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Last additions - Bimblesnaff
Chromatic Combat845 viewsThe pink puff faces off against the swordsman form of Dark Matter with the mystical Rainbow Sword. Best. Boss Battle. Ever.

Water color pencil overlaid with ink.
Three-color rainbows for the gold.
3 commentsBimblesnaffDec 22, 2009
Bounder613 viewsBoooundeeer.
Permanent marker and water color pencil.
3 commentsBimblesnaffDec 14, 2009
Red Reign Title Card671 viewsThe Rainbow Resort vanishes from the face of Dream Land. A sinister force has pulled the entire castle into a prism prison, the residents included. Now, it's up to Squeaky Bogg, Ometon, and others who escaped capture to save the day. They won't know what to expect, however, as the scarlet scare brought his own rogue's gallery.
A game? A comic? An interactive story? Beats me!
Moogong included for kicks (Mints), same with Cooky (Qtie4U), as they are both awesome and fitting fan characters.
2 commentsBimblesnaffNov 14, 2009
Fiery Foes741 viewsAcchi, Magoo, Galbo, Bobo, Burnin' Leo, Flamer, and Hot Head. That's about all the fire related baddies I could think of outside of mini-bosses and those in Crystal Shards.2 commentsBimblesnaffNov 08, 2009
Goroko685 viewsJust a simple picture of the six pronged Gordo who appears in Dream Land 3. It doesn't actually have a name, so I just stuck Japanese for six into the name. Roku. Gorudoo. So, Gorokoo. If you have any better ideas, I'd like to hear it (not really).
Just more crummy water color pencils and permanent marker.
6 commentsBimblesnaffNov 07, 2009
Shelly699 viewsI did a search for what I thought was a commonly done foe and found out there were only five pictures of it. I thought, "Well, what about all those other guys?"
Coner, Wizzer, and Peezer (to which only one has been in more than one game) are shell toting foes. Two are cyclopses and the other I mistake for one since it holds itself so flat normally.
Significance behind this? Just more water color pencil messerin'.
2 commentsBimblesnaffOct 29, 2009
Bogg 'n' Chain957 viewsI wanted a nice, evil picture of Squeaky Bogg with his spiked ball and chain. And, therefore, I did.
Water color pencils, ink.
7 commentsBimblesnaffOct 21, 2009
Decade Dedication804 viewsFor RR's ten year milestone, I tried to go back as far as possible to dig up staff to include. Problem is, the updates for the site only go back to '04, and how, exactly, people chose to represent themselves is a little iffy. I mean, Almighty Narf actually had an avatar, and I still couldn't tell what it was suppose to be.

Anyhoo, Kindar with Glod, MW, Ivy, and Narf right, Wolf4Knowledge, Primary Duck, Apple Kid, Aqua, and Kirby Warrior left.

I really didn't like this picture, even skipped the background.
3 commentsBimblesnaffSep 28, 2009
Blipper, Not Blipper1004 viewsBack in the day, and even now, I don't see Blipper the fish with a diving mask. Never did and still really don't unless it's turned frontwise. What do I see? A pirate fish!
The top part is a bandanna, the caudal fins are the tied tails, the elastic band is an eye patch, and the mask is ... a fish snout? I dunno. It's how I sees it. And always shall.
Intended for Talk Like a Pirate Day.
7 commentsBimblesnaffSep 22, 2009
Eclipse1083 viewsMr. Bright and Mr. Shine (weird saying it in that order) unite for the most awesome attack known throughout all of Pop Star, the devastating Eclipse!

Just testing out some water color pencils, which needed heavy digital doctoring.
4 commentsBimblesnaffAug 27, 2009
Mumbies626 viewsMumbies needs more fan art. I mean, c'mon. A floating, empty shroud of bandages with an eerie eye? So cool! It's one of the few Dream Landers actually improved by the animated series with its gas attack and laser.

Just testing out some water color pencils with a Sharpie.
BimblesnaffAug 27, 2009
King Clash802 viewsDedede gets dejected from his throne, so who comes to his aid? Well, not Kirby for sure. That puffball couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out. Luckily, the King does have a few still-faithful followers to help him out.

Another "proposed" fan game idea where the player gets to switch between using various famous faces from Dream Land from Kirby's rogue gallery. Will it ever happen? Of course not!
1 commentsBimblesnaffJul 19, 2009
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