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Last additions - kirby123
Kirby in G Minor444 viewsDoes this look real? 'Cause it isn't. Done in nine minutes, forty-seven seconds, thanks to my trusty friend, Photoshop CS5. :3kirby123Oct 31, 2011
Stargazing544 viewsGosh, this place. It has died, along with a place in my heart. I certainly hope that KRR can make a comeback, but right now, it's really inactive.2 commentskirby123Apr 01, 2011
Green Kirby625 viewsMaking this one was by far the easiest. The only thing I really had to do was make a hollow circle, put lines behind it, insert two opaque ovals, pixelate them, and finally, type random 1's and 0's. But it still looks nice.1 commentskirby123Feb 27, 2011
White Kirby631 viewsNow THIS one was fun to make. Took me a while to do the void, but I think it came out well. The way it swirls makes it look chaotic, but I guess that was kind of what I was trying to do. Anyways, I'm so happy I've gotten better since I first joined this place using... the dreaded PhotoImpact. That program was terrible! I don't recommend it for use in terms of art.3 commentskirby123Feb 27, 2011
Yellow Kirby565 viewsFor this one, I attempted to make the colors kind of... Err, citric? At first, I had been thinking of giving it a kind-of crayon doodle look, but I decided to make it look more tropical. He IS sleeping, after all.kirby123Feb 27, 2011
Shadow Kirby595 viewsSince I just made one ball Kirby, I decided, why not make a series? So, the second in the series is now presented to you as: Shadow Kirby! Heh, I just realized how much better I've gotten since my first piece of artwork here, and it coincidentally happened to have a similar theme...kirby123Feb 26, 2011
Spectrum1206 viewsHiya. I've realized how little I've been coming by, and it seems I just can't motivate myself enough to remember this place. But I'll get better about it, I swear! :D Anyways, I actually made this in only a few clicks, thanks to PhotoShop Elements 7.0. It's actually a very useful program once you get the hang of it. I made this out of boredom and decided it looked nice enough to post on KRR.1 commentskirby123Feb 26, 2011
An Obviously Normal and Regular Update that is Totally Inconspicuous709 viewsSo, yeah, just another WEEKLY update... *Tries to ignore obvious lack of previous uploads*
kirby123Jan 15, 2011
I'm Back, Finally!619 viewsHey, guys! Long time, no see, eh? It's been a while. I just wanted to post this as an announcement that I've returned to KRR. Jeez, I didn't expect that I'd miss this place so much. So, yeah, expect more uploads from me regularly.2 commentskirby123Nov 21, 2010
See ya!706 viewsWell, it's time for me to say goodbye. I've had a lot of fun here at KRR, but for now, I'm too busy to come here anymore. So, with great reluctance, I bid you farewell. I'll be coming by and uploading art time to time, but not much. Who knows, I might come back. Although, I'm not a very significant person, so most of you probably don't even know me enough to miss me. Also, don't delete my profile, please. Goodbye.3 commentskirby123Sep 12, 2010
Bounce Knight437 viewsThis is my entry for the current IF Contest. Bounce Knight, as the name suggests, bounces around, causing havoc. He also throws (unsurprisingly) red balls around as he chaotically ricochets off of his hexagonal arena's walls. The balls can be eaten for Ball or used as projectiles.kirby123Aug 30, 2010
Redesigned Gooey394 viewsThis is my version of everyone's favorite- er, second favorite (Dark Matter himself in first) blob of Dark Matter. I hope you enjoy!2 commentskirby123Aug 29, 2010
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