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Image search results - "Anna"
Delroy / Bandanna Dee404 viewsCharacter; Delroy (Bandanna Dee)
Delroy is the servant of Dedede, and the male twin to Hoshi. He loves his sister dearly, but his feelings for her conflict with his loyalty to his King.

Heh, I'm gonna get all the main and secondary characters listed so far in Hoshi no Yume up here. It's a story, by the way. Type Kirby Coming Storm in Google. It'll be the second choice.
Bandanna Dee (coughSailorDeeRipoff) belongs to HAL.
1 commentsCrystal Medalis
MOTOR793 viewsMwahaha! The next exciting installment, which I finished just this morning! I am never touching another red colored pencil again... Anyway, this is the MOTHER1 picture, perhaps the most important of the three because the anniversary is all about the first game! Yay for red robots. That's a fading image of Queen Mary in the sky alright. I made her my own dress design and everything, but you don't get to see it here! Boo.

NEWSFLASH! I will get to uploading my MOTHER3 picture as soon as possible, I just haven't scanned it yet. Thanks for your patience!
2 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
To the Mountains We Go691 viewsThe EB0 kids, ready to hike to Mt. Holy Loly (aka Mt. Itoi). Technically, Loid wouldn't be coming, but I felt the need to draw him anyway.

Super Mario World capes for the win.

EDIT: Thanks to Bimblesnaff for showing my pictures on the front page, even if they aren't Kirby-related!
6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
the Kirby wanna be606 viewsthis is the Kirby wanna be, a Waddle Dee i created to be my user-name.
so I'm not Kirby wanna be, but rather a character I created
2 commentsWannabe
Mirror world745 viewsKirby has returned to the mirror world!

...Will Kirbywannabe survive?
3 commentsWannabe
Kirby meets the wanna be531 viewsIt was an abandon project.2 commentsWannabe
VIDEOGAMES325 viewsI was bored, so I kind of doodled Wannabe playing Video games.

(Wannabe is Kirbywannabe without his mask, there is a significant difference in looks in the two.)
Muh. 504 viewsKirby's eyes are terrifying me. That is why I prefer drawing Kirby with anime-eyes - he always comes out creepy otherwise.

Always wondered what the Kirby anime would be like if it was set in the game-verse, or a universe more similar to the games...
1 commentsMedalis
Bandanna Dee373 viewsHis bandanna's a bit low, but still looks quite good.pogman
24!1727 viewsDrawn in April(?) for the Kirby series' 24th anniversary! It's a bit late to be posting it here since, well, it's August. But hey!2 commentsLunarHalo24
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