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Devil Kirby2015 viewsYes, it's from episode 95 of Hoshi no Kaabii! I couldn't resist drawing him on Halloween!

It took FOREVER to get his face right! I went through 3 different pictures to get it right.

I just love his's so menacing for Kirby.
7 commentstorkirby
Brawl: Kirby, Lucas, Metaknight and Ness664 viewsThese are my favorites characters in Brawl. Actually, they are from my favorites series too! I hope you like the pic. (Now I am kind of sick of modeling figurines, this took me more time that expected)
All the stuff was made in Blender 2.45, including the logos.
4 commentsSir Kirby
Happy New Year430 viewsTime to ring in the New Year with something on paint also, I tried to draw Waddle Dee the first time I think it went pretty well.
It looks like they got a pretty good assortment of food hope Kirby does'nt eat it all.
Poyo Go Go Go! / Kirby Speed Racer772 viewsOne night, Catstorm went almost insane. The next morning, she hoped that no one would pay very much attention to the crappy Mach 5.4 commentsCatstorm
5 Kirbies213 viewsJust doodles of some abilities I made up.(Magnet, hero, claw, frog and psychic)ghostmetaknight
New Poyo Go Go Go! / Kirby Speed Racer X328 viewsLol, this one was done in a shorter amount of time. I can't draw a Mach 5 from this series... This is the 1997 remake of Speed Racer, it bombed in both countries, but I'm sure as heck that Speed's helmet was awesome and the theme song (Japanese) is epic.1 commentsCatstorm
Kirby12175243 viewsThis is me, in my charecter form. I actually have little fangs. That doesn't mean I'm related to vampires or such.kirby12175
Kirbyzilla498 views:<Catstorm
You Dont Mess With Eelektross513 viewsHEY GUYS I'M NOT DEAD!!!!!
Well anyway I just wanted to draw my fav Gen V pokemon wanting to beat the living crud out of some kirby enemy. (Was going to use waddle dee but they're too awesome.) Also was for shading practice.
4 commentsDarkmattersamurai
End Game (Page 1)483 viewsThis was a comic I started when it was announced that both The Kirby Club and subsequently Rainbow Resort would be ceasing operation. (And we all know how that turned out~!)

This started as a joke post at TKC, using a "controversial" moderator's sock account as the scapegoat for all of Kirby internet fandom's problems. (For the record, I never had a problem with him.) And so, of course, I made a game for it. And, of course, it was ignored~!
1 commentsMints
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