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Last additions - Qtie4U
GO KIRBY!!!690 viewsI made this drawing on 14 July 2010. This is my first drawing on a tablet. I just drew Kirby characters, because they’re so easy to draw. XD Their pose is actually based on a Hamtaro game. (I don’t feel like explaining everything, sorry. <___<;;) Sorry that I haven’t drawn for a long time, about 8 months? (I don’t count that Month Entry as one.) It’s summer break now, so I thought of drawing again and I also said I would draw Kirby again. I hope I’ll make more Kirby drawings this summer since it’s only the beginning (here in Holland). Hope you’ll like it!1 commentsQtie4UJul 19, 2010
Metaroid506 viewsI made this drawing on 16 July 2010. This is based on my older drawing, In The Arcade. There’s a ‘game’ called Metaroid. It’s a combination of Meta Knight and Metroid as you can see. I’m just practicing with shadows. I hope you’ll like it!Qtie4UJul 19, 2010
Kirby Dreamland 3 Ending1095 viewsI made this drawing on 19 July 2010. This is supposed to be like the ending of Kirby Dreamland 3. I made a few mistakes, but I’m really satisfied about my drawing. I especially like Ado’s design. I didn’t put Pon and Con in it, because I don’t like them and they were on the back of Acro. >___>;; Also, I’ve drawn the silhouette of Chuchu, Coo and Rick, because I can’t draw Coo and Rick very well and you can see their back in a part of the ending. Hope you’ll like it7 commentsQtie4UJul 19, 2010
Valentine for Meta Knight1432 viewsMy entry for the front page contest!
Sorry, I haven't made any art lately.
I'm not sure if everyone will get it. I hope you like it!
6 commentsQtie4UJan 27, 2010
Mr. Klavier1036 viewsMy If-entry for Oversized Opponent!
You can see more information by the contest.
I actually wanted to 'color' the two last pictures black-white, but I ended up with coloring it. It's pretty easy made.
I hope you like it!
1 commentsQtie4UNov 02, 2009
Why Meta Knight can't copy abilities2925 viewsLong time, no upload. And I wanted to draw a halloween drawing too! CURSE YOU EXAM WEEK!
Anyway, a new UPGRADED cute-faced Kirby! I hope you like it.
PS. Sorry Kirby....
10 commentsQtie4UOct 31, 2009
KRR anniversairy: Storybook 11429 viewsThis is the first part of the Storybook!
I actually had an other drawing, but I wasn't satisfied with it, so I threw it away. It took me one and a half month for that drawing! But I've ended with these 3 drawings in a week! I've spend so much time on this! I'm sorry for not uploading a drawing earlier!
I've just put the Mailbag Force, Bagel and Kindar in it, because I don't know who work here.
I hope you like it!
7 commentsQtie4USep 25, 2009
KRR anniversairy: Storybook 21157 viewsThis is the second part of the Storybook!
Aso is Rorschach from Watchmen, Bazz is Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. I've just put the Mailbag Force, Bagel and Kindar in it, because I don't know who work here.
I hope you like it.
5 commentsQtie4USep 25, 2009
KRR anniversairy: Storybook 31088 viewsThis is the third part of the KRR drawing!
Diskmaster is the old man, Dedede Daimyo is the Mecha DDD and Bagel is Bagel! I've just put in the mailbag force, Bagel and Kindar in it, because I don't know who work here.
I hope you like it!
5 commentsQtie4USep 25, 2009
OUCH! It bit me!938 viewsAlways wanted to draw this expression on Dedede...
I wanted to put this earlier, but I didn't notive that it was a really big image first! So I changed some things.
Waddle Dee is biting Dedede. And don't think 'that's not possible!' or something, because Waddle Dees really have mouths! Really! (ep. 92)
Hope you like it!
1 commentsQtie4UAug 14, 2009
How would things be if Meta Knight ruled Dreamland?2511 viewsAnother comic! (Again! XD)
I'm not really good at designing armors. (^_^)'
I hope you like it!
8 commentsQtie4UAug 09, 2009
How we formed a band2220 viewsI just noticed that all my comics begin with a question.
I made Kirby pretty evil here... (-_-)'
About the 7th panel, Dedede has D's in his eyes. They pay with Dededen in Kirby, so I made D's in his eyes.
Hope you like it.
5 commentsQtie4UJul 07, 2009
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