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Last additions - FP Challenge
April883 viewsHopefully the rain looks alright.3 commentstorkirbyMar 31, 2011
April 2011 FP submission878 viewsKirby's such a nice guy ^^ I'm sure Bobo would hate to be in the rain, so despite their differences Kirby offered it his big ole' parasol!5 commentsMaraMar 31, 2011
The springtime Kirby's Rainbow Resort475 viewsIt's kirby in the joy of finally being in spring and not winter.CheatfinderGBMar 02, 2011
FP entry March679 views5 27, 2011
KRR Dec FP entry452 viewsNot ice Kirby. He's really cold.scorpion kirbyDec 02, 2010
Happy De-Yarned Belated Halloween!701 viewsGooey's a Ghost! Kirby's a pumpkin! Fluff's Capamari! Kirby RiderOct 23, 2010
FP challenge November555 viewsHey, I don't see no one else drawing things for it! Who knows? I might come out lucky this time. Yes, I did not do the design of Kirby's Epic Yarn so very detailed like I did on my other Epic Yarn Waddle Dee pic. Other than that it seems pretty good, but only fate and Bimblesnaff, (or whoever picks these things -_-) decide.
Enjoy, and horray for epic yarn!
Paint Roller97Oct 21, 2010
Adeleine782 viewsAnother picture made by me for the FPC!
Adeleine (or Ado if you prefer - I think they're the same person and she's a girl :P) drawn in kawaii anime style.
The background is similar to the one made for the "Rainbow Rangers" picture (by me too), and I tried to draw it using the wonderful Kirby's Dreamland 3 painting-like style.
The character is a mix of the KDL3 and the Crystal Shards version, with a personal touch and some other inspirations.
I hope you like this!!
1 commentsIko-kunOct 09, 2010
Kirby at Halloween, front page challenge541 viewsI know that the month's already come, but there's still hope that I could get in.
So far I got better with GIMP, you can tell with this drawing. I thought Kirby and then him at Halloween, but I would be naughty to put blood on it, and be disqualified. -_-. Hopefully I'll get in! I have my fingers crossed! :P
Paint Roller97Oct 02, 2010
Fireflies FP entry809 viewsMy FP entry for July, I had gotten permission from Bimblesnaff to enter this in to the contest, so, here it is!WannabeJun 26, 2010
Front Page Challenge: July452 viewsEh, First Front Page Challenge for me.
I'm pleased with the shadow from the Parasol.
Airride_MasterJun 15, 2010
Run Kirby Run!920 viewsMy FP entry. I'll be mildly disappointed if people don't get the reference. Anyways, really like how Mr. Bright's flame came out here.4 commentssuperyoshi888Jun 05, 2010
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