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Last additions - Crayon Kirby
Blue Squeaker220 viewsI don't think I've uploaded anything that Squeak Squad-related, and I just love the Squeakers, so I drew the blue Squeaker. Not much to say here...Crayon KirbyJul 20, 2010
Kid Silica520 viewsFinally, I uploaded some hand-drawn art! Yes, I had finally got the scanner figured out. And it was my first time drawing Silica! I was starin' into those humongous eyes for like, an hour.4 commentsCrayon KirbyJul 23, 2009
Broom Hatter304 viewsIt was time I'd add another in the sponge series, so I decided to add one of the only characters in Avalanche whose voice makes sense, Broom Hatter! Oh, and I actually beat him in Avalanche, which is good for me considering that I'm quite terrible at Avalanche and had trouble even in the learning stage. I'm hoping to add more to the sponge series soon, you know, once I stop being so lazy.Crayon KirbyJul 02, 2009
ChuChu Broom Ride331 viewsMy latest picture in the Gooey Torture-- uh, I mean, ChuChu abilities series. Broom Ride is one of my favorite abilities (and the first animal helper ability I ever used) in KDL3.
It reminds me of the time where my friend and I were playing KDL3 and it was her first time. We had a fight over ChuChu! It was fun.
Crayon KirbyJun 25, 2009
Fumu (Tiff)247 viewsLooks a bit odd, but whatever, I put effort into it anyways. I felt I didn't draw her enough, so I wanted to draw her. Same cliche as most of my recent pictures.Crayon KirbyJun 25, 2009
Dark Matter311 views(EDIT: More inaccuracy! Sword's missing.)
I felt that I had to do something like this.
I think Dark Matter's really cool in this form, and I love to draw him!
2 commentsCrayon KirbyJun 21, 2009
T.A.C. Challenge352 viewsThe T.A.C. Challenge from Kirby Air Ride!
Ignore the messed up perspective, I think the background caused it. I'm not so good with perspective.
2 commentsCrayon KirbyJun 10, 2009
Gooey286 viewsI felt like I hadn't given Gooey any credit, so I decided to draw him for once!
This isn't really a new art style, it's just a different canvas texture.
2 commentsCrayon KirbyJun 09, 2009
Milky Way Wishes790 viewsBesides the T.A.C. sponge picture, which didn't exactly qualify, I've practically never done a real scene in pure sponge (well, Kirby's eyes were done in charcoal and conte, but that's just about it). This is the prolouge of Milky Way Wishes where Marx tricks Kirby into, well, going on an adventure.
There's a chance (not a very likely chance, but still a chance) that a fan character may be coming up next. I mean, if that's not against any rules.
6 commentsCrayon KirbyMay 22, 2009
Zero Star376 viewsMy Dark Matter take on the Slick Star. The base is Zero, which is surrounded by Dark Matter spawns that circle around it. This is also my first time drawing the first form of Dark Matter (aka Dark Swordsman. Or whatever you want to call it)! Not too bad, but he's a bit too chibi-like (that's my own fault, I can only draw chibis).
Its speeds are equal to the Slick Star, but it glides better. I has good offense, but so-so defense.
Crayon KirbyMay 21, 2009
Paint Kirby436 viewsAnother sponge picture, this time of the ultimate (well, maybe not ultimate, but still cool) ability-- paint!
Oh, and my sponge art will have its own album from now on, so if you're looking for any of it it any of my other albums, that's why you won't find it. Just clearing that up!
3 commentsCrayon KirbyMay 19, 2009
Parasol Ride597 viewsWhen you combine ChuChu with the parasol ability!
Poor Gooey. Again. Man, I must be TORTURING him this way!
2 commentsCrayon KirbyMay 17, 2009
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