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Needle Kirby1357 viewsI was experimenting with anim80r. This time: Needle Kirby!22 commentsAnimalCrosser5Feb 26, 2007
Needle Kirby1058 viewsI was experimenting with anim80r. This time: Needle Kirby!11 commentsAnimalCrosser5Feb 26, 2007
Kirby with Candy1137 viewsYum Yum16 commentsAnimalCrosser5Feb 26, 2007
Kirby Spaceship1342 viewsKirby in a spaceship.23 commentsAnimalCrosser5Feb 26, 2007
Kirby Spaceship1109 viewsKirby in a spaceship.12 commentsAnimalCrosser5Feb 26, 2007
Twilight Princess Link1114 viewsTwilight Princess version of Link. Sorry, for the non-Kirby picture... I barely have any recent ones. O~O Made on Adobe Photoshop CS2. Oh, the background is a screenshot, except for the yellow glow and signiture.22 commentsRedLink_KirbyFeb 25, 2007
Kirby of the Stars2824 viewsNOTE: This is NOT an actual game cover. This cover is completely fan-made. Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.60 commentsPink PowerFeb 25, 2007
Mitsue972 viewsHi; my name is Aleugel. I used to be a moderator of the KRR forums, named Shadow Falcon. No, no, I didn't do anything wrong, if that's what you're thinking. I had to quit for my own reasons. Anyway, this is Mitsue, one of my Kirby characters. She's some sort of dragon puffball, I guess. XD This was drawn around November of '06, and was made completely with MS Paint.

I hope you guys like! :D
20 commentsAleugelFeb 23, 2007
Cuby1007 viewsA pic I drew in the KRR oekaki. It's my sister's fan character, Cuby. Not much else to say, really.14 commentsShineFeb 23, 2007
3D Kirby1027 viewsA 3d model of kirby made in anim8or. The face was done in PSP because I haven't gotten the hang of textures yet.11 commentsAnimalCrosser5Feb 21, 2007
Kirby - Hero of Dreams929 viewsYaaay it's my first upload here! It's a picture of Kirby with the Star Rod (obviously...) made in The GIMP. Anyone who visits the forums may have already seen this. :P21 commentsShineFeb 18, 2007
Meta Knight - Human835 viewsSomething I drew with pencil and inked. It's what I think Meta Knight would look if he was human.8 commentsMitaKnightFeb 18, 2007
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