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Last additions - Galacta Kirby's album
Galaxia378 viewsIt seems that I'm not dead, though this is quite possibly my last post on KRR. Thanks for all the fish!

Meta Knight's sword Galaxia, made in Blender 3D, rendered in Cycles. Touchup in Photoshop.
Galacta KirbyJun 19, 2014
Kirby 3D model, on the way555 viewsThis is a low-quality render of Kirby model I'm currently working on. As you can see, it's still missing eyes and have yet to have even an idea about the scene, but I will finish this one!Galacta KirbyMay 28, 2013
Kirby and Galactic Knight 2.0564 viewsI'm not dead!

It's been ages since I've been to KRR, but here's a new piece of art I made, this time with a drawing tablet. It's a new version of my old piece which, in turn, was made on my NDS.
Galacta KirbyMay 28, 2013
Thunder Sword501 viewsThe Thunder Sword from Kirby Squeak Squad. I planned on drawing it like in the game, but then I just had few ideas, and... I hope you like it.

I also sent this to my Devinatart account (Agcu27), so... now you know I have one.
Galacta KirbyOct 25, 2010
Fire Sword646 viewsThe Fire Sword from Kirby squeak Squad, after some modifications.

I also sent this to my Deviantart account, name is Agcu27 in case someone is interested
1 commentsGalacta KirbyOct 25, 2010
Ice Sword493 viewsIce Sword from Kirby Squeak Squad. Just... a little tweaked one.
Notice the kanji "Ice" in the middle of the blade.

This was also sent to my Deviantart account, so if you wanna check it out, my nick is Agcu27.
1 commentsGalacta KirbyOct 25, 2010
Kirby and Mety on Halberd476 viewsA picture made on computer. Haven't submitted one for a long time...

Kirby and Meta Knight in the middle of the battle in Kirby Squeak Squad. Notice the space background!
2 commentsGalacta KirbyOct 05, 2010
Rainbow Sword345 viewsAnother sword I drew with my DS. This time, it represents my thoughts of the Rainbow Sword.1 commentsGalacta KirbyOct 05, 2010
Star... Sword?257 viewsI happened to think, what would Star Rod look like as a sword? So, I grabbed my DS and found out. 1 commentsGalacta KirbyOct 05, 2010
Zero Kirby492 viewsYou know, I'm a Mega Man-fan too...
And I love the Zero series. So, this what happens...

Drawn with Colors! homebrew for DS
1 commentsGalacta KirbySep 02, 2009
My friggin' CANDY!671 viewsWell, everyone knows Mety has some candy in his room, according to anime.
So, what happens when Kirby realizes that? Somebody's bit furious...

Originally drawn into my schoolbook. My Finnish-teacher is SO gonna love this, don't you think?

Drawn with Colors! homebrew for DS.
2 commentsGalacta KirbySep 02, 2009
Fire Kirby Expodes439 viewsYeah, Fire Kirby plays with little fire...

Aaand I know that his left eye (from his point of view) is too small...
1 commentsGalacta KirbyJul 10, 2009
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