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Last additions - Crystal Medalis
Hopeless Love-Struck Gooey337 views100 Themes; #60 - Rejection

This made me laugh while drawing it. Poor Gooey.

Characters owned by HAL.
Designs and artwork owned by Crystal Medalis.
Crystal MedalisJun 15, 2009
Marx's Introduction512 views100 Themes; #1 - Introduction

My other idea was a panel of the first Kirby game.

Characters owned by HAL, art by Crystal Medalis
Crystal MedalisJun 15, 2009
A Meta's Insanity336 views100 Themes; #12 - Insanity

Meta's el loco in the coco! lol My friend came up with that.
I have to say, this is my favorite so far. I love drawing crazy MKs.
Yes, I know I'm also crazy. Don't remind me.

Character owned by HAL, art by Crystal Medalis.
Crystal MedalisJun 15, 2009
Scarfy the "Cat"229 views100 Themes; #23 - Cat

Dunno why I didn't do TAC or Nago for this one.

Character owned by HAL. Art by Crystal Medalis.
Crystal MedalisJun 15, 2009
The Violet Rose - Fumu370 views"The purple rose indicates love at first sight, the first emotions of love and enchantment. The need to proceed slowly and cautiously. It represents the importance of the spiritual over the material. The purple rose also represents wealth, riches, and majesty. Purple roses say "I will always love you"."

Art is owned by Me, character by HAL
1 commentsCrystal MedalisJun 06, 2009
Aluin - Hoshi no Yume295 viewsCharacter at left...
Aluin is a small elf from the Poppy Tribe. He represents Poppy Bros Jr from the Kirby Games. His costume is similar to what P.B.Jr dons in Helper to Hero.

Character at right...

Both characters are mixed property of HAL and Crystal Medalis.
Crystal MedalisMay 24, 2009
ChuChu and Nyupun Ginjaka884 views...

Characters owned by HAL, BG found at Spriter's Resource, and Chibi Miku Miku base by Astanine.
8 commentsCrystal MedalisMay 20, 2009
An Old Photograph...686 viewsUmm... I wanted to draw a more detailed Meta, and this is what came of it.
I dunno why I drew Mace without armor and everyone else with their armor on. And I had no reference for Vul (or Captian, whichever).

Maybe I'll make a Anime (HnK/KRBaY!) Version of this sometime.

Characters owned by HAL, art by me, BG found at Spriter's Resource.
1 commentsCrystal MedalisMay 20, 2009
A Soldier's Side - Jerca Wallpaper418 views(OMG ITS A WALLPAPER)
Um, yay Photoshop?

Character owned by HAL Labratories, artwork and style by Crystal Medalis, Soldier's Side (song) sung by System of a Down. I claim nothing.
1 commentsCrystal MedalisMay 12, 2009
Waddle Dee stars in Jaws755 viewsYeah... I seriously don't know. It's cheesy, and probably has been done before. OH WELL. I thought it was funny.

Sprites/Background found at Spriter's Resource. Characters shown belong to HAL. Jaws was directed/written by Stephan Spielberg (how do you spell his name?)
1 commentsCrystal MedalisMay 09, 2009
Marx Doodle395 views...
Okay, just don't ask. I got GIMP, and wanted to try it out. I just kinda like Marx's eyes.
Next pic up should be a Rose.

Character owned by HAL. They also own his soul.
Get it? Soul? Marx Soul? (crickets) okay, I'll stick to art.
2 commentsCrystal MedalisApr 29, 2009
Delroy / Bandanna Dee401 viewsCharacter; Delroy (Bandanna Dee)
Delroy is the servant of Dedede, and the male twin to Hoshi. He loves his sister dearly, but his feelings for her conflict with his loyalty to his King.

Heh, I'm gonna get all the main and secondary characters listed so far in Hoshi no Yume up here. It's a story, by the way. Type Kirby Coming Storm in Google. It'll be the second choice.
Bandanna Dee (coughSailorDeeRipoff) belongs to HAL.
1 commentsCrystal MedalisApr 27, 2009
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