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Image search results - "Ability"
Sword Kirby627 viewsI'm going to draw every ability Kirby has every copied. That's why one of my albums is labed "Copy Abilities XD. This was made on MS Paint as well as all the rest will be. First is... sword!
Wait, why does everyone do sword first?
4 commentsKirbyang
Ball Kirby669 viewsKirby was very easy to make, but I strained over the letters until I was satisfied (BTW the colors are based on the hat). When I finished and stood back and looked at it I was happy, but it's a little small. Well really, what more can you do with Ball Kirby? Try to guess what the next ability will be!5 commentsKirbyang
Emo Cutter Kirby!1015 viewsAlright, I know that cutter kirby already exists, but now he cuts himself rather than enemies!!! :D
Maybe someday this will be a real kirby ability! (although I highly doubt it).
Anyways if people like it I'll make more hilarious kirby abilities!

Note: This is just a joke, I'm not trying to offend emos/cutters.
8 commentsShyGuy
Marker Kirby997 viewsWaddle dees fear at the sight of marker kirby! What's great about this ability as that you can have it too (although results may vary).
Note: I had to draw the mirror or else it would look like the marker drawn face was kirbys real face.
10 commentsShyGuy
Ring Kirby concept art927 viewsConceptual art for the Ring ability in KCCh. The final design is slightly different.3 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Goomba Kirby888 viewsThis is what happens if Kirby swallows a Goomba.11 commentsShyGuy
Special Ability is Inhaled!822 viewsWell, my second picture here... XD I hope people like it! .///.

Oddly enough, I ended up emulating the game's style, but used it an a scene from the Anime. 0o I do like the result, though. XD So shiny~

*Cue Transform Music*
Meta Knight: He has become ... _____ Kirby! D<
(Blank Kirby? :B)

Oh and the title is the name of the song from the OST that plays when Kirby gets a Copy ability in the Anime. X3

Enjoy! .///.
8 commentsMireiyu
Gina (Original Lineart by Minon)950 viewsGina is a young Verdan that loves research perhaps more than any other. Her curiousity knows no bounds, and she always carries around her special Pen and Notepad. She was born a Fire Goomer, but has almost fully grown up into a Grapple class Verdan. However, she is very attached to her pyrotechnic roots, and has infused her pen with not only her Fire Ability from her early years, but also enabled it to transform into a Fan to match her Grapple fighting style. She also uses her notepad as a second Fan. She has not yet grown a Grapple's tail yet, and so cannot fight to her full potential, but she is too focused on research to care much anyways.
1 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Emperor Neo (Original Lineart by Minon)1034 viewsEmperor Neo is the leader of the Verdan race, and shares his species love for exploration and research. He is highly respected by all Verdans, both for his efforts in research and his formidable skill in battle. Before he became Emperor, his name was Geo, starting with "G" like all other Verdans, and was one of the Garde class(prior to that he was a Plasma Goomer). As such, he excels in Swordplay, using his Verapier to slash, stab, and shock opponents.
The Verapier is enfused with the Plasma ability he had as a young Goomer, and so it is capable of generating anything from fields of electricity, to calling down thunder, to firing bolts of plasma energy. He is also very light on his feet, sometimes even giving the illusion of flight.
1 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Waddle Doo Beam Whip447 viewsFavorite baddie/helper using my favorite power.2 commentsMints
DEFEND1724 viewsA colored in sketch. Simirror and Mace Knight blocking off some powerful blast of some sort, providing cover for a White Keke.

White Keke is the helper for the Heal Ability, thought out and made for KCCh
2 commentsMinon
Sir Kibble Promo923 viewsAhhh Sir Kibble, the classic hollow armor helper and foe that wields the Cutter ability.
Fun fact: when I first played Kirby's Dreamland 2 waaaaaaay back when(lolz) I used to think he was a bird of some sort. 8D;;
Though the quality of old Game boy sprites were mostly to blame for that... ^^;

Anywho, this is yet another promo for the website of our fangame, Kirby Cosmic Chaos.
1 commentsGBAKirbster2007
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