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Pencil Kirby - Outline311 viewsAn outline of the previous sketch.ipuresonic99May 12, 2013
Pencil Kirby - Sketch249 viewsFreehand drawing of Kirby, sorry about the lighting.ipuresonic99May 12, 2013
What if Kirby missed the Warpstar?490 viewsyay random oekaki pic!AngelLionKovuApr 29, 2013
Ultra Sword559 viewsplasmakirbyApr 06, 2013
Yarn - Prince Fluff677 viewsHi guys, as you know i'm very busy with the university as always, but i looking for a freetime to complete the descriptions of the cards, showing more art and tell you about somethings. Well, first I like to talk about KRR. Is good to see that some of you continue watching this site. I'm thinking in the campain "Restore the Resort" to come back KRR to its old glory. A project that can't be without the help of you. I'd like that you comment what do you thing about this. I need to know if someone want to help me to do this idea a real fact.
If you want more information about this project that i have in mind you can send me a message to my email or contact me on my facebook page: Kiroscarby Kirbmaster.
It is all that i want to say now. I continue with the description of this card.

Effect: For each Yarn character in both field sides increases his Atk. and Def. + 5 (only can be summoned if Patchland is activate)

- Aura: Blue
- Type: Male
- Atk/Def: 20/20
- Family: Creature
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
2 commentsKiroscarbyApr 05, 2013
Bad Guys1155 viewsBad guys, bad guys, ev'rybody loves bad guys.5 commentsBimblesnaffApr 01, 2013
752 views1 commentsAnimeKittyCafeMar 23, 2013
Yarn - Kirba652 viewsHi KRR friends, viewers, fans and everybody. An apology for be ausent for 2 months, I was very busy with the University and all of its works (it's so tired) for that i don't have many time to continue with the KTCG series. Wait. I forgot to say to you have a Happy Springtime because it started yesterday. Enjoy this time with your family, friends and all ice cream that you can eat :D.
I have seen that some KRR users and friends are trying to get back the resort, but how i said on my last picture: If we want to restore the resort we need to do a teamwork to get our goal. I know that some of us want this for the website but we can't do anything without the help of the admins. I hope that them can help us to restore KRR.
Also, i have a request for the admins: Can you fix the comments failure? Because we can write full comments with a letter limit on it. I'd like to see the emoticons again, they were so cute and cool *o*
For the moment is all that I want to say, i start with the Yarn - Kirba Card description.
As you know, Kirba is the heroine destined to save Dream Land and all the universe together our hero Kirby. But this time they aren't fighting for save Dream Land, they are fighting for save a smaller place but same of colorful like Dream Land. I refer to the soft planet Patch Land.
Kirba got the power of yarn in the same way that Kirby (eating a metamato) and traveling to Patch Land (some creatures become yarn when they are on Patch Land). She gets the power to transform in a lot of things, some of them diffent to kirby's ones. Some of them are: car, weight, helicopter, scissors, among others.
The big difference between both yarn whips is that Kirby's has a star in the end and Kirba has a heart instead. Also, she can get the Metamortex too. She can use an enormous tankbot, become a beauty dolphin or use the fast and powerful heart charriot. Also, if they need to help, their friend, the governor of Patch Land, Prince Fluff doesn't think twice and he goes to rescue them.

Effect: It allows to you send a Kirba Card from your hand to the trash. Increase its Attack and Defense at double of the Level of the Kirba Card that you sent to the trash (only can be summoned if Patchland is activate)

- Aura: Pink
- Type: Female
- Atk/Def: 0/0
- Family: Kirby/Kirba
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Female

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
2 commentsKiroscarbyMar 22, 2013
Mash Up565 viewsA big mash up of my favorite Nintendo and non-Nintendo characters.plasmakirbyMar 15, 2013
Kirby Figures 666 viewsBeen making a lot a figures lately so here are some Kirby related ones!plasmakirbyMar 15, 2013
Kirby Plushie Doll Marine Cover577 viewsMy new Kirby Plushie! It has my cover on it. I might start posting more of these to revive my account. Its been a few years since I've been here. 5?1 commentsgigarob_93Feb 26, 2013
Cemetery479 views!AnimeKittyCafeFeb 20, 2013
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