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Sword Which Cuts Both Ways524 viewsA shattered mirror and Sword Knight (without a helmet on, of course~ XD)
I decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <3
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
Kirby and the Hot Sauce1666 viewsI got inspiration for this one after I tried Tobasco sauce and almost died. I did this one a couple years ago. (Wow. I didn't realize how old it is!) Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.14 commentsPink Power
Kopy Abilities --- Needle1709 viewsBigger and Better! I thought that I should make the picture larger, so you can see each pose better. I think Paint was to small, so it looked a tad blurry. I think I went a bit overboard with the Waddle Dee in this one. Sheild your eyes, squeamish!8 commentsKirazy
Sand Canyon1970 viewsI was listening to Sand Canyon's first level's music, and I got some inspiration to draw this.

And boy are those Gabons annoying. Both in DL3 and 64.
5 commentstorkirby
MOTOR FREE793 viewsI am days late to upload this, but oh well! Today is also my website's 2nd anniversary~ Anyway. I don't like the composition of this one quite as much as the others, but I think the art quality is still on-par. I wanted to include the Magypsies, Fuel, Lighter, Wess, the Pigmasks, and *more* (that's just how jam-packed M3 is!), but alas, I couldn't fit them in.

MOTHER3 *might* be my favorite MOTHER game, but I have this feeling of "you can't have one without the other two".
5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Metal Kirby383 viewsA robotic doppelgänger of Kirby. That symbol on its forehead looks familiar...

By the way, the missile is a SKud, an enemy in Kirby 64.
1 commentsBee Kirby
The Showdown315 viewsAn epic showdown in a boring background! I like how I drew Kirby's blush marks in this picture.Bee Kirby
Heavy Mole563 viewsMy first drawing in i guess you could say my new style, but yeah just this robot dude. Made with color pencils and Prismacolor Art Markers.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Big Bot202 viewsResearch claims it to not be from Mukaporu, which is its home planet. Where else could it be from?Kirby Rider
Robogirl203 viewsThey dug up a corpse of a human girl and mechanized her. Her AI seems to say, "EAT ALL FOODS IN SIGHT"Kirby Rider
Space Probe259 viewsExamines planets other than Mukaporu. Sometimes, it will drop "Probelets" to further investigate said planets.Kirby Rider
Robobot Remnant Entry - Sleep Armor332 viewsThe art for my Robobot Remnant entry.
I already posted the art alongside the submission, but I kinda botched the perspective, and only noticed it after I'd submitted it :T
Some tweaking in GIMP made it look a heck of a lot nicer. If possible, I'd like to use this version instead of the art I submitted~
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