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Last additions - Kirby fanart
Epic Yarn is epic629 viewsSince Epic Yarn piqued my interest in Kirby again, I decided to do a picture of it (alongside a few other individuals), but I didn't know how to start. So I browsed over the IGN page linked here and found a suitable picture. It took much less time to draw myself than I would have imagined, and I'm pleased with the result. 4 commentsChibi- PohatuJun 16, 2010
Kirby's other abilities256 viewsThis is an older drawing, but it's still good. I love how mischeivious Kirby looks with his throw/backdrop ability.1 commentsChibi- PohatuJun 10, 2010
Kirby- Endless waltz210 viewsThe only thing I have for a basic idea is a lot of flying and dogfights. Feel free to come up with your own plot. 'Cuz I'm too lazy.Chibi- PohatuDec 09, 2009
Agent 011- Kirby and Agent 012- Gooey345 viewsSee, this is what an hour or so of the classic "Get Smart" and Rainbow Resort do to you- you go out and draw stupid pictures like this one here. Feel free to comment.5 commentsChibi- PohatuNov 27, 2009
Bomb Kirby166 viewsKirby with his Bomb ability in use. Need I say more?Chibi- PohatuNov 17, 2009
Kirby, our Super star151 viewsKirby himself. He's pretty content, isn't he?Chibi- PohatuNov 15, 2009
Ninja Kirby!171 viewsGO NINJA GO NINJA GO! GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!Chibi- PohatuNov 15, 2009
A stroll through Green Greens198 viewsThen again, it might be Peanut Plains. I dunno.

Anyways, this was my first picture made. Expect better in the future. Maybe.
Chibi- PohatuNov 14, 2009
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