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Last additions - superyoshi888
Kirby's Dreamland 3 Boss- Acro720 viewsLong time no see, KRR! This is everyone's (or at least mine, in any case) favorite aquatic foe from Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64, Acro. I was a little hesitant to upload it here, given the current state of the site, but I don't feel like refraining from sharing it. Mainly just practicing Ken Sugimori's art style, so nothing too amazing here.1 commentssuperyoshi888May 12, 2011
Appetizing...920 viewsKirby's appetite claims another victim.

Gee, been a while since I've uploaded something, hasn't it? And all I got is this doodle.
7 commentssuperyoshi888Apr 01, 2011
Fountain of Dreams871 viewsI <3 the Fountain of Dreams. Favorite stage in Melee, has the best song in Melee, and is the location of the final few parts of one of my favorite Kirby games. Visually stunning...what isn't there to love about it?7 commentssuperyoshi888Jan 23, 2011
Kirby GIMP Brush Test403 viewsA simple brush test. I made a brush out of desire of being able to make a textured outline in the manner of Ken Sugimori's art. (He's the guy that does the art for the Pokemon series) IMO, I think I succeeded. Just need to shrink down my brush size and the outlines should look identical.

Good thing about Kirby is that he lends himself rather easily to these things, being just a ball with arms and feet.
superyoshi888Jan 08, 2011
Meta Knight Digital Painting428 viewsThis was a quick painting I did in celebration of my computer working again. I feel like this is the best I've done with Meta Knight in like forever. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this and your upcoming holiday breaks and stuff.3 commentssuperyoshi888Dec 16, 2010
Chalky Kirby281 viewsMade in Art Academy.

Not much to say about this one. I was just passing the time a couple days ago on a road trip.
superyoshi888Nov 01, 2010
Yarn Fire Kirby550 viewsI just felt like doing an ability in the KEY style. I tried to make the fire look like Hot Wings's fire.1 commentssuperyoshi888Oct 23, 2010
Gyron Yarnified552 viewsWell, about two years ago I made Gyron for the midboss IF contest. And looking back, I can't believe I thought that something waaaaay to complicated(behavior wise) made for a good midboss. However, I like the design itself, and decided to do a KEY version after coming across fan art with Gyron in it(!) in the Gallery today.3 commentssuperyoshi888Oct 17, 2010
Kirby Sketch339 viewsThis is a simple pencil sketch of Kirby I did a couple weeks ago using Art Academy, a "game" that you can download from the DSi shop for 800 points.superyoshi888Oct 08, 2010
Random Kirby Sketches340 viewsWell, I've been meaning to upload this all summer, but I only just gained access to a scanner today. Basically, this is what I do in school when I'm goofing off. XD

Scanner sucks though. It made all of my images turn brownish. :|
superyoshi888Aug 29, 2010
Kirby Sketch323 viewsMore Muro stuff. This was a quick sketch done in Muro to test the uses of the sketch brush. It's all right, but IMO it is way too smooth.superyoshi888Aug 24, 2010
Muro Knight363 viewsThis was drawn in deviantART's Muro.

Now that I finally upgraded to Firefox, I wanted to at least see if it was any good. This was just a quick doodle I made after fooling around with the drawing tools.

I must say, its rather inconvient. The canvas size can't be adjusted, so this was cropped in Paint. In fact, the only reason why I have Kirby there is because of the excess canvas that I had.
superyoshi888Aug 23, 2010
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