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Image search results - "3-d"
Light Ability (?)1141 viewsThis is actually old, but oh well. Yeah, Light ability was cool, even though it was totally useless in the realm of fighting. Sooo... I thought it'd be cool if it had its own design? (I've no idea where the hair came from XDDD)4 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Tribute to Christoph.erixon640 viewsThis particular artist may not have made an update in... beats me... months? Well, I don't know, but I think that his particular 3-D is by FAR the best 3-D art, so I thought he deserved a tribute! I hope this gets christoph.erixon back in the gallerey! Keep up (hopefully) the good work, Christoph.erixon.10 commentsTheorizer
kirby pose812 viewsa 3-d Kirby 4 commentsWannabe
kirby die508 viewskirby's pose when he is dead or thrown

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waddle dee470 viewsOkay I know it's kinda off, but it's harder to make a waddle dee than it is with kirby.

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HIIIII474 viewsKirby is waving Hello!1 commentsWannabe
Kirby Team753 viewsda-da-dadadada-da-da-da-dadadada4 commentsWannabe
Rick and Kirby770 viewsMy first time making somthing other then kirby, yeah, it's REALLY bad.12 commentsWannabe
Chooch's Trophy523 viewsChooch's (forum admin, like you didn't already know that.) trophy for reaching almost 5000 posts!Wannabe
nightmare battle707 viewsThe nightmare battle the way it was supposed to be! 4 commentsWannabe
the Kirby wanna be586 viewsthis is the Kirby wanna be, a Waddle Dee i created to be my user-name.
so I'm not Kirby wanna be, but rather a character I created
2 commentsWannabe
Kirby Concert666 viewsKirby's first concert! his fans will be in for a surprise...3 commentsWannabe
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