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Last additions - Topmonhit
Different Double IF Contest Sprites698 viewsTall image! These sprites are all based on the entries from the recent IF Contest, Different Double. (With a few extras...) All sprites were obtained from The Spriters' Resource.5 commentsTopmonhitJun 21, 2016
HAIR! I am sorry for this400 viewsYeah, my drawing skills are pretty bad, and are probably amplified in MSPaint, although I wasn't going for drawing of the year or even last five seconds award...

But basically after reading a certain greeny gum's rant I decided for the heckle of it to draw Kirby characters WITH HAIR OH MY GEE WHAT INSANITY IS THIS

Obviously Kirby gets the, uh, orange fiery-lightning hair, Gooey gets a mohawk, and King Dedede... he gets Princess Peach's hair for some reason.
1 commentsTopmonhitMar 22, 2010
Kirby & Gooey: Dedede's Inside Story693 viewsI came up with this idea a while ago, then decided today to make this. Originally it was just going to literally look like a copy-paste thing with the original drawings still on there, then I decided to go .5 steps further and actually erase them and use Gimp and stuff!

It's the greatest game ever! (Just don't go and say the actual image is bad, because I never intended for it to look good!)
7 commentsTopmonhitNov 08, 2009
M&L Squeaky Bogg366 viewsAnd so, it begins... the universe's plunge into darkness and the destruction of al--

I don't know why, but here it is. Instead of doing a sprite that's actually on my to-do list. This happened.

Make of it what you will.

--l soda parlors in the known universe...
1 commentsTopmonhitOct 14, 2009
M&L Prank (Hurt)257 viewsThis is a hurt Prank in M&L style. I also imagine it would work well as a shocked sprite.TopmonhitJul 29, 2009
M&L Prank (Back)233 viewsOh yeah, forgot about a couple sprites. This is a back sprite for the M&L Prank. Nothing special.TopmonhitJul 29, 2009
M&L Whispy Woods315 viewsThis is the only sprite so far I didn't have to recolor or otherwise edit from a sprite I did earlier.

I actually made this sprite in more of a background style, as in it would look more like it would fit in the background than as a character, for obvious reasons, anyone who's ever played a game with it in it.

And with that... I'm out of Kirby-related sprites, actually. If no one shows up going "I WANT THIS SPRITE" I may have to resort to something not Kirby related! If that's even legal!1!
TopmonhitJul 22, 2009
M&L Anglep (1)277 viewsThis is that apple thing... Anglep? Well, that's what this sheet I was looking off said. What, is it an angel-apple at an angle or something? Apple Scarfy, pretty much. I have the evil version coming... before this? Whatever.TopmonhitJul 22, 2009
M&L Anglep (2)256 viewsThis is the version of Anglep that goes "ARG ARG I AM EVIL GIVE ME YOUR SOOOOOUL" or something.

Looks like halloween threw up on an apple...
TopmonhitJul 22, 2009
M&L Scarfy255 viewsom nom nom

Wait, what? I don't have a one-eyed no-horned floating orange kirby-eating variety due to not having needed one when making it.
TopmonhitJul 19, 2009
M&L Poppy Bros. Sr.302 viewsBLYEAHYEAHY--er.

The colors on this seem a bit wonky to me, even though I took the colors from the KSU sprite.
1 commentsTopmonhitJul 16, 2009
M&L Squeaker275 viewsI wasn't sure which color to use so I just used all four.

Squeakers are cuuuuute. Gah. GAH, I SAY!
TopmonhitJul 09, 2009
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