature with a large, spiked ball and chain for a weapon. He wears a tri-mountain shaped helmet with a glowing visor to cover his eyes. His small body is also adorned with armor and accessories. He goes about the stage swinging his huge mace above his head, and will eject the weapon towards any near foe, and will retract it after it hits its mark. Mace also plays a big role in RoMK in KSS. His relative is Masher.5 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 20, 2009
Ax Knight2164 viewsThis week: The Meta-Knights! First up is Ax Knight, the skull faced first-in-command, who uses a large battle-ax as a weapon. He wears a viking's helmet adorned with spikes and two large bull-horns. His battle tactics consist of pacing back and forth, trying to hack at any near opponent with his ax. When he encounters someone, he can deliver a powerful single chop, or a series of rapid slashes. He was featured prominantly in The Revenge of Meta Knight cut scenes. Look for him as a helper in KCCh!6 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 16, 2009
Mr. Tic-Tock1792 viewsWith two hands and a face, Mr. Tic-Tock appears in the 3D Dojo! He is the real Watch Man! Seriously though, he is actually a pretty small-time miniboss. He is the holder of the awesome mike ability, and his abilities reflect his noisy nature. In battle, he charges at Kirby, and either rings his bells to create a sound shield around himself or tosses out music-note projectiles. >>Since on the subject, I will tell you all that I seem to be running out of time lately. I have been doing alot of traveling this week with my family, and haven't had time to fulfill my internet duties (it is a miracle I managed five uploads!) Please be patient with me, and I promice I will return comments, work on a certain "collaborative picture", and finish my IF creation as soon as I can. Thankyou.2 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 13, 2009
Fire Lion2226 viewsI am particularly proud of how this sculpture turned out. Fire Lion is one badass miniboss- able to leap into the air and pounce on Kirby, grab him and scratch his face off, and blaze across the stage in a firey tackle; and that is just what he'll do on a good day! He strikes terror into the hearts of Dreamlanders with his ferocious jaws and mane of flame. Nevertheless, he will still look foolish if he misses his prey, and falls flat on his face. It is no wonder he was able to capture the great Kinderspirit...9 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 13, 2009
Grand Wheelie1864 viewsOriginating from Kirby's Adventure, Grand Wheelie is simply a larger, miniboss version of his regular self. Even for a Kirby character, this guy has a pretty unoriginal/ over simplified design. A tire with eyes for hub-caps. And that's it. Even his abilities are almost unchanged from the avarage Wheelie: he can speed forward, as usual, and also send out smaller Wheelies to ram Kirby. He is privalaged enough (IE; lazy spriters/ programming) to have been included in KSSU's Revenge of the King subgame.3 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 11, 2009
Rolling Turtle1906 viewsThis is not Rolly. This is Rolling Turtle as he appears in Kirby's Adventure, the only game to feature him. Tucked into his shell, he can roll around the room. If he collides with Kirby, he can throw him across the room or bodyslam him, being that he is one of the only holders of the throw ability. He can also release smaller turtles for ammunition. Phan-phan has replaced him ever since Kirby:NiDL. For this model, you could say that it is the stage in between the official RT, and Rolly, my beloved animal friend. Note to self: I want to make a Rolly sculpture in the future.2 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 10, 2009
Bonkers1706 viewsBonkers is both a miniboss and a helper character. He is a big, strong ape-ish dude who carries a hammer to break some heads. In battle, he not only uses the mentioned mallot, but also throws exploading coconuts, found on palm trees around Dreamland. He appears to wear metal armor over his chest, sholders, and forhead, while a belt around his waist holds tattered jeans to cover his lower body. Though he is incredably strong, he is a bit slow in the head, as he will often just stand in place and let Kirby beat on him. On the other hand, this may be due to his physical and mental superiority.5 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 09, 2009
Bugzzy2175 viewsMy favorite helper and all-around great grappler, the big-bug himself, Buggzy! This miniboss can backdrop and suplex like nobody's business. He is a stag-beetle that uses his mandables like a pair of forklift tongs. He can lunge forward at greaf speed, hover in the air with his wings, and even give birth to mini-beetles that act as homing missiles to the enemy. Long live Bugzzy. >> Sorry, I have failed you KRR. Only two sculpture updates this week? Reallife has been a monster this week. Much more next week, I assure you ;>9 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 06, 2009
Mr. Frosty2131 viewsWhat an appropriate character for today. Mr. Frosty is the ice/freeze miniboss, first appearing in Kirby's Adventure. He is a walrus-like creature that throws both ice-blocks, and tempertrantrums during battle. He can open his gaping mouth to try and catch Kirby in it, or to just show off his male-dominence. Mr. Frosty often spastically dances around the arena, trying to confuse or get the slip on the enemy; however, it usually only leads to humiliation. Did I mention he is missing the seat of his pants?10 commentsDedede-DaimyoMar 02, 2009
Bomber1948 viewsOne dangerous dude-as evidenced by the skull drawn on his body. Bomber walks around on two legs, but whenever he falls from stairs or other high places, he hits his head and explodes, covering a significant blast radius. Kirby can suck him up to learn the Crash ability, the ultimate weapon for wiping out every last enemy on the screen. Use it once and it's gone! In addition, this is totally a rip off of his trophy description in Brawl. I'm kinda pushed for time, but I promise I'll work real hard next week! (PS: I totally screwed up on this figure! I put a wind-up key in his back, instead of two red fins and a fuse! What is he, a Bob-omb?! Based on his less-common look, Kaboomba.)6 commentsDedede-DaimyoFeb 27, 2009
Sparky1705 viewsHe is THE go-to guy for spark ability. In fact, Kirby's spark ability directly mimics what Sparky does best- surround himself with a shield of flickering electric sparks! Sparky is a Hershey's Kiss-shaped blob, often green or yellow in color to reflect his shocking abilities, with two electro-balls attached to the top of his head. These balls store electricity through static fields. They were also once considered to be Sparky's eyes. There really isn't alot to say about this little guy, except that he continues to be a staple in the Kirby series. That is, if not for plasma.4 commentsDedede-DaimyoFeb 26, 2009
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