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Last additions - Plasma Friend
Jaw Kirby569 viewsWell, this is my entry for the new IF contest, Enemy Emulation. It's Jaw Kirby, based off of Scarfy. You'll be able to read about him, once the entry is up in the IF section.

Edit: I forgot Scarfy gave Crash by using the Copy ability in two games, thus making this entry unable to compete. I guess this will just be a fan made creation then.
3 commentsPlasma FriendMay 02, 2009
Steed Knight519 viewsThis is my second and (more likely than not) last entry for the IF contest going on now, Steed Knight. Just to let you know, Steed Knight is the name of the horse, not the little blue knight riding him (he doesn't have a name, so I just refer to him as Basic Knight). You can read more about him in his IF section.3 commentsPlasma FriendApr 06, 2009
Knights Group Photo 2480 viewsHere's photo 2 of the Knights Group Photo thing I'm doing. This time, the knights are:

-Boomerang Knight (sporting off his boomerang in a Sango-like fasion [a character off of Inuyasha who holds her boomerang on her back])
-Bomb Knight (this guy reminds me of a Bob-omb)
-Grappling Hook Knight (I messed up on him twirling the grappling hook around though XP)

3 commentsPlasma FriendApr 05, 2009
Knight's Group picture 1546 viewsHey, PF here. Right now, I'm interested in the Round Knight contest in the "If" section. People have really posted some good ideas. In fact, I've decided I'm going to draw some of my favorite knights in a group photo like fasion, with 2-3 knights at a time. Enjoy :)

First group-Wood Knight, Ripsaw Knight (well, my taking of Ripsaw), and Parasol Knight.
2 commentsPlasma FriendMar 30, 2009
Glide Knight462 viewsHey, remeber me? Well probably not. I haven't been on since December XD. Well, I'm Plasma Friend, and nice to be back on.

This is my latest creation, Glide Knight. He's my entry for the Create a Knight contest at the interactive forums. For a full description, check him out there, but I'll sum him up here.

Glide Knight is a knight that attacks from the sky. Glide Knight rides a hang glider, and rams into opponents using his pointy helmet as a weapon. He gives Kirby the wing ability when swallowed
3 commentsPlasma FriendMar 09, 2009
Kirby's Winter Song872 viewsHappy Holidays to Kirby's Rainbow Resort! (looks better if you view full size)

Unlike my other uploads, this picture was made on MS Paint. I'm happy with how it came out.This pic is based off of the new music video for the song "Winter Song".
7 commentsPlasma FriendDec 10, 2008
A Gift for You752 viewsWell, noone ever said Meta Knight was the most creative person when it came to gift ideas XD.

Anyway, I know some of the lines are uneven, but I injured my hand the day I outlined this. I hope to make one more holiday drawing, when my hand gets better. Enjoy :)
7 commentsPlasma FriendDec 04, 2008
Crystal Kirby789 viewsWell, this is a power I made up. When Kirby gets this ability, he has three main things he can do. First, as a normal attack, he can fire crystal shards at his opponents. Depending on how long you hold B, he can fire up to three shards. His second ability, is emitting a purplish-blue glow. The glow is harmless, but it is useful when Kirby enters dark areas. The last ability is that he turn the ground into crystals. This is helpful in areas that are covered in lava. Enjoy7 commentsPlasma FriendNov 29, 2008
Pilot Kirby544 viewsThis was just a doodle I did during study hall at school. I know it's not great.2 commentsPlasma FriendNov 23, 2008
Meta Knight489 viewsMeta Knight resting his arm on Galaxia.

Truthfully,the only reason I drew this was because I just wanted to draw Meta Knight in a different pose then what most people draw him in.
2 commentsPlasma FriendNov 18, 2008
Create686 viewsWell, this was just a quick pic a drew. It shows Paint Kirby adding color to Paint Roller, and Paint Roller adding outline to Kirby. In a way, they're creating each other.

I took Daimyo's advice on less pressure when coloring. I think it worked on Kirby. Paint Roller, not so much.
4 commentsPlasma FriendNov 16, 2008
Celestial Valley768 viewsHey, my name's Plasma Friend. I'm new to the gallery, so I hope to make many friends here.

I saw this one guy draw this really cool picture of Kirby: Super Star Ultra, so I thought I'd try to draw a pic with the kind of style he used. This is the result.

Why did I choose Celestial Valley? That's my favorite coarse in Kirby:Airride. Why the Wheelie Scooter? That's my favorite vehicle. Why the green Kirby? I like green. Hope you enjoy :)
5 commentsPlasma FriendNov 14, 2008
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